3 The Family of Imran
Al-’Imran: Madani
In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful.
2. God: there is no god but He, the living, eternal, self-subsisting, ever
3. He has verily revealed to you this Book, in truth and confirmation of the
Books revealed before, as indeed He had revealed the Torah and the Gospel
4. Before this as guidance for men, and has sent the criterion (of falsehood and
truth). As for those who deny the signs of God, the punishment is severe; for
God is all powerful and great His requital.
5. There is nothing in the earth and the heavens that is hidden from God.
6. He shapes you in the womb of the mother as He wills. There is no god but
He, the all-mighty and all-wise.
7. He has sent down this Book which contains some verses that are categorical
and basic to the Book, and others allegorical. But those who are twisted of
mind look for verses metaphorical, seeking deviation and giving to them
interpretations of their own; but none knows their meaning except God; and
those who are steeped in knowledge affirm: “We believe in them as all of them
are from the Lord.” But only those who have wisdom understand.
8. “Let us not go astray, O Lord, having guided us already. Bestow on us Your
blessings for You are the benevolent.
9. You will gather mankind together, O Lord, on a day that is certain to come,
and God does not fail in His promise.
10. As for those who deny, neither their wealth nor their children will help
them in the least against God. They shall be but faggots for (the fire of) Hell, 11. Like the people of the Pharaoh, and those before them, who rejected Our
signs, and were punished for their sins by God; and the punishment of God is
12. So tell the disbelievers: “You will surely be subdued and driven to Hell:
How bad a preparation!”
13. There was a token for you in the two armies which clashed (in the battle of
Badr), one fighting for God, the other of unbelievers who saw with their own
eyes the faithful to be two times as many as they, for God reinforces with His
help whomsoever He will. In this is a lesson for those who have eyes.
14. Enamoured are the people of the lust of (earthly) pleasures, of women and
of children and hoarded heaps of gold and silver, well-bred horses, and tilled
land and cattle, all (vain) goods and chattels of the life of this world, while the
best of abodes is with God.
15. Say: “Shall I tell you of (things) even better? With the Lord are gardens
with running streams of water for those who keep from evil and follow the
straight path, where they will live unchanged with the purest of companions
and blessings of God.” And under God’s eyes are devotees who say:
16. “O Lord, we believe; forgive our trespasses and save us the torment of
17. They are the patient, the sincere and devout, full of charity, who pray for
forgiveness in the hours of dawn.
18. God is witness there is no god but He, and so are the angels and men full of
learning. He is the upholder of justice. There is no god but He, the mighty and
19. The true way with God is peace; and the people of the Book did not differ
until knowledge (of this revelation) had come to them, out of mutual
opposition. But those who deny the signs of God (should remember) He is
swift in the reckoning.
20. Even then if they argue, tell them: “I have bowed in submission to God,
and so have my followers.” And tell the people of the Book and the Arabs: “Do
you submit?” If they do, they will find the right path; if they turn away, your
duty is to deliver the message. And God keeps an eye on His votaries.
21. To those who deny the signs of God, and slay the apostles unjustly, and
slay the upholders of justice, give news of painful punishment.
22. Their good deeds will be wasted in this world and in the next, and none
will they have to help them.
23. Have you not seen the people who have received a part of Revelation who
are called to the Book of God that it may judge (in their disputes) between
them? But some, being averse turn away,
24. For they say: “The Fire will not touch us for more than a few days.” They
have been deceived by the lies they have themselves fabricated, and stray from
their faith.
25. How shall it be when We gather them together on a day that is certain to
come, when each will receive his reward without (favour or) wrong?
26. Say: “O Lord of all dominions, You give whom it pleases You the
kingdom, and You take away the power from whosoever You will; You exalt
whom You please and debase whom You will. All goodness is Yours
(entirely). Indeed You have the power over all things.
27. You make the night succeed the day, the day succeed the night, raise the
living from the dead, the dead from the living, and give whomsoever You please, and in measure without number.”
28. Those who believe should not take unbelievers as their friends in
preference to those who believe — and whoever does so should have no
(expectations) of God — unless to safeguard yourselves against them. But God
commands you to beware of Him, for to God you will journey in the end.
29. Say: “Whether you conceal or reveal whatsoever is in your hearts it is all
known to God, as is known to Him all that is in the heavens and the earth; and
God has the power over all things.”
30. On the day when every man will find whatever of good he has earned and
of evil, and is confronted with it, he shall wish that a distance appeared
between him and that day — (that it were far away). God bids you beware of
Him, though compassionate is God to His votaries.
31. Say: “If you love God then follow me that God may love you and forgive
your faults; for God is forgiving and kind.”
32. Say: “Obey God and His Messenger;” and if they refuse (then remember)
God does not love disbelievers.
33. God had chosen Adam and Noah and the families of Abraham and ‘Imran
in preference to others.
34. They were descendants of one another; and God hears all and knows
35. Remember, when the wife of ‘Imran prayed: “O Lord, I offer what I carry
in my womb in dedication to Your service, accept it, for You hear all and know
36. And when she had given birth to the child, she said: “O Lord, I have
delivered but a girl.” — But God knew better what she had delivered: A boy
could not be as that girl was. “I have named her Mary,” (she said), “and I give
her into Your keeping. Preserve her and her children from Satan the
37. Her Lord accepted her graciously, and she grew up with excellence, and
was given into the care of Zachariah. Whenever Zachariah came to see her in
the chamber, he found her provided with food, and he asked: “Where has this
come from, O Mary?” And she said: “From God who gives food in abundance
to whomsoever He will.”
38. Then prayed Zachariah to his Lord: “O Lord, bestow on me offspring,
virtuous and good, for You answer all prayers.”
39. Then the angels said to him as he stood in the chamber at prayer: “God
sends you good tidings of John who will confirm a thing from God and be
noble, continent, and a prophet, and one of those who are upright and do
40. “How can I have a son, O Lord,” he said, “for I am old and my wife is
barren?” “Thus,” came the answer, “God does as He wills.”
41. And Zachariah said: “Give me a token, O Lord.” “The token will be,” was
the reply, “that you will speak to no man for three days except by signs; and
remember your Lord much, and pray at evening and sunrise.”
42. The angels said: “O Mary, indeed God has favoured you and made you
immaculate, and chosen you from all the women of the world.
43. So adore your Lord, O Mary, and pay homage and bow with those who
bow in prayer.”
44. This is news of the Unknown that We send you, for you were not there
when they cast lots with quills (to determine) who should take care of Mary, nor when they disputed it.
45. When the angels said: “O Mary, God gives you news of a thing from Him,
for rejoicing, (news of one) whose name will be Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary,
illustrious in this world and the next, and one among the honoured,
46. Who will speak to the people when in the cradle and when in the prime of
life, and will be among the upright and doers of good.”
47. She said: “How can I have a son, O Lord, when no man has touched me?”
He said: “That is how God creates what He wills. When He decrees a thing, He
says ‘Be’, and it is.
48. He will teach him the Law and the judgement, and the Torah and the
49. And he will be Apostle to the children of Israel, (saying) ‘I have come to
you with a prodigy from your Lord that I will fashion the state of destiny out of
mire for you, and breathe (a new spirit) into it, and (you) will rise by the will of
God. I will heal the blind and the leper , and infuse life into the dead, by the
leave of God. I will tell you what you devour and what you hoard in your
homes. In this will be a portent for you if you do believe.
50. I (have come to) confirm the truth of the Torah which was sent down
before me, and make certain things lawful which have been forbidden until
now; and I come to you with a sign from your Lord; so be fearful of God and
follow me.
51. Surely God is my Lord, and your Lord, so worship Him; and this is the
right path.
52. When Jesus perceived their unbelief he asked: “Who will help me in the
way of God?” “We,” the disciples answered, “shall be the helpers of God. We
believe in God; and you be our witness that we submit and obey.
53. “O Lord, we believe in Your revelations and follow this Apostle. Enroll us
among the witnesses.”
54. But they (the unbelievers) contrived a plot, and God did the like; and God’s
plan is the best.
55. When God said: “O Jesus, I will take you to Myself and exalt you, and rid
you of the infidels, and hold those who follow you above those who disbelieve
till the Day of Resurrection. You have then to come back to Me when I will
judge between you in what you were at variance.”
56. Those who are infidels will surely receive severe punishment both in this
world and the next; and none will they have to help (or save) them.
57. But those who believe and do good deeds shall be given their recompense
in full; but God does not love the unjust.
58. These verses that We read to you are signs and reminder full of wisdom.
59. For God the likeness of Jesus is as that of Adam whom He fashioned out of
dust and said “Be” and he was.
60. This is the truth from your Lord, so do not be in doubt.
61. Tell those who dispute this with you even after the knowledge that has
reached you: “Come, let us gather our sons and your sons, our women and your
women, ourselves and yourselves, and pray and solicit God to condemn those
who lie.”
62. And this verily is the true account. There is no god but God, and God is allmighty and all-wise.
63. If they turn away (remember) God knows the mischief-mongers.
64. Tell them: “O people of the Book, let us come to an agreement on that which is common between us, that we worship no one but God, and make none
His compeer, and that none of us take any others for lord apart from God.” If
they turn away you tell them: “Bear witness that we submit to Him.”
65. O people of the Book, why dispute about Abraham? The Torah and the
Gospel were sent down after him: Do you not understand?
66. Remember you are those who disputed the things you knew; so wherefore
dispute about things you do not know? And God has the knowledge, while you
do not know.
67. Neither was Abraham a Jew nor a Christian, but upright and obedient, and
not an idolater.
68. Of all men the nearest to Abraham are those who follow him, and then this
Prophet and the faithful; and God is the protector of all believers.
69. Some among the people of the Book wish to lead you astray, yet they lead
none astray but themselves, though they do not realise.
70. O people of the Book, why do you disbelieve the signs of God having
witnessed them yourselves?
71. O people of the Book, why do you mix the false with the true, and hide the
truth knowingly? A section of the people of the Book say: “Believe in the
morning what has been revealed to the faithful, and deny in the evening; they
might perhaps turn back;
73. “And do not believe those who do not belong to your faith.” Say: “True
guidance is the guidance of God — that any may be given the like of what has
been given you.” Will they argue with you before your Lord? Say: “God’s is
the bounty. He gives whomsoever He please, for He is infinite and all-wise.”
74. He may choose whom He likes for His favours, for great is His bounty.
75. There are some among the people of the Book who return a whole treasure
entrusted to them; yet some there are who do not give back a dinar until you
demand and insist, because they say: “It is not a sin for us to (usurp) the rights
of the Arabs.” Yet they lie against God, and they know it.
76. But certainly whoever keeps his promise and follows the right path (will be
blessed), for God loves those who shun evil and follow the right course.
77. Those who trade on the promises of God, and who purchase a little gain
from their oaths, will have no share in the life to come. God will not address or
even regard them on the Day of Resurrection, nor perfect them, and their
suffering will be painful.
78. Among them is a section which distorts in reading the Scripture in a way
that though it sounds like the Scripture, in fact it is not; yet they say it is from
God, when they know it is not; and they lie about God, and knowingly.
79. It is not for a mortal to whom God reveals the Book and the judgement and
the prophethood to say to the people: “Be my votaries instead of God’s,” but (to
say): “Become learned in divine law, by virtue of teaching and studying the
80. He will surely not bid you make the angels and the prophets your lords.
Would he order you disbelief after you have submitted (and accepted the law
of God)?
81. Remember when God covenanted the prophets (and said): “If after I have
given you the Law and the judgement there comes an apostle to you who
confirms the truth already with you, you will surely believe him and help him;”
and asked: “Do you accept and agree to the terms of My covenant?” They said:
“We accept.” “Then you be witness,” said God, “and I shall be witness with you.
82. Then any one who turns away will be a transgressor.”
83. Do they seek another way than God’s? But whosoever is in the heavens and
the earth is submissive to God and obedient (to Him), by choice or constraint,
and will be returned to Him.
84. Say: “We believe in God, and in what has been revealed to us, and in what
had been sent down to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and their
offspring, and what had been revealed to Moses and to Jesus and to all other
prophets by their Lord. We make no distinction between them, and we submit
to Him and obey.”
85. And whoever seeks a way other than submission to God, it will not be
accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the world to come.
86. How can God show the way to those who, having come to faith, turned
away, even though they had borne witness that the Messenger was true, and the
clear signs had reached them? God does not show the unrighteous the way.
87. For such the requital is the curse of God and the angels and of men.
88. They shall live under it, and none of their agony decrease nor be respite for
89. But those who repent and reform, God is surely forgiving and merciful.
90. Those who deny, having once come to faith, and persist in denial, will not
have their repentance accepted, for they have gone astray.
91. From those who deny and die disbelieving will never be accepted an
earthful of gold if proferred by them as ransom. For them is grievous
punishment, and none will help them.
92. You will never come to piety unless you spend of things you love; and
whatever you spend is known to God.
93. To the children of Israel was lawful all food except what Israel forbade
himself before the Torah was revealed. Say: “Bring the Torah and recite it, if
what you say is true.”
94. And anyone who fabricates lies about God even after this, is wicked
95. Say: “God has veritably spoken the truth. So now follow the way of
Abraham the upright, who was not of idolaters.”
96. The first House of God to be set up for men was at Bakkah the blessed, a
guidance for the people of the world.
97. It contains clear signs, and the spot where Abraham had stood. And anyone
who enters it will find security. And whosoever can afford should visit the
House on a pilgrimage as duty to God. Whosoever denies, should remember
that God is independent of the peoples of the world.
98. Say: “O people of the Book, why do you reject the word of God when God
is a witness to all that you do?”
99. Then say: “O people of the Book, why do you turn the believers away from
the path of God, looking for obliquities in the way when you are witness to it?
And God is aware of all that you do.”
100. O believers, if you follow what some of the people of the Book say, it will
turn you into unbelievers even after you have come to belief.
101. And how can you disbelieve? To you are being recited the messages of
God, and His prophet is among you. And whosoever holds fast to God shall
verily be guided to the path that is straight.
102. O believers, fear God as He should be feared, and do not die but submitting (to Him).
103. Hold on firmly together to the rope of God, and be not divided among
yourselves, and remember the favours God bestowed on you when you were
one another’s foe and He reconciled your hearts, and you turned into brethren
through His grace. You had stood on the edge of a pit of fire and He saved you
from it, thus revealing to you His clear signs that you may find the right way
104. So let there be a body among you who may call to the good, enjoin what
is esteemed and forbid what is odious. They are those who will be successful.
105. So be not like those who became disunited and differed among
themselves after clear proofs had come to them. For them is great suffering.
106. On the Day when some faces would be bright, and some others will be
black (with despair), those with black faces (will be told): “Having come to the
faith you denied it; now taste therefore the penalty for you disbelieved.”
107. And those with bright faces shall be under God’s grace and enjoy it for
108. These are the commandments of God We recite to you verily; God does
not wish injustice to the creatures of the world.
109. For to God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth, and to God do
all things return.
110. Of all the communities raised among men you are the best, enjoining the
good, forbidding the wrong, and believing in God. If the people of the Book
had come to believe it was best for them; but only some believe, and
transgressors are many.
111. They will do you no harm but annoyance; and if they fight you they will
only turn their backs, then no help will reach them.
112. Degraded they shall live wheresoever they be unless they make an
alliance with God and alliance with men, for they have incurred the anger of
God, and misery overhangs them. That is because they denied the signs of God
and killed the prophets unjustly, and rebelled, and went beyond the limit.
113. Yet all of them are not alike. Among the people of the Book is a section
upright, who recite the scriptures in the hours of the night and bow in adoration
and pray,
114. And believe in God and the Last Day, and enjoin what is good and forbid
what is wrong, and who hasten to give in charity: they are among the upright
and the doers of good.
115. And the good they do will not go unaccepted; for God is aware of those
who keep away from evil.
116. As for those who disbelieve, neither wealth nor children will avail them in
the least against God. They are the residents of Hell where they will live for
117. What they spend in the life of this world is like a frosty wind which
smites and destroys the crops of a people who had wronged themselves. God
did not wrong them, they wronged themselves.
118. O believers, do not make others except your own people your confidants.
They will spare no effort to ruin you: They surely desire your annihilation.
Hate is on their tongues, and what they hide in their hearts is worse. We have
shown you the signs if you have sense.
119. Just think! You hold them as your friends but they do not, even though
you believe in all the Scriptures. When they meet you they say: “We believe;” but when they are alone they bite their fingers in rage. Say: “Die of your rage.
God is aware of the secrets of the hearts.”
120. If good comes your way, they are vexed; but if evil befalls you they are
pleased and rejoice; yet if you are patient and guard yourselves against evil,
their cunning will not harm you in the least, for whatsoever they do is well
within the reach of God.
121. Remember when you set forth in the morning from your house assigning
the faithful positions for the battle, God heard everything and knew all.
122. When two of your bands were about to lose heart God befriended them;
and in Him should the faithful place their trust.
123. For God had helped you during the Battle of Badr at a time when you
were helpless. So act in compliance with the laws of God; you may well be
124. Remember when you said to the faithful: “Is it not sufficient that your
Lord should send for your help three thousand angels from the heavens?
125. Indeed if you are patient and take heed for yourselves, and the (enemy)
come rushing at you suddenly your Lord will send even five thousand angels
on chargers sweeping down.”
126. And God did not do so but as good tidings for you, and to reassure your
hearts for victory comes from God alone, the all-mighty and all-wise –
127. In order that He may cut off a part of unbelievers or overthrow them, and
they turn back in frustration.
128. You have no say in the matter if He pardon them or punish them, for they
are unjust.
129. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth: He may pardon
whom He please and punish whom He will. Yet God is forgiving and kind.
O you who believe, do not practice usury, charging doubled and redoubled
(interest); but have fear of God: you may well attain your goal.
131. Keep away from the Fire prepared for the infidels;
132. Obey God and the Prophet, that you may be treated with mercy.
133. And hasten for the pardon of your Lord, and for Paradise extending over
the heavens and the earth, laid out for those who take heed for themselves and
fear God,
134. Who expend both in joy and tribulation, who suppress their anger and
pardon their fellowmen; and God loves those who are upright and do good,
135. And those who, if they commit a shameful act or some wrong against
themselves, remember God and seek forgiveness for their sins: For who can
forgive except God? They should not be perverse about their doings,
136. Their recompense is pardon by their Lord, and gardens with streams of
running water where they will abide for ever. How fair is the recompense of
those who act!
137. There have been many dispensations before you; so travel in the land and
see what befell those who denied the truth.
138. This is a clear declaration for mankind, and a guidance and a warning for
those who preserve themselves from evil.
139. So do not lose heart or be grieved, for you will surely prevail if you are
140. If you have been wounded they too have suffered a wound. We cause this
alternation of night and day in the affairs of men so that God may know those who believe, taking some as witness (of truth) from your ranks, for God does
not like those who are unjust.
141. This is so that God may try the faithful and destroy the unbelievers.
142. Do you think you will go to Paradise while God does not know who
among you strive and persist?
143. You had wished to know death before you faced it (in battle); so now you
have seen it before your own eyes.
144. Muhammad is only a messenger; and many a messenger has gone before
him. So what if he dies or is killed! Will you turn back and go away in haste?
But he who turns back and goes away in haste will do no harm to God. But
God will reward those who give thanks (and are grateful).
145. No one can die before his appointed term except in accordance with the
law of God. And to him who desires a reward in this world, We shall give it;
and to him who desires a reward in the life to come, We shall do that. We shall
certainly reward those who are grateful.
146. Many a seeker after God has fought in the way of God by the side of
many an apostle, undaunted (by disaster), and did not disgrace themselves; –
verily God loves those who are steadfast.
147. Nor did they say aught but: “O our Lord, forgive us our sins and excesses
in our acts, and steady our steps, and help us against unbelieving people.”
148. So God rewarded them in this world, and a better reward awaits them in
the next; for God loves those who do good.
149. O believers, if you listen to the infidels they will make you turn your
backs, and you will be the losers.
150. But God is your protector, and He is the best of helpers.
151. We shall strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers for ascribing compeers
to God for which He has sent down no sanction. Hell is their residence, the evil
abode of the unjust.
152. The promise made to you by God was verified when you destroyed (the
foe) by His leave, until you were unmanned and disputed the order, and thus
disobeyed (the Apostle) even after He had brought you in sight of (victory) you
longed for. Some of you desired this world, and some of you the next. Then He
put you to flight before (them) in order to try you. But (now) He has forgiven
you, for surely God is kind to the faithful.
153. Remember, as you were rushing up (the hill) without turning back to look,
though the Prophet was calling you from the rear, He requited you with
anguish for an anguish that you do not fret for missed opportunity and what
befell you, for God is aware of all that you do,
154. Then after affliction He Sent you a drowsiness as comes after security,
overwhelming some among you, and making some anxious for themselves,
and made them think thoughts of pagan ignorance; and they said: “Have we a
say in any affair?” Say: “All affairs rest with God.” They hide in their hearts
what they do not disclose to you. They say: “If we had a say in the affair we
would not have been killed in this place.” Tell them: “Even had you stayed at
home, those of you who were ordained to fight would have gone to their place
of (eternal) rest. God had to try them to bring out what they concealed in their
breasts, and to bring out the secrets of their hearts, for God knows your
innermost thoughts.
155. All those among you who turned their backs on the day the two armies
clashed (at ‘Uhud) were surely induced by Satan to fail in their duty because of their sinful deeds. But God has already forgiven them, for God is forgiving and
156. O you who believe, do not be like those who deny, and say of their
brethren (who died) travelling in the land or fighting: “Had they stayed with us
here they would not have died or been killed.” This happened so that God may
fill their hearts with grief. God is the giver of life and death and sees all that
you do.
157. If you are killed in the cause of God or you die, the forgiveness and mercy
of God are better than all that you amass.
158. And if you die or are killed, even so it is to God that you will return.
159. It was through God’s mercy that you dealt with them gently; for had you
been stern and hard of heart they would surely have broken away from you. So
pardon them and pray that forgiveness be theirs, and seek their counsel in all
affairs, And when you have come to a decision place your trust in God alone,
for He loves those who place their trust in Him.
160. If God is there to help you none will overcome you; and if He forsake
you, who will help you other than Him? So only in God should the faithful
place their trust.
161. It is not for a prophet to be false; and whoever is false will indeed bring
his falsehood with him on the Day of Reckoning when each will receive his
reward without favour or wrong.
162. Is a man who has followed the pleasure of God the same as he who has
incurred His wrath, whose abode is surely Hell, a dreadful place?
163. There are different ranks with God, And God sees everything you do.
164. God has favoured the faithful by sending an apostle to them from among
themselves, who recites to them His messages, and reforms and teaches them
the Law and the judgement, for they were clearly in error before.
165. How is it that when misfortune befell you, you said: “Where has this
come from?” — even though you had inflicted disaster twice as great on (the
enemy). Say: “This has come from your own selves.” Surely God has power
over all things.
166. What you suffered on the day the two armies had met was by God’s
dispensation, so that He may distinguish the faithful,
167. And may distinguish the hypocrites who were told: “Fight in the way of
God, or defend yourselves,” and who had replied: “If we knew of the fight we
would have followed you.” They were nearer unbelief than faith on that day,
and they said with their tongues what was not in their hearts; but God is aware
of what they hide.
168. To those who sit at home and say of their brothers: “They would never
have been killed had they listened to us, say: “Drive away death from your
midst if what you say is true.”
169. Never think that those who are killed in the way of God are dead. They
are alive, getting succour from their Lord,
170. Rejoicing at what God has given them of His grace, and happy for those
who are trying to overtake them but have not joined them yet, and who will
have no fear or regret.
171. They rejoice at the kindness and mercy of God; and God does not suffer
the wages of the faithful to go waste. Those who obeyed the call of God and
His Messenger, even after they were wounded, and took heed for themselves,
shall indeed have an ample reward, 173. Those who were told: “They have gathered an army, beware,” and their
faith increased and they said: “God is sufficient for us, and the best of
174. And returned with God’s favour and grace without harm, for they attended
the pleasure of God; and great is the benevolence of God.
175. It is no one but Satan who frightens you with his allies. But do not fear
him, fear Me, if indeed you are believers.
176. And do not be grieved by those who rush into disbelief. They do no harm
to God; and God will not give them any share in the life to come, and their
torment shall be great.
177. Those who barter unbelief for faith, will not harm God in the least, and
the punishment for them will be painful.
178. The unbelievers must not think that the respite We give them augurs well.
We do so that they sink deeper into sin, and suffer an ignominious doom.
179. God will not leave the believers in the state they are in till He has sifted
the evil from the good; nor will God reveal the secrets of the Unknown. He
chooses (for this) from His apostles whom He will. So believe in God and the
prophets, for if you believe and fear the displeasure of God your reward will be
180. Let not those who are niggardly of things that God has given them of His
largesse think that this is good for them. In fact, it is worse; for what they
grudged will be hung around their necks on the Day of Resurrection. To God
belong the heavens and the earth, and God is aware of all you do.
181. God has indeed heard the words of those who said: “God is a pauper
whereas we are rich.” We shall make a note of their words, and the murders of
the prophets they committed unjustly, and say to them: “Now taste the agony
of burning.”
182. This is (requital) for the deeds you had committed, for God is not unjust
to any of His creatures.
183. To those who say: “God has ordained that we should not believe an
apostle who does not bring burnt offerings,” say: “Many an apostle had come
to you before me with manifest proofs, even with what you mention; then why
did you kill them if you were men of truth?”
184. If they call you a liar (remember) so had other apostles been called before
you, who had come with clear signs and Scriptures and the Book enlightening.
185. Every soul will know the taste of death. You will get your recompense in
full on the Day of Resurrection; and he who is spared the Fire and finds his
way to Paradise will meet his desire. As for the life of this world, it is nothing
but a merchandise of vanity.
186. You will, nonetheless, be tried with your wealth and life, and will hear
many untoward things from the followers of former Books and the infidels.
But if you endure with patience and follow the straight path, it will surely
(accord) with God’s fixed resolve about human affairs.
187. And remember when God took a promise from the people of the Book to
make its (truth) known to mankind, and not keep back any part of it, they set
aside (the pledge), and sold it away for a little gain but how wretched the
bargain that they made!
188. Think not that those who exult at what they have done, and who love to
be praised for what they have not done, shall escape the punishment, for
grievous indeed will be their doom. 189. For God’s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and God’s is the
power over all things. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, the
alternation of night and day, are signs for the wise.
191. Those who honour God in meditation, standing or sitting or lying on their
sides, who reflect and contemplate on the creation of the heavens and the earth,
(and say) “Not in vain have You made them. All praise be to You, O Lord,
preserve us from the torment of Hell.
192. Whoever, O Lord, should be cast into Hell shall be verily disgraced; and
the sinners shall have none to help (or save) them.
193. We have heard, O our Lord, the crier call inviting us to faith (and
announcing): ‘Believe in your Lord.’ O our Lord, to faith we have come, so
forgive our trespasses, deliver us from sin, and grant us (the glory of) death
with the just.
194. Give us what You promised, O Lord, through Your prophets; and put us
not to shame on the Day of Reckoning, for never do You go back on Your
195. The Lord heard their prayer and answered: “I suffer not the good deeds of
any to go waste, be he a man or a woman: The one of you is of the other. And
those who were deprived of their homes or banished in My cause, and who
fought and were killed, I shall blot out their sins and admit them indeed into
gardens with rippling streams.” — A recompense from God, and the best of
rewards is with God.
196. Be not deceived by the comings and goings of unbelievers in the land.
197. Their commerce is but short-lived, and then their abode shall be Hell: And
what an evil abode!
198. But those who are pious and obedient to their Lord, will have gardens
with streams of running water where they will abide as guests of God; and
what is with God is best for the pious.
199. Certainly among the people of the Book are some who believe in God and
in what has been revealed to you and had been revealed to them; and they bow
in humility before God, and do not trade for paltry gain the signs of God. Their
reward is verily with their Lord; and swift is the reckoning of God!
200. So you who believe, have endurance in suffering, be patient and
persevere, strengthen each other and be firm, and be pious and fear God that
you may find success.


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