45 Kneeling
Al-Jathiyah: Makki
In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful.
2. The revelation of this Book is from God, the mighty and all-wise.
3. Indeed there are signs for believers in the heavens and the earth.
4. In creating you and spreading all the moving things (on earth) are signs for
people firm of faith,
5. As there are signs in the alternation of night and day, and in rain that God
sends with which He revives the earth once dead, as there are in the changing
of the winds, for people who can understand.
6. These are revelations of God which we recite to you correctly: In what other
lore but God and His manifestations would they then believe?
7. Alas the woe for every dissembling sinner 8. Who hears the revelations of God being recited to him, yet persists in
denying with arrogance as though he had never heard them! So warn him of a
painful punishment.
9. When he comes to know something of Our messages he makes fun of them:
For them is shameful punishment.
10. There is Hell before them; and whatever they have earned will not avail
them in the least, nor those whom they take as friends apart from God. There is
great chastisement for them.
11. This is guidance. Those who deny the revelations of their Lord will suffer a
dreadful doom. It is God who subjugated the ocean for you so that ships may
ply through it by His command, and you may seek His bounty, and may haply
be grateful.
13. He subjugated for you whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, each and
everything. Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect.
14. Tell the believers to forgive those who do not fear the visitations of God, so
that He may requite the people for their deeds.
15. He who does good does so for himself; and he who does evil suffers the
consequence thereof. You have then to go back to your Lord.
16. We gave the children of Israel the Book, and the judgement and the
prophethood, provided them with good things, favoured them over other
17. And gave them a clear exposition of Our laws. And they did not differ until
after knowledge came to them, through mutual jealousies. Verily your Lord
will judge between them on the Day of Judgement in what they differed about.
18. We have put you on the right way in the matter (of divine law). So follow
it, and do not follow the wishes of those who are ignorant.
19. They will not avail you in the least against God. Surely the wicked are each
other’s friends, but God befriends those who fear and follow the right path.
20. These are precepts of wisdom for men, and guidance and grace for people
who believe with certainty.
21. Do those who seek evil think that We shall make them equal in life and
death to those who believe and do good? How bad is the judgement that they
make! God has created the heavens and the earth with reason, so that He may
reward each soul in accordance with what it has done; and no wrong will be
done to them.
23. Just think: Who apart from God can show the way to him who deifies his
ego into his god, whom God allows to go astray knowingly, and seals his ears
and heart, and covers over his eyes with a veil? Why then do you not
24. Yet they say: “There is nothing but the life of this world. We die and we
live, and only time annihilates us.” Yet they have no knowledge of this: They
only speculate.
25. When Our clear revelations are recited to them, their only argument is to
say: “Bring our ancestors back, if what you say is true.”
26. Say: “God, who gives you life and makes you die, will (raise the dead) then
gather you (and your ancestors) together on the Day of Resurrection of which
there is no doubt.” And yet most men do not understand.
27. God’s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. The day the Hour is
proclaimed the liars will be losers.
28. You will see each community kneeling down; and each community will be summoned to its ledger (of good and evil deeds). You will receive upon that
day your recompense for what you had done.
29. This, Our record, will speak about you truthfully. We had everything you
did recorded in it.
30. So, those who believed and did good things will be admitted to His favour
by their Lord. This will be a clear triumph.
31. As for the infidels, (it will be said): “Were not My messages read out to
you? But you behaved with self-conceit, and became a sinful people.
32. Whenever it was said: ‘God’s promise is certainly true, and there is no
doubt about the Hour,’ you replied: ‘We know not what the Hour is. We have
only a vague idea, but are not certain.’
33. The evil of what they had done will become clear to them, and they will be
seized by what they had scorned.
34. “We shall ignore you today,” they will be told, “as you had forgotten the
meeting of this Day. Your dwelling place is Hell, and there is none to save
35. This because you laughed at God’s revelations and were taken in by the life
of the world.” So they will neither be taken out of it, nor will be asked to seek
God’s favour on that day.
36. All praise be to God, Lord of the heavens, Lord of the earth, Lord of all the
37. His is the supremacy in the heavens and the earth; and He is the all-mighty
and all-wise.


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