7 Wall Between Heaven and Hell
Al-A’raf: Makki
In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful.
Alif Lam Mim Sad.
2. This Book has been sent down to you; so do not hesitate to warn (the
unbelievers) through it, and remind the faithful.
3. Follow what has been revealed to you by your Lord, and do not follow any
other lord apart from Him. Yet little do you care to remember.
4. Many a habitation have We laid low before: Our retribution came upon them
in the night or in the midst of siesta at noon.
5. And when Our punishment overtook them they had nothing to say except
crying out: “We have indeed been sinners.”
6. (On the Day of Reckoning) We shall question the people to whom We had
sent Our apostles, (if they followed their teachings), and will question the
7. We shall recount (their deeds) to them with knowledge, for We were never
absent (and saw all they did).
8. And the weighing will be just on that Day. Then those whose (deeds) are
heavier in the balance will find fulfilment,
9. And those whose (deeds) are lighter in the scale shall perish for violating
Our signs.
10. We settled you on the earth, and provided means of livelihood for you in it;
but little are the thanks you give.
11. Verily We created you and gave you form and shape, and ordered the
angels to bow before Adam in homage; and they all bowed but Iblis who was
not among those who bowed.
12. “What prevented you” (said God), “from bowing (before Adam) at My
bidding?” “I am better than him,” said he. “You created me from fire, and him
from clay.”
13. So God said: “Descend. You have no right to be insolent here. Go, and
away; you are one of the damned.”
14. “Grant me respite,” said he, “till the raising of the dead.”
15. And God said: “You have the respite.”
16. “Since You led me into error,” said Iblis, “I shall lie in wait for them along
Your straight path.
17. And I shall come upon them from the front and behind, right and left; and
You will not find among them many who would give thanks.”
18. “Begone,” said (God), “contemptible and rejected! As for those who follow
you, I shall fill up Hell with all of you.
19. And you, O Adam, and your spouse, live in the Garden and eat your fill
wheresoever you like, but do not approach this tree, or you will become
20. But Satan suggested (evil) to them, in order to reveal their hidden parts of
which they were not aware (till then), and said: “Your Lord has forbidden you
(to go near) this tree that you may not become angels or immortal.”
21. Then he said to them on oath: “I am your sincere friend;” 22. And led them (to the tree) by deceit. When they tasted (the fruit) of the tree
their disgrace became exposed to them; and they patched the leaves of the
Garden to hide it. And the Lord said to them: “Did I not forbid you this tree?
And I told you that Satan was your open enemy.
23. They said: “O our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. If You do not forgive
us and have mercy upon us, we shall certainly be lost.”
24. “Go,” said God, “one the antagonist of the other, and live on the earth for a
time ordained, and fend for yourselves.
25. You will live there, and there will you die,” He said, “and be raised from
there (On the Day of Doom).”
26. O sons of Adam, We have revealed to you a dress that would both hide
your nakedness and be an adornment, but the raiment of piety is best. This is
one of the tokens of God: You may haply reflect.
27. O sons of Adam, let not Satan beguile you as he did your parents out of
Eden, and made them disrobe to expose their disgrace to them. For he and his
host can see you from where you cannot see them. We have made the devils
the friends of those who do not believe,
28. Who say when they commit shameful acts: “Our ancestors used to do so,
and God has enjoined us to do the same.” Say to them: “God never enjoins a
conduct that is shameful. You impute such lies to God as you do not know.”
29. Tell them: “My Lord has enjoined piety, devotion in all acts of worship,
and calling upon Him with exclusive obedience. For you will be reverted back
to what you were (when) created first.”
30. A Section (among them) were guided, a section were bound to go astray,
(for) instead of God they took the devils as their friends; yet they think they are
on the right path.
31. O sons of Adam, attire yourselves at every time of worship; eat and drink,
but do not be wasteful, for God does not like the prodigals.
32. Ask them: “Who forbids you attire that God has given to His creatures, and
the good things that He has provided?” Tell them: “They are (meant) for
believers in the world, and will be theirs on the Day of Judgement.” That is
how We explain Our signs to those who know.
33. Tell them: “My Lord has forbidden repugnant acts, whether open or
disguised, sin and unjust oppression, associating others with God, of which He
has sent down no authority, and saying things of God of which you have no
34. A term is fixed for every people; and when their appointed time is come
there will neither be a moment’s delay nor haste.
35. O sons of Adam, when apostles come to you from among you, who convey
My messages, then those who take heed and amend will have neither fear nor
36. But those who deny Our signs and disdain them, shall belong to Hell,
where they will abide for ever.
37. Who could be more wicked than he who imputes lies to God or denies His
revelations? Such as these will receive what is declared in the Book, and when
Our angels come to draw out their souls and ask: “Where are they you
worshipped other than God?” They will answer: “They have left us and fled;”
and bear witness against themselves for being infidels.
38. “Enter then the Fire,” will God say, “with the past generations of jinns and
men.” On entering each batch will condemn the other; and when all of them shall have entered one after the other, the last to come will say of those who
had come before them: “O our Lord, they are the ones who led us astray; so
give them double chastisement in the Fire.” He will answer: “For all it will be
double; but this you do not know.”
39. Then the former will say to the latter: “You have no privilege over us. So
taste the punishment for what you had done.” Verily for those who deny Our
signs and turn away in haughtiness from them, the gates of heaven shall not be
opened, nor will they enter Paradise, not till the camel passes through the
needle’s eye. That is how We requite the transgressors:
41. For them is a flooring of Hell and a covering (of fire). That is how We
requite the iniquitous.
42. As for those who believe and do good, We never burden a soul beyond
capacity. They are men of Paradise where they will abide for ever.
43. Whatever the rancour they may have in their hearts We shall (cleanse and)
remove. Streams of running water shall ripple at their feet, and they will say:
“We are grateful to God for guiding us here. Never would we have been
guided if God had not shown us the way. The apostles of our Lord had indeed
brought the truth.” And the cry shall resound: “This is Paradise you have
inherited as meed for your deeds.”
44. And the inmates of Paradise will call to the residents of Hell: “We have
found that the promise made to us by our Lord was true. Have you also found
the promise of your Lord to be true?” They will answer: “Yes (it is so).” Then a
crier will call from among them: “The curse of God be on the vile,
45. “Who obstruct those who follow the path of God and try to make it
oblique, who do not believe in the life to come.”
46. There will be a veil between them, and on the wall will be the men (of alA’raf) who will recognise everyone by their distinguishing marks, and will call
to the inmates of Paradise: “Peace on you,” without having entered it
themselves though hoping to do so.
47. When their eyes fall on the inmates of Hell they will say: “O Lord, do not
place us in the crowd of the vile.” Recognising them by their marks the men of
al-A’raf will call (to the inmates of Hell): “Of what use was your amassing (of
wealth) of which you were proud?”
49. (Then pointing to the inmates of Paradise, they will say): “Are they not
those of whom you had sworn and said: ‘God will not have mercy on them?’
(And yet they have been told,) ‘Enter Paradise where you will have no fear or
50. Those in Hell will call to the inmates of Paradise: “Pour a little water over
us, or give us a little of what God has given you.” They will answer: “God has
verily forbidden these to those who denied the truth.
51. “Who made a sport and frolic of their faith and were lured by the life of the
world.” As they had forgotten the meeting of this Day so shall We neglect
them today for having rejected Our signs.
52. Indeed We had brought to them a Book distinct, replete with knowledge,
and guidance and grace for men who believe.
53. Are they waiting for the exposition of what it speaks of? The day that
(Reality) is unravelled, the people who had lost sight of it will say: “The
apostles of our Lord had indeed brought the truth. Do we have any one to
intercede for us? If only we could go back to the world, we would act
otherwise.” Indeed they have caused themselves harm, and the lies they concocted did not help.
54. Surely your Lord is God who created the heavens and the earth in six spans
of time, then assumed all power. He covers up the day with night which comes
chasing it fast; and the sun and moon and the stars are subject to His command.
It is His to create and enjoin. Blessed be God, the Lord of all the worlds.
55. Pray to your Lord in humility and unseen. He does not love the iniquitous.
56. And do not corrupt the land after it has been reformed; and pray to Him in
awe and expectation. The blessing of God is at hand for those who do good.
57. Indeed it is He who sends the winds as harbingers of auspicious news
announcing His beneficence, bringing heavy clouds which We drive towards a
region lying dead, and send down rain, and raise all kinds of fruits. So shall
We raise the dead that you may think and reflect.
58. The soil that is good produces (rich) crops by the will of its Lord, and that
which is had yields only what is poor. So do We explain Our signs in different
ways to people who give thanks.
59. We sent Noah to his people, and he said: “O people worship God; you have
no other god but He; for I fear the retribution of the great Day may fall on
60. The elders of his people replied: “We see clearly that you have gone
61. “I have not gone astray, O my people,” he said, “but have been sent by my
Lord, the creator of all the worlds.
62. I bring to you the messages of my Lord, and give you sincere advice, for I
know from God what you do not know.
63. Do you wonder that a warning has come to you from your Lord through a
man who is one of you, and warns you to take heed for yourselves and fear
God? You might be treated with mercy.”
64. But they called him a liar, and We saved him and those with him in the
Ark, and drowned the others who rejected Our signs, for they were a people
65. And We sent Hud, their brother, to the people of ‘Ad. He said: “O you
people, worship God, for you have no other god but He. Will you not take heed
for yourselves?”
66. The chiefs of his people who were infidels replied: “We find you full of
folly, and a liar to boot.”
67. “I am not a fool, O people,” he answered, “but have been sent by the Lord
of all the worlds.
68. I bring to you the messages of my Lord. I am your sincere friend.
69. Do you wonder that a warning has come to you from your Lord through a
man who is one of you and warns you? Remember, He made you leaders after
the people of Noah, and gave you a greater increase in your stature. So think of
the favours of God; you may haply be blessed.”
70. They answered: “Have you come to say to us that we should worship only
one God, abandoning those our ancestors had worshipped? If so, bring on us
what you threaten us with, if what you say is true.”
71. He replied: “You have already been beset with punishment and the wrath
of God. Why dispute with me about names invented by you and your ancestors
for which no sanction was sent down? So wait (for what is to come), I am
waiting with you.”
72. Then We saved him and those on his side by Our grace, and destroyed to the very last those who rejected Our signs and denied the truth.
73. We sent to Thamud their brother Saleh. “O you people,” said he, “worship
God, for you have no other god but He. Clear proof has come to you already
from your Lord, and this she-camel of God is the token for you. Leave her free
to graze upon God’s earth, and do not molest her lest a grievous punishment
should befall you.
74. Remember, how you were made leaders after the people of ‘Ad, and were
settled on the land so that you could construct on the plains palaces, and carve
dwellings out of mountains. So think of the favours of God, and do not act
with corruption in the land.”
75. The chiefs among the people who were arrogant towards the weaker ones
among them who believed, asked: “Do you really know that Saleh has been
sent by his Lord?” They said: “Indeed we believe in the message he has
76. Those who were arrogant answered: “We do not believe in what you
77. Then they hamstrung the she-camel and rebelled against the command of
their Lord, and said: “Bring, O Saleh, on us the affliction you promise, if you
are one of the sent ones.”
78. Then they were seized by an earthquake, and lay overturned on the ground
in their homes in the morning.
79. Saleh turned away from them and said: “O my people, I conveyed to you
the message of my Lord and warned you; but you do not like those who wish
you well.”
80. And We sent Lot, who said to his people: “Why do you commit this
lecherous act which none in the world has committed before?
81. In preference to women you satisfy your lust with men. Indeed you are a
people who are guilty of excess.”
82. His people made no answer, and only said: “Drive them out of the city.
They profess to be pure.”
83. But We saved him and his family, except for his wife who was one of those
who stayed behind.
84. And We rained down on them a shower (of Stones). So witness the end of
sinners! Remember, We sent to Midian their brother Shu’aib. “O you people,”
he said, “worship God, for you have no other god but He. Clear proof has come
to you from your Lord; so give in full measure and full weight; do not keep
back from people what is theirs, and do not corrupt the land after it has been
reformed. This is best for you if you believe.
86. Do not lie in ambush to intimidate and divert from the path of God those
who believe in Him, nor seek obliquity in it. Remember the day when you
were few and He increased your numbers. So consider the fate of those who
were evil.
87. If some of you believe what has been sent through me, and some of you do
not, have patience until God decide between us, for He is the best of all
88. The arrogant leaders of the people replied: “We shall drive you away from
our land, O Shu’aib, and those who are with you, unless you come back to your
faith.” But he remarked: “Even if we are disgusted with it?
89. We shall only be guilty of blaspheming God if we accept your way after
the people of Noah, and gave you a greater increase in your stature. So think of the favours of God; you may haply be blessed.”
90. The chiefs among his people who did not believe said (to them): “If you
follow Shu’aib and his way you will surely be ruined.”
91. Then they were seized by an earthquake, and lay overturned on the ground
in their homes in the morning.
92. They who called Shu’aib a liar (disappeared) as though they had never
existed; and those who called Shu’aib a liar were the ones who were ruined!
93. So Shu’aib turned away from them and said: “O people, I conveyed to you
the message of my Lord, and warned you. (But you paid no heed). How can I
grieve for a people who do not believe?”
94. There is not a region to which We sent a prophet and did not inflict upon
its people adversity and hardship so that they may submit.
95. But when We changed hardship to ease, and they rose and prospered, (they
forgot Our favours) and said: “Our ancestors had also known suffering and
joy.” So We caught them unawares.
96. But if the people of these regions had believed and feared God, We would
surely have showered on them blessings of the heavens and the earth; but they
only denied, and We punished them for their deeds.
97. Are the people of the region so secure that they lie asleep unaware as Our
punishment overtakes them?
98. Or, are the people of the towns so unafraid that (even when) Our
retribution comes upon them in the hours of the morning they remain
engrossed in sport and play?
99. Can they remain secure against the plan of God? Only they feel secure
against the plan of God who are certain of being ruined.
100. Do not the people who inherited the earth from the (earlier) inhabitants
perceive that We could afflict them too for their sins if We pleased, and put
seals on their hearts that they may not hear (the voice of truth)?
101. These were the (earlier) habitations whose accounts We have given to
you. Their apostles came with clear proofs, but they did not believe what they
once denied. That is how God seals the hearts of those who do not believe.
102. We did not find many of them faithful to their promises, and found many
of them disobedient.
103. So We sent Moses with miracles after (these apostles) to the Pharaoh and
his nobles, but they behaved with them high-handedly. See then the end of the
authors of evil.
104. Moses said: “O Pharaoh, I have been sent by the Lord of all the worlds;
105. “I am duty bound to speak nothing of God but the truth I have brought
from your Lord a clear sign; so let the people of Israel depart with me.”
106. He said: “If you have brought a sign then display it, if what you say is
107. At this Moses threw down his staff, and lo, it became a live serpent.
108. And he drew forth his hand, and behold, it looked white to those who
beheld it. The nobles of Pharaoh said: “He surely is a clever magician.
110. “He wishes to drive you away from the land. So what do you advise?”
111. They said: “Put him and his brother off (awhile) and send out heralds to
the cities
112. “To bring all the wise magicians to you.”
113. The magicians came to the Pharaoh and said: “Is there reward for us if we succeed?”
114. “Yes,” said he, “you will be among the honoured.”
115. So they said: “O Moses, you may cast your spell first, or we shall cast
116. “You cast it first,” answered Moses. When they cast their spell, they
bewitched the eyes of the people and petrified them by conjuring up a great
117. We said to Moses: “Throw down your staff;” and it swallowed up their
conjurations in no time.
118. Thus the truth was upheld, and the falsehood that they practised was
119. Thus there and then they were vanquished and overthrown, humiliated.
120. The sorcerers fell to the ground in homage,
121. And said: “We have come to believe in the Lord of all the worlds,
122. “The Lord of Moses and Aaron.”
123. But Pharaoh said: “You have come to accept belief in Him without my
permission! This surely is a plot you have hatched to expel the people from the
land. You will soon come to know.
124. “I will have your hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, and have you
all crucified.”
125. They answered: “We have (in any case) to go back to our Lord.
126. “The only reason you have to hate us is that we believed in the signs of
our Lord as they came to us. O our Lord, give us sufficient endurance that we
may die submitting (to You).”
127. And the leaders of Pharaoh’s people said to him: “Would you allow
Moses and his people to create disorder in the land and discard you and your
gods?” He replied: “We shall now slay their sons and spare their women, and
subdue them.”
128. Said Moses to his people: “Invoke the help of God and be firm. The earth
belongs to God: He can make whom He wills among His creatures inherit it.
The future is theirs who take heed for themselves.”
129. They said: “We were oppressed before you came, and have been since
you have come to us.” He answered: “It may well be that soon God may
destroy your enemy and make you inherit the land, and then see how you
130. We afflicted the people of Pharaoh with famine and dearth of everything
that they might take heed.
131. Yet when good came their way they said: “It is our due;” but when
misfortune befell them they put the omen down to Moses and those who were
with him. But surely the omen was with God, yet most of them did not
132. They said: “Whatsoever the sign you have brought to deceive us, we shall
not believe in you.”
133. So We let loose on them floods and locusts, and vermin, frogs and blood –
– how many different signs. But they still remained arrogant, for they were a
people full of sin.
134. Yet when punishment overtook them, they said: “O Moses, invoke your
Lord for us as you have been enjoined. If the torment is removed, we shall
certainly believe in you and let the people of Israel go with you.”
135. But no sooner was the punishment withdrawn for a time to enable them to make good their promise than they broke it.
136. So We took vengeance on them, and drowned them in the sea for
rejecting Our signs and not heeding them.
137. We then made the people who were weak (and oppressed) successors of
the land to the East and the West which We had blessed. Thus the fair promise
of your Lord to the children of Israel was fulfilled, for they were patient in
adversity; and whatsoever the Pharaoh and his people had fashioned, and the
structures they had raised, were destroyed.
138. When We brought the children of Israel across the sea, and they came to a
people who were devoted to their idols, they said: “O Moses, make us also a
god like theirs.” “You are ignorant,” he replied.
139. “These people and their ways will surely be destroyed, for false is what
they practise.
140. “Do you want me to seek for you,” he said, “a god other than God, when
He has exalted you over all the nations of the world?
141. “Remember (the day) when He saved you from the people of Pharaoh
who oppressed and afflicted you, and slew your sons and spared your women.
In this was a great trial from your Lord.”
142. We made an appointment of thirty nights with Moses (On Mount Sinai) to
which We added ten more; so the term set by the Lord was completed in forty
nights. Moses said to Aaron, his brother: “Deputise for me among my people.
Dispose rightly, and do not follow the way of the authors of evil.”
143. When Moses arrived at the appointed time and his Lord spoke to him, he
said: “O Lord, reveal Yourself to me that I may behold You.” “You cannot
behold Me,” He said. “But look at the mountain: If it remains firm in its place
you may then behold Me.” But when his Lord appeared on the mountain in His
effulgence, it crumbled to a heap of dust, and Moses fell unconscious. When
he came to, he said: “All glory to You. I turn to You in repentance, and I am
the first to believe.”
144. Said (the Lord): “O Moses, I raised you above all men by sending My
messages and speaking to you; so receive what I give you, and be grateful.”
145. And We wrote down on tablets admonitions and clear explanations of all
things for Moses, and ordered him: “Hold fast to them, and command your
people to observe the best in them. I will show you the abode of the wicked.
146. I will turn those away from My signs who behave unjustly with arrogance
in the land so that even though they see all the signs they will not believe in
them; and if they see the path of rectitude, will not take it to be a way; and if
they see the way of error take it to be the (right) path. This is so for they have
called Our messages lies, and have been heedless of them.”
147. Vain are the acts of those who deny Our signs and the meeting in the
Hereafter. Can they ever be rewarded for anything but what they did?
148. In the absence of Moses his people prepared the image of a calf from their
ornaments, which gave out the mooing of a cow. Yet they did not see it could
neither speak to them nor guide them to the right path. Even then they took it
(for a deity) and did wrong.
149. Then they were filled with remorse and saw that they had erred and said:
“If our Lord does not forgive us we will surely be lost.”
150. When Moses returned to his people, indignant and grieved, he said: “How
wickedly you behaved in my absence. Why must you hasten the decree of your
Lord?” And he cast aside the tablets, and pulled his brother by the hair. “O son of my mother,” said (Aaron), “these people took advantage of my weakness
and almost killed me. Do not let my enemies rejoice at my plight, and do not
put me down among transgressors.”
151. (Moses) said: “O Lord, forgive me and my brother, and admit us to Your
grace, for You are the most compassionate of all.”
152. Surely those who have taken the calf (as a god) will suffer the anger of
their Lord, and disgrace in the world. That is how We requite those who
fabricate lies.
153. Yet those who do wrong, then repent and believe, are forgiven, for your
Lord is forgiving and kind.
154. When his anger subsided Moses picked up the tablets. Inscribed on them
was guidance and grace for those who fear their Lord.
155. Moses chose seventy of his people for the appointment (on Mount Sinai).
When they arrived they were seized by a tremor. (Moses) said: “O Lord, if You
had so pleased You could have annihilated them and me before this. Will You
destroy us for something the foolish among us have done? This is but a trial
from You whereby You will lead whom You will astray and guide whom You
please. You are our saviour, so forgive us and have mercy on us, for You are
the best of forgivers.
156. Enjoin for us good in the world, and good in the world to come. We turn
to You alone.” And the Lord said: “I punish only those whom I will, but My
mercy enfolds everything. I shall enjoin it for those who take heed for
themselves, who pay the zakat and believe in My signs,
157. Who follow the messenger, the gentile Prophet, described in the Torah
and the Gospel, who bids things noble and forbids things vile, makes lawful
what is clean, and prohibits what is foul, who relieves them of their burdens,
and the yoke that lies upon them. Those who believe and honour and help him,
and follow the light sent with him, are those who will attain their goal.”
158. Say: “O men, I am verily the apostle of God to you all. His whose
kingdom extends over the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He, the
giver of life and death. So believe in God and the messenger, the gentile
Prophet, sent by Him, who believes in God and His messages. Obey him; you
may haply be guided aright.”
159. Among the people of Moses is a section that shows the way to the truth,
and deals justly in accordance with it.
160. We divided them into twelve (different) tribes. When his people asked for
water, We said to Moses: “Strike the rock with your staff;” and behold, twelve
springs of water gushed forth, so that each of the tribes had a place of its own
to drink; and We made the clouds spread shade over them and sent for them
manna and quails (and said): “Eat of the good things We have provided for
you.” But (by disobeying) they did not harm Us, they harmed themselves.
161. And when it was said to them: “Live in this land and eat of its produce
wheresoever you like, and ask for remission of your sins, but pass through the
gates with submission (and not pride), We shall forgive your trespasses, and
give to those who are righteous abundance,”
162. The wicked among them changed and perverted the word We had spoken
to a word unpronounced; so We sent from heaven retribution on them for all
their wickedness.
163. Enquire of them about the town situated by the sea where, when they did
not keep the Sabbath, the fish came up to the surface of the water for them; but on days other than the Sabbath the fish did not come. We tried them in this
way, for they were disobedient.
164. When a Section of them said: “Why do you admonish a people whom
God is about to destroy or to punish severely?” They replied: “To clear
ourselves of blame before your Lord, and that they may fear God.
165. But when they forgot to remember the warning, We saved those who
prohibited evil, but inflicted on the wicked a dreadful punishment — requital
for their disobedience.
166. When they persisted in doing what they had been forbidden, We said to
them: “Become (like) apes despised.”
167. And your Lord declared He would send men against them who would
inflict dreadful suffering on them till the Day of Doom, for your Lord is swift
in retribution, though He is certainly forgiving and kind.
168. We dispersed them in groups over the earth, some righteous, some
otherwise; and We tried them with good things and bad, that they may haply
turn back.
169. Then after them a new generation inherited the Book. They took to the
things of this base world, and said: “We shall (surely) be forgiven this.” Yet
they will accept similar things if they came their way again. Had they not been
covenanted in the Book to say nothing in the name of God but the truth? And
they have read this in it. The abode of the life to come is better for those who
fear God. Can they not comprehend?
170. As for those who adhere to the Book and are firm in devotion, We shall
certainly not let the wages of those who are upright to go waste.
171. The day We shook the mountain above them like an awning, and they
feared it would fall over them, (We said): “Hold fast to what We have given
you, and bear in mind what is (said) therein so that you may take heed.”
172. When your Lord brings forth from their loins the offspring of the children
of Adam, He makes them witnesses over themselves, (and asks): “Am I not
your Lord?” ‘Indeed,’ they reply. ‘We bear witness,’ — lest you should say on
the Day of Resurrection: “We were not aware of this;”
173. Or, lest they should say: “It were our fathers who had ascribed compeers
to God; we are only their offspring. Will You destroy us for the deeds of those
who dealt in vanities?”
174. That is how We explain Our signs distinctly so that they may come back
(to the right path).
175. Relate to them the plight of the man whom We gave Our signs, but he
passed them by, so that Satan came after him, and he went astray.
176. We wished to exalt him, but he loved baseness and followed his lust. His
likeness is that of a dog who hangs out his tongue if you drive him away, and
still hangs it out if you leave him alone. Such is the case of the people who
deny Our signs. Narrate this history to them; they may haply reflect.
177. Evil is the case of those who deny Our signs and wrong themselves.
178. He alone is guided whom God shows the way; and whom He leads astray
is surely lost.
179. Many of the jinns and human beings have We destined for Hell, who
possess hearts but do not feel, have eyes but do not see, have ears but do not
hear, like cattle, even worse than them. They are people unconcerned.
180. All the names of God are beautiful, so call Him by them; and leave those
alone who act profanely towards His names: They will be retributed for their deeds.
181. Yet there are among those We have created people who lead (others) to
the truth, and act justly in its light
182. We shall punish those who deny Our revelations slowly in a way that they
will not know.
183. I will just give them respite. My plan is certainly invincible.
184. Have they not bethought themselves their companion is not mad? He is
only a plain admonisher.
185. Have they not contemplated the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and
everything created by God, (to educe) that perhaps their own term is drawing
to a close? In what lore after this would they then believe?
186. Whosoever God allows to go astray has none to show him the way, for He
leaves them to wander perplexed in their wickedness.
187. They ask you about the Hour: “When is its determined time?” Say: “Only
my Lord has the knowledge. No one can reveal it except He. Oppressive will it
be for the heavens and the earth. When it comes, it will come unawares.” They
ask you about it as if you were in the know. You tell them: “Only God has the
knowledge.” But most people do not know.
188. Tell them: “I am not master of my own gain or loss but as God may
please. If I had the knowledge of the Unknown I would have enjoyed
abundance of the good, and no evil would have touched me. I am only a bearer
of warnings and bringer of happy news for those who believe.”
189. It is He who created you from a single cell, and from it created its mate,
that you may live as companions. When the man covered the woman she
conceived a light burden and carried it about. And when she was heavy (with
child) they prayed together to their Lord: “If You bestow a healthy son on us
we shall truly be grateful.”
190. But when they were given a healthy son, they started ascribing to other
powers a share in what God had bestowed on them. But God is above what
they ascribe to Him.
191. Do they associate those with Him who cannot create a thing, and are
themselves created,
192. Who can neither help them, nor help themselves?
193. If you call them to guidance they will not follow you. It is all the same if
you call them or hold your tongue.
194. Those whom you invoke besides God are created beings like you. So call
on them and let them answer your call, if what you say is true.
195. Do they have feet to walk on, or hands to hold with, or eyes to see and
ears to hear with? Say to them: “Call your compeers, and work out a plot
against me, and do not give me time.
196. My saviour is God who has revealed this Book; and He protects those
who are upright;
197. While those you beseech apart from Him cannot help you or even help
198. When you call upon them for guidance, they do not hear. When you think
they are looking at you, (in fact) they cannot see.”
199. Cultivate tolerance, enjoin justice, and avoid the fools.
200. If you are instigated by the Devil to evil seek refuge in God, for God
hears all and knows everything.
201. Verily those who fear God think of Him when assailed by the instigations of Satan, and lo! they begin to understand,
202. Even though their (devilish) brothers would like them to continue in error,
and would not desist.
203. And when you do not bring a (Qur’anic) verse to them, they say: “Why
don’t you make one up?” Say: “I follow only what my Lord reveals to me.”
These (revelations) are an evident proof from your Lord, and a guidance and
grace for those who believe.
204. When the Qur’an is recited listen to it in silence. You may perhaps be
205. Meditate on your Lord inwardly with humility and trepidation, reciting
His Book softly, morning and evening, and be not negligent.
206. Verily those who are in the presence of your Lord are never too proud to
worship and celebrate His praises, and bow in homage to Him’.


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