Written By: Dr. Ghalam Hussain Heidari

Even in the shortest Chapter of the Quran, prayer exists:
Sura Kawthar is the shortest chapter in the Quran which has three verses including ten words and forty-three characters.
One of the important characteristics of Kawthar which makes it distinct and unique in comparison to other chapters in the Quran, is that in this chapter which is the shortest , there are five predictions all of which have turned out to be true.
1. Proliferation of Prophet Muhammads (SAW) descendants and offspring:
This prediction was made in a time when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had no child except a small daughter named, Fatima (SA)
2. Proliferation of Prophet Muhammads (SAW) disciples:
At the time of this prediction Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had only a few followers who were living in fear and complete weakness.
3. Dissemination and everlasting quality of the monotheistic religion which at the time of the prediction was fledging and totally weak.
4. The efforts and oppositions of Islams adversaries will be fruitless.
At the time of this prediction the oppositions and obstacles put forth by Islams adversaries were quiet intensive and efficient and were apparently threatening to Islam.
5. Islams enemies will be barren and have no followers and descendants.
When his prediction was made, Islams adversaries had many sons and followers while Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had no children but a young daughter.
In spite of the fact that at that time natural calculations and apparent signs did not confirm such predictions but rather rejected them, all of them turned out to be true which we see clearly today with our own eyes and to which we yield and accept. Thus, discovering the Miracles of the Chapter Kawthar.
In Chapter Kawthar, which is the shortest in the Quran, we are commanded to pray. As the second verse of this chapter says: [“To appreciate this blessing, say your prayers and sacrifice .”] This verse in fact is addressed to heretics who received blessings from God but worshipped other gods.
‘Anhar, as it is said in Al-Mizan or other interpretations, means ‘sacrificing camel.
But according to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Sadiq (AS), ‘anhar is raising the hand up before the face while saying prayers Takbir. When this chapter was descended Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked Angel Gibril a question and Gibril replied: “God orders you, when you commence your prayer, to raise your hands and when you bend the knees in prayer or prostration, raise your hands since our payer and the prayers of other angels is the same in the seven heavens and the ornament of prayer is raising the hands in each ‘Takbir. ( See Al-Mizan, vol. 20, p. 522; also Majmaul-Bayan, vol. 10, p. 550).

Prayer is Appreciating the Lords Blessing
In Sura Baqarah, Allah says:
Oh people! Do worship Allah Who has created you and your predecessors.(Worship God) so that you can practice abstinence. (2:21)

Messages and Epigrams
* Allah is the Master of mankind.
* Allah is the Creator of all existent human beings and also their predecessors.
* The Creator of mankind is the only reality worthy of being worshipped.
* Believing in Allahs creative power and Godship is a factor which makes humans worship Him.
* A mans world view is the basis for his behavior and actions.
* Worshipping Allah paves the way for attaining piety.
* Attaining piety is an essential duty for all mankind.
* The purpose behind mans creation is so that he can strive to achieve virtue and piety.
* Worshipping Allah protects man from becoming immersed in heresy, hypocrisy and their consequences.
* Divine instructions are directions which help man to reach specified goals.

Translated by: Masoomah Afshari

Source: imamreza.net

Source: almujtaba.com

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