Our heroine of Karbala, Lady Zaynab (‘a) has been quoted as having said, after the slaughter of her Holy Brother, Imam Hussain (‘a).

“Oh people of Kufa! Oh you deceivers! You traitors! You sinners! Now you weep? May God never diminish the flow of tears and may your hearts forever burn with grief and sorrow! Your false pledges contain no element of truth and sincerity. Know that you are as disgraceful and devoid of good moral character as the low and despicable purchased slave girls. Now you are weeping for my brother and raise wailing cries after him? Yes, by God you weep because you deserve it. Yes, weep more and laugh less because you have contaminated yourself in the ignominy of slaying the Imam of the time. The stain of the unjustly shed blood of my brother is on your forehead and you can never wipe it off.

Oh Kufians! W be upon you! Do you know which part of Mohammad you have cut and the vow that you have broken and whose blood you have shed and whose sanctity you have violated?

By killing your Imam you have assumed responsibility for such a disgraceful, grievous and gruesome deed.

Would you doubt if after all blood rains from the skies above.

Remember! The punishment of the day of judgement which will be more severe and extremely harsh…………”

The Tragedy of Karbala

Most Muslims know of the Tragedy of Karbala, however, it is only the followers of the Aylul Bayt (‘a) who understand the teachings in Islam according to the Holy Aylul Bayt (‘a) who were slaughtered by the enemy in the desert sands of Karbala, Iraq. Imam Hussain (‘a) was the last of “Al Kisa “, the “Holy Five”, for which the entire universe was created. Ref: Hadith al-Kisa.

Anglo Saxon Chronicles

So what does the “Anglo Saxon Chronicles” have to do with such a gruesome event of which the likes the world had never seen?

When our correspondent from the Gulf sent in these scanned pages, Haji had highlighted one section of the chronicles and after having read her highlighted segment, my mind immediately travelled to the desert sands of Karbala and then to our Lady Zaynab’s (‘a) speech in Kufa [see segment above]. In that speech there is one particularly important statement for the purpose of understanding this exercise. Lady Zaynab (‘a) has said in the above speech:

“Would you doubt if after all blood rains from the skies above.”

When I read this speech for the first time, a while ago, I visualised exactly what our Lady Zaynab (‘a) had said, however after researching for some time of it having rained blood in Arabia I found that it did indeed rain blood in Great Britain in the same year as the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (‘a).

The Chronicles state that:

In the year 685 AD (Christian Calendar):

“685. In this year in Britain it rained blood, and milk and butter were turned into blood.”

The recording of the event in a distant land (Great Britain) who had no interest other than recording history, was the only way that I see that it could have come to light as a proof.

When he (‘a) was martyred, the sky wept blood for Imam Hussain (‘a).

It is reported that when Imam Hussain (‘a) was killed not only the residents of the heavens cried for Imam Hussain (‘a), but even the skies cried for him and they wept blood for this Mazlum. This is reported not only in the Shi€™a books but also in the most important Sunni references:

On the day of the martyrdom of al-Hussein (‘a) the sky rained blood . . . .


Thakhaaer al-Uqba pp 144, 145, 150.

Al-Sawaeq al-Muhriqah pp 116, 192.

There was not a stone which was not lifted but underneath it was found blood . . . .


Al-Sawaaeq al-Muhriqah pp 116, 192.

Tathkirat-ul-Khawaas p 284,

Tafsir ibn Kathir vol. 9, p 162 . . . . .

Nadra al-Azdiya, a woman who was contemporary with the Imam Husayn, is said to have reported:

‘When al-Husayn b. ‘Ali was killed, the sky rained down blood, so that next morning we found our wells and water jugs filled with it.’ [24]

Therefore, the conclusion to this literary exercise is that there is irrefutable proof that the skies did rain blood over much of the world after the event of killing the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (‘s), Imam Hussain b. Ali b. Abu Thalib (‘a), reflecting the enormity of the tragedy and the truth in the powerful words of Sayyeda Zaynab (‘a).

We ask for Sayyeda Zaynab (‘a) to forgive us for any mistakes in this work insh’Allah.


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