Written By: Abu Muhammed Al-Ordoni


Accepting what Allah ordains for one’s self, is considered an excellent degree of belief in Allah-Glory be to Him. Throughout her difficult life, Lady Fatima Zahra (A.S.) was delighted with whatever Allah Almighty ordained for her. In fact, this book specializes in discussing the inflictions and disasters, which befell Fatima from the day she was born until she was martyred at a young age. During the difficult stages of her life, Fatima was content with the fear, oppression, deprivation, poverty, sorrows and pains that Allah had predestined for her.

Therefore, Fatima is worthy of being included with those mentioned in the verse:

“To the righteous soul will be said: 0 (thou) soul, In (complete) rest and satisfaction!

Come back to thy Lord.
well pleased (thyself) and
well-pleasing unto Him!

Because she is satisfied with Allah’s rewards and grants to her, and is satisfied with Allah’s will in this world, He has become well pleased with her.


Mardhiyoun have an excellent rank and lofty position near Almighty Allah.

Just a few of Allah’s worshippers achieve this rank which is attained by righteousness and sincerity. Fatima Zahra (A.S.) was one of those who was able to reach this lofty position. She achieved this rank through her good deeds that pleased Allah and made Him will-satisfied with her.

Source: karbala-najaf.org

Source: almujtaba.com

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