35 The Originator
Al-Fatir: Makki

In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful.
ALL PRAISE BE to God, the originator of the heavens and the earth, who
appointed angels as His messengers, with wings, two, three and four. He adds
what He pleases to His creation. He has certainly power over everything.
2. There is none who can take away the favours He bestows on man; and there
is none apart from Him to restore what He has withheld. He is all-mighty and
3. O you people, remember the favours of God to you. Is there any creator
other than God who gives you food from the heavens and the earth? There is
no god but He: How then can you turn aside?
4. If they call you a liar, so have other messengers been denied before you. But
all things will be brought back to God.
5. O you people, the promise of God is true. So do not let the life of this world
delude you, nor let that (arch) deceiver deceive you about God.
6. Satan is certainly your enemy, so hold him as a foe. He only calls his faction
to be the residents of Hell.
7. For those who are unbelievers, there is severe punishment; but for those who
believe and do the right is forgiveness and a great reward.
8. Can he, the evil of whose deed is made to look attractive to him so that he
considers it good, (be like him who is guided)? God leads whosoever He
please astray and guides whosoever He will. So do not waste away your self
with grief for them. God is indeed cognisant of things they do.
9. It is God who sends the winds that raise the clouds. Then We drive the
clouds towards the land that was dead, and restore the earth to life after it had
died. So will be the Resurrection.
10. Whosoever desires honour (should remember) that all honour is with God.
All good words ascend to Him, and all good deeds He exalts. As for those who
are plotting evil, there is severe punishment for them, and their plots will be
11. It is God who created you from dust, then from a sperm, then formed you
into pairs. Neither does a female conceive nor gives birth without His
knowledge; nor do the old grow older or become younger in years but in
accordance with the law (of nature). Indeed the law of God works inevitably.
12. Alike are not two bodies of water: This one is sweet and fresh and pleasant
to drink, and this one brine and bitter; yet you get fresh meat to eat from both,
and take out ornaments to wear. You see how the ships churn through them so
that you may seek of His bounty and, perhaps, give thanks.
13. He makes night run into day, the day run into night, and has harnessed the
sun and the moon so that each runs to its determined course. This is God your
Lord; His is the kingdom; and those you invoke apart from Him are not
masters even of the film on a date-palm stone.
14. You pray to them, but they do not hear your call; and even if they heard
you, they could not answer your prayer; and on the Day of Resurrection they
will deny your having worshipped them. None can acquaint you (with the
reality) as He who is informed of everything.
15. O men, it is you who stand in need of God. As for God, He is above all
need, worthy of praise.
16. He could take you away if He pleased and bring a new creation (in your
17. This is well within the power of God. 18. No one who carries a burden bears another’s load; and even if the burdened
soul cry out for help none will carry the least of its burden, however close a
relative it may be. You can only warn those who fear their Lord in secret and
fulfil their devotional obligations. Whoever grows in goodness does so for
himself. To God is the journeying back.
19. Equal are not the blind and those who can see,
20. Nor darkness and light,
21. Nor shade and heat of sunshine.
22. Equal are not the living and the dead. Verily God makes those He will to
listen; but you cannot make those hear who are in their graves.
23. You are only a bearer of warnings.
24. We have sent you with the truth, to give glad tidings and to warn. Never
has there been a community to which an admonisher was not sent.
25. If they call you a liar, so had those before them called their apostles liars,
who had come to them with clear proofs, scriptures and the splendent Book.
26. So We seized the unbelievers. How great was the change I wrought in their
condition then!
27. Do you not see how God sends water from the sky, then We produce fruits
from it variegated in colour; and on mountains are tracts of red and white, in
different shades and raven black.
28. And so are among men, beasts and cattle, different shades. Only those of
His creatures fear God who have knowledge. Verily He is all-mighty and
29. Surely those who read the Book of God, are firm in devotion, and spend of
what We have given them in secret or openly, can hope for a commerce that
will not decline,
30. So that He may reward them in full, and give them a greater increase by
His grace. He is verily forgiving and rewarding.
31. What We have revealed to you of the Book is the truth, and proves (what
has been sent) before it to be true. Verily God is informed of His creatures and
sees everything.
32. So We made those of Our creatures whom We had chosen, heirs to the
Book; but some of these exceed themselves, and some follow the middle
course, and some surpass others in goodness by God’s will, which is the
greatest blessing.
33. They will enter the gardens of Eden, where they will be adorned with
bracelets of gold and pearls, and of silk will be their garments.
34. They will say: “All praise be to God who has removed all care from us.
Indeed our Lord is forgiving and rewarding,
35. Who has settled us by His grace in the mansions of eternal rest, where there
is no labour for us, nor does weariness come upon us.”
36. As for the unbelievers, there is the fire of Hell. It will neither consume
them wholly that they should die, nor will its torment be lessened for them.
That is how We requite the ungrateful.
37. There they will cry for help: “O Lord, get us out that we may do the right,
and not what we used to do.” Did We not give you a long enough span of life
so that he who remembered may reflect? And did not the warner come to you?
So now taste (the punishment). The iniquitous will have none to help them.
38. Verily God knows the unknown of the heavens and the earth. Indeed He
knows what lies in the hearts of men. 39. He is the one who made you trustees on the earth. So he who disbelieves,
will bear the consequence of his unbelief. but their unbelief will only increase
disgust for unbelievers in the sight of their Lord; and their unbelief will only
lead the unbelievers to greater loss.
40. Say: “Look at the compeers you invoke apart from God. Show me, what of
the earth have they created, or what share have they in the heavens?” Or have
We given them a Book whose testimony they possess? Not in the least. What
the unbelievers have been promising one another is nothing but deceit.
41. Verily God holds the heavens and the earth in position lest they deviate;
and if they deviated there will be none to hold them in place, apart from Him
He is sagacious and forgiving.
42. The unbelievers swore on oath emphatically that if an admonisher came to
them they would be guided better than the other communities. But when the
admonisher came to them their aversion for the truth increased,
43. As did their arrogance in the land, and their plotting of evil. But their evil
plots will turn back on the plotters themselves. So can they expect any thing
but what befell the earlier people? You will not find any change in the law of
God, nor will you find divine law mutable.
44. Have they not journeyed in the land and seen how the end of those before
them, who were far more powerful, came about? There is nothing in the
heavens and the earth that can defeat (the law of) God. He is all-knowing and
45. If God were to seize men for their doings, not a living being would be left
upon the earth. But He gives them respite for a time ordained. When their time
is come, surely God will keep (the interest of) His creatures in view.


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