10 Jonah
Yunus: Makki
In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful.
ALIF LAM RA. These are the verses of the authoritative Book.
2. Are the people astonished that a man who is one of them was commanded
by Us to warn them and to bring glad tidings to those who believe that they
have a true precedence with their Lord? (Yet) the unbelievers say: “He is a
clear sorcerer.”
3. Your Lord is God who created the heavens and the earth in six spans, then
assumed His power, dispensing all affairs. None can intercede with Him except
by His leave. He is God, your Lord, so worship Him. Will you not be warned?
4. To Him will you all return: God’s promise is true. It is He who originates
creation, then will revert it, so that He may reward those who believe and do
good things in all justice. But those who deny the truth will receive boiling
water to drink and grievous punishment, for they disbelieved.
5. It is He who gave the sun its radiance, the moon its lustre, and appointed its
stations so that you may compute years and numbers. God did not create them
but with deliberation. He distinctly explains His signs for those who can
understand. 6. In the alternation of night and day, and all that He has created in the heavens
and the earth, are certainly signs for people who fear God.
7. As for those who do not hope to meet Us (after death), and are content with
the life of this world, who are oblivious of Our signs,
8. Will have Hell as their abode for what they have earned.
9. But those who believe and act for a beneficial end will be guided by their
Lord for their good faith. At their feet shall flow streams of running water in
gardens of delight.
10. Their invocation will be: “All glory to you, O God,” and “Peace” will be
their salutation, and the end of their prayer (will be): “All praise be to God, the
Lord of all the worlds.”
11. If God were to hasten the evil, as men try to hasten the good, their term
would come to end. So We leave those who do not expect to meet Us to
wander perplexed in transgression.
12. When man is afflicted with adversity he calls to Us, whether lying on his
side, or sitting or standing. But when We take away his troubles, he moves
away, as though he had never called to Us in affliction. In the same way,
attractive have been made their deeds to the prodigals.
13. How many generations did We lay low before you when they became
wilfully unjust. Their apostles had brought clear proofs to them, yet they never
believed. So We punished the sinful people.
14. Then We appointed you leaders in the land after them to see how you
15. When Our clear messages are recited to them, those who do not hope to
meet Us, say: “Bring a different Qur’an, or make amendments to this one.”
Say: “It is not for me to change it of my will. I follow (only) what is revealed
to me. If I disobey my Lord, I fear the punishment of an awful Day.”
16. Say: “Had God pleased I would never have recited it to you, nor would He
have given you comprehension of it. (Remember that I am one of you) and
have lived a whole life with you before (its revelation). Even then you do not
17. Who is more unjust than he who imputes lies to God or denies His
revelations? The sinners will surely not be reprieved.
18. They worship those besides God who cannot do them harm or bring them
gain, and say: “These are our intercessors with God.” Say: “Do you want to
inform God of things in the heavens and the earth He does not know?”
Glorious is He, and too exalted for what they associate with Him!
19. Men were once a community of one faith; but they differed (and followed
different ways). Had it not been for the word proclaimed by your Lord before,
their differences would have been resolved.
20. They say: “How is it that no sign was sent by his Lord (to His Prophet)?”
Tell them: “Unknown things are only known to God. So watch and wait (for
the sign); I am waiting and expecting with you.”
21. When We let them taste Our mercy after affliction, they contrive against
Our signs. Say: “God is swifter at contriving,” for Our angels record
everything you plan.
22. It is He who enables you to travel over land and sea. When you sail in ships
in a favourable breeze, you rejoice. But when a gale begins to blow and the
waves dash against them from every side they realise that they have been
caught in it, (and) they call on God in all faith: “If You save us from this we shall ever be grateful.”
23. But when He rescues them, they commit excesses in the land unjustly
again. Your rebellion, O people, shall recoil back on your own selves. The joys
of the world (are only ephemeral): You have to come back to Us in the end.
We shall then inform you what you were doing.
24. The life of the world is like the rain that waters the crops of the earth which
are used as food by men and cattle. But when the earth is embellished and
adorned with gold, and its tillers begin to feel that (the crops) are under
control, Our command descends suddenly at night or in the day, and We mow
them down as though there was nothing there yesterday. This is how We
distinctly explain Our signs to those who think.
25. God invites you to mansions of peace, and guides whosoever He will to the
path that is straight
26. For those who do good there is goodness and more, and no blot or disgrace
will cover their faces. They are people of Paradise, where they will abide for
27. But those who earn evil shall be punished to an equal degree as their evil,
and they will be covered with shame, and will have none to protect them
against God: Their faces shall be blackened as though with patches of the
night. They are the people of Hell, where they will abide for ever,
28. The day We shall gather them all together We shall say to the idolaters:
“Take your stand with the compeers you worshipped as the equals of God.”
We shall then create a rift between them, and the compeers will say: “You did
not worship us;
29. For God is sufficient as witness between us and you we were not aware of
your worship.”
30. Then each will see what he had done in the past; and they will turn to God,
their true Lord, and all the lies they had fabricated will be of no avail to them.
31. Ask them: “Who gives you food and sustenance from the skies and the
earth? Or, who is the lord of ear and eye? And who brings forth the living from
the dead, the dead from the living? And who directs all affairs?” They will say:
“God.” So tell them: “Why do you not fear Him?”
32. Such then is God, your true Lord; and when truth is gone what is left but
error? So why do you turn away?
33. Thus the word of your Lord about those who disobey comes true, that they
do not believe.
34. Ask them: “Is there among the partners (you ascribe to God) one who first
originates then reverts it? Say: “It is God alone who first creates and then
reverts it. So where do you stray?”
35. Ask: “Is there one among those you associate with God who can show the
way to the truth?” Say: “It is God who shows the way to truth.” Then who is
more worthy of being followed — He who guides to the truth, or he who cannot
find the path until shown the way? What has happened to you that you judge in
such a wise?
36. Many of them follow nothing but illusion; yet illusion cannot replace the
reality. God verily knows what they do.
37. This Qur’an is not such (a writ) as could be composed by anyone but God.
It confirms what has been revealed before, and is an exposition of (Heaven’s)
law. Without any doubt it’s from the Lord of all the worlds.
38. Do they say (of the Prophet) that: “He has composed it?” Say to them: “Bring a Surah like this, and call anyone apart from God you can (to help you),
if what you say is true.”
39. In fact, they deny what is beyond the reach of their knowledge, whose
explanation has not reached them yet. So had those who have gone before
them denied; but look at the fate of the unjust
40. Some of them will believe in it, some will not. Your Lord knows the
transgressors well.
41. If they (still) call you a liar, tell them: “For me my actions, for you yours.
You are not answerable for my deeds, nor I for what you do.”
42. Some of them listen to you: But can you make the deaf hear who do not
understand a thing?
43. Some of them look toward you: But can you show the blind the way even
when they cannot see?
44. Surely God does not wrong anyone; they wrong themselves.
45. The day He will gather them together it will appear to them that they had
lived (in the world) but an hour of a day to make each other’s acquaintance.
Verily those who deny the meeting with God will be lost, and not find the way.
46. Whether We show you some of the promise (of punishment in wait) for
them, or take you to Ourself, their returning is to Us in the end; and God is a
witness to all they do.
47. For every people there is an apostle; and when their apostle is come the
matter is decided between them equitably, and no one is wronged.
48. They say: “When is this promise going to come, if what you say is true?”
49. Say: “I have no power over my own gain or loss other than what God may
please.” Every people have a certain term. When their time is come they can
neither delay it an hour nor advance it a moment forward.
50. Say: “Have you ever thought if His punishment befalls you at night or in
the day, what would the sinners do to despatch it?
51. Will you believe it when it comes to pass? Indeed, you will believe it then.
How impatient you were to hasten it!
52. Then will the sinners be told: “Now taste everlasting torment. Should you
be rewarded for anything else but what you did?”
53. Yet they want to be informed if it is true. Say: “By my Lord, it is the truth.
You cannot invalidate it.”
54. Even if every soul that has sinned possessed whatever is on the earth, it
would surely offer it to ransom itself, and feel repentant on seeing the
punishment. Yet the sentence would be passed with justice, and not one will be
55. For all that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to God. Remember, the
promise of God is true. But most of them do not know.
56. He is the giver of life and death, and to Him you will return.
57. O men, a warning has come to you from your Lord, a remedy for the
(doubts) of the heart, and a guidance and grace for those who believe.
58. Say: “It is the blessing and mercy of God; so rejoice in it. It is better than
all that you amass.”
59. Say: “Have you thought of what God has sent you for food, of which you
have labelled some as lawful and some forbidden?” And ask: “Has God
commanded this, or you are imputing lies to God?”
60. What do those who invent lies of God think about the Day of Reckoning?
(Will they escape the judgement?) In fact God is gracious to men; but most of them are not grateful.
61. There is no state you are in, whether reading from the Qur’an, or doing
something else, but We are watching you as you are engaged in it. There is not
the weight of an atom on the earth and in the heavens that is hidden from your
Lord, nor is there anything smaller or greater than this but is recorded in the
perspicuous Book.
62. Remember, there is neither fear nor regret for the friends of God.
63. Those who believe and obey God,
64. For them is good news in the life of the world and in the life to come.
There is no changing the words of God. That will be the great triumph.
65. You should not be grieved by what they say. All glory is wholly for God:
He is the one who hears and knows everything.
66. Remember, whosoever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to God.
Those who call on others they associate with God, follow nothing but
conjecture, and only guess.
67. It is He who made the night for you to rest, and made the day enlightening.
Indeed there are signs in this for those who listen.
68. They say: “God has begotten a son.” Immaculate is He and self-sufficient.”
Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. You have no proof
for this (assertion): Why do you say things of God you do not know?
69. Say: “Those who fabricate lies about God will never succeed.”
70. Let them profit by the world (while they may): In the end they will come
back to Us. Then We shall make them taste severe punishment for having
denied (the truth).
71. Recount to them the story of Noah when he said to his people: “O people,
if you find my staying with you and warning through God’s signs, unbearable
to you, know that I have reposed my trust in God. So plan your move, and call
your associates, and make certain of your plan; then do whatever you intend
against me, allowing me no respite.
72. If you turn away from me (remember) I do not ask any recompense from
you. My reward is with God; I have been commanded to be one of those who
submit to Him.”
73. Even then they denied him; so We saved him and those with him, in the
ark, and established them in the land, and drowned those who denied Our
signs. So think of the fate of those who were warned (and took no heed).
74. Afterwards We sent many messengers who brought clear proofs to their
peoples. But they were not prepared to believe what they had once denied.
That is how We seal the hearts of the iniquitous.
75. Then after them We sent Moses and Aaron with Our signs to the Pharaoh
and his nobles; but they behaved arrogantly, for they were a people full of
76. Thus, when the truth had come to them from Us, they said: “Surely this is
nothing but pure magic.”
77. “You say this of the truth,” said Moses, “after it has come to you. Is this
magic? But sorcerers do not ever prosper.”
78. “Have you come,” said they, “to turn us back from what we found our
ancestors doing, so that the two of you may attain supremacy in the land? We
shall not believe in what you say.
79. “Bring the cleverest magicians to me,” said the Pharaoh.
80. So when the magicians arrived, Moses said to them: “Cast whatever (spell) you have to cast.”
81. When they had cast (their spell) Moses said: “What you have cast is only a
charm which God will surely nullify. God does not verily render the deeds of
evil-doers righteous.
82. God vindicates the truth by His commands, however the sinners may
dislike it.”
83. But none of them put faith in Moses except some youths among his people
who were nonetheless afraid lest the Pharaoh and his nobles should persecute
them; for the Pharaoh was mighty in the land, and guilty of excesses.
84. Moses said: “O my people, if you do believe in God place your trust in
Him if you are obedient.”
85. They answered: “We have placed our trust in God. O Lord, do not make us
a target of oppression for these tyrannical people,
86. And deliver us by Your grace from a people who do not believe.”
87. We commanded Moses and his brother: “Build homes for your people in
Egypt, and make your houses places of worship, perform your acts of prayer
and give happy tidings to those who believe.”
88. And Moses said: “O Lord, have You bestowed on the Pharaoh and his
nobles pomp and plenty in the life of this world that they might mislead people
from Your path? Destroy their possessions, O Lord, and harden their hearts
that they may not believe until they face the painful punishment.”
89. Said (the Lord): “Your prayer is answered. Therefore persist and do not
follow the path of those who are ignorant.”
90. And We brought the people of Israel across the sea, but the Pharaoh and his
army pursued them wickedly and maliciously till he was on the point of
drowning, and he said: “I believe that there is no god but He in whom the
people of Israel believe, and I submit to Him.”
91. “Yes, now” (was the answer), “though before this you were disobedient
and rebellious.
92. We shall preserve your body today that you may be a lesson for those who
come after you; as many a man is heedless of Our signs.” gave the people of
Israel a settled abode, and bestowed good things on them to eat and use. So
they did not differ until they came to have knowledge. Your Lord will
assuredly settle their differences on the Day of Resurrection.
94. If you are in doubt of what We have sent down to you, then ask those who
have been reading the Book (for a long time) before you. The truth has indeed
come to you from your Lord, so do not be one of those who doubt,
95. And do not be one of those who deny the signs of God, or you will be
among the losers.
96. Verily those against whom the word of your Lord is pronounced will never
97. Even though all the signs came to them, not till they face the grievous
98. Why has there been no habitation that believed and profited by their faith,
except the people of Jonah? When they came to believe, We removed from
them the affliction of shame in the world, and made them prosperous for a
99. If your Lord had willed, all the people on the earth would have come to
believe, one and all.
100. Are you going to compel the people to believe except by God’s dispensation? He puts doubt in (the minds of) those who do not think.
101. Say: “Observe all there is in the heavens and the earth.” But signs or
warnings will be of no avail to those who do not believe.
102. Can they expect anything but what the people before them had known?
Say: “Then wait. I am waiting with you.”
103. Thus do We deliver our apostles and those who believe. As a matter of
duty We save the believers. Say: “O men, if you have doubt about my faith,
then (know) I do not worship those you worship apart from God, but I worship
God who makes you die; and I am commanded to be a believer,
105. And to set my face toward the way, as one upright, and not be one of
those who associate others with God.
106. And not to invoke any other than God, who can neither help nor hurt me;
for if I do, I would surely be unjust.
107. Should God bring you harm there is none but He who could deliver you
from it, and if He wish you good there is none who could take away His
blessings: He showers them on those of His creatures as He please, and He is
forgiving and kind.”
108. Say: “O men, the truth has come to you from your Lord, so he who
follows the right path does so for himself, and he who goes astray errs against
himself, and I am not a guardian over you.
109. Follow what is revealed to you, and persist until God pronounce His
judgement; for He is the best of all judges.”


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