By: M. Hamzah Hejazi
Abu’l Fadhl Al-Abbas (AS) is that great personality in the face of whom the bravery of other heroes of history fades. Hussain ibne Ali (AS) represented holy Prophet (SW) in Karbala in 61 A.H., and it was Abbas bin Ali (AS) who represented the Lion of God Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS).

It was the blessed 4th of Sha’ban when the valiant standard-bearer of the epic of Karbala and loyal brother of Al-Imam Al-Hussain (AS), Abu’l Fadhl Al-Abbas, illuminated this world with his auspicious birth.

If one wishes to find about the status of Abu’l Fadhl Al-Abbas (AS), he could notice the words of infallible Imams (AS) about him:

The chief of Prophets (SW)’s 10th Infallible Successor, Al-Imam Ali Naqi Hadi (AS) pays tribute to him with the words: “Peace upon Abu Al-Fadhl Al-Abbas, the son of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) and of Omm Al-Baneen. Peace upon him who gave up the world for the hereafter. He sacrificed his life for his brother Al-Imam Al-Hussain (AS) in trying to carry water for thirsty camp.”

On the day of Ashura when Al-Abbas (AS) fell from the horse on the ground, Imam Hussein (AS) stated this sentence: “Now my back is broken and my ingenuity has been decreased”. The sentence shows the importance of Abbas (AS) and his role in supporting Imam Hussein (AS).

His auspicious name is Abu’l Fadhl and he was indeed the resource and treasury of divine grace and good attributes. His nicknames are so many, some famous of which are going to be explained in the following section:

Qamar Bani Hashem (the Moon of Hashemite Clan): this was his most famous epithet. The reason behind that was his handsomeness and good looking face which was resembled to the moon.

Bab-ol Hawa’ej or Bab-ol Muraad (the Granter of Necessities) is one of his famous titles.

Saqqa’ (The one who brings water): this is his another famous nickname. Since he was dealing with bringing water to Imam Hussein (AS)’s camps and supplying Imam’s thirsty children with water, he was given this nickname.

Hamel -ul –Levaa’ (The one who carries the flags): This nickname was given to him because he was the one who carried the flag in Imam Hussein (AS)’s troop.

Raees-e Askar Al–Hussein (The commander of Hussein’s army): This nickname was given to him because he was the commander of Imam Hussein (AS)’s troops.

Salutations to Abu’l Fadhl Al-Abbas (AS):

As Salaamo alaika yab-ne Amir-il-Momeneen,
As Salaamo alaika aiyyo-hal Abdus-Saleh,
Al-mootee-oo lillahey wa ley Rasooley-hee,
Ash hadu annaka qad jaa-hadta Wa ne-sah-ta,
Wa sabarta hatta a-taa kal yaqeen
La a-nalla-hooz zaaleymeena lakoom minal,
Awwaleena wal aakheyreen,
Wal haqahoom bey dar kil jaheem.

Salutations be unto thee, O son of Commander of the Faithful;
Salutations be unto thee, O virtuous servant, obedient to God and His Messenger;
I bear witness that thou didst truly fight the Holy War,
And thou didst help the cause of Faith;
And thou didst patiently endure
Until the certainty (of death) came upon thee.
May God deprive those who wronged thee of His Mercy.
Whether they may have been of the first or the last (i.e., all of them);
And may He consign them to the nethermost regions of Hell;
Salutations and the Mercy and Blessings of God be upon thee, (O beloved Moon of the Hashimites).
“As Salaamo ala ya Abul Fadhl Al-Abbas ibne Aliyin Amiril Momeneen wa Rahmatullahey wa Barakaatuh.”
“Peace be upon thee O Abul Fadhl Al-Abbas, son of Ali, Commander of the Faithful, and the Mercy of Allah and His Bounties.”


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