Text of Hadith;

A mumin is a trust worthy person, he avoids evil, faith is his companion, he loves modesty, he is alert to possible danger and chances of him straying from the path are ever slim, for example, he always strives to keep to the right path.


He is a trust worthy person. Trust has had particular concern among the teachings of the prophets [peace be upon them]. Since the word trust in traditions appears in plural form, it could suppose different shades of trust.

Divine trust is present within and among ourselves, namely age, youth, health, faith, religion, sovereignty, revolution, offspring, etc and that every one is obliged to safeguard them. If the offspring of man deviate and go astray or if the revolution [Islamic Revolution] dwindles or suffers a blow as the case maybe, or if our actions are such that we fail to meet our commitments, allowing Islam and the Uhlul Bayt school of thought to experience a disaster, it will be considered a breach of trust.

Given the various kinds of trust, duty and responsibility are of critical importance and it is because of this particular trust that people have failed to safeguard and preserve it. Mankind agrees to its high standard and so should take this matter very seriously. For this reason this section is relevant to those who have attained the age of puberty, since after one comes of age, God makes one duty bound and responsible before him.

One other trust is this very attire worm by clergymen. Let us ensure that this dress is well respected, and we should also stick to the rules of morality and obey the dignitaries. We should also be well informed and cognizant of religious issues and memory, in this way we will be able to preserve this heavenly trust. When driving we should always abide by the traffic rules to a considerable degree outstanding others. A nation’s culture can be traced in the manner they drive and adhering to the Islamic revolution is also a trust and these days mark the victory of the Islamic revolution i.e. the day when the revolution came to fruition.

On ten Fayr two things are necessary;

[1] Thanks giving by words and by works for the blessings of God.

[2] to discern one self i.e. to identify one’s strong and weak points that have accrued in the past 24 years in order to get rid of the weak points and leave room for the possible ones.

One critical concern is the damaging meetings and processions held as a sign of renewing allegiance to the prosperity of the Islamic revolution which has elements that damage the image of the revolution. This spot of claim is not trust at all, but trust is that we make the next generation appreciate and treasure the values and goods of the revolution, then commit this trust to them.
He avoids evil; This implies that a mumin abstains and keeps away from various vices and transgression such as treachery in possessions, deceit of the heart etc. A mumin is innocent of such deeds.


Taqwa [faith], faith is his companion. Ali’s personality is a fine example of this quality. When Ali’s brother asked for more than his share from “Beitul Maal” [treasury] Imam Ali [a s] said to him, our brotherhood is up to here.

He loves modesty. Modesty can be divided in different subjects. Modesty is self restraint from sin. Foreign influence is working tirelessly to deteriorate morals among the youths and if they achieve, immorality will escalate. The enemy attributes modesty to the weakness of will power, which is totally wrong. Modesty against the enemy’s attack is like a fortress against invaders.

He is alert to possible danger and is also watchful for any carnal desires and other satanic forces. The Qur’an says; when Satan wants to tempt man he makes sin to appear colourful and attractive. A good example is murder, the worst crime one can ever commit and worst is to take the life of one’s offspring and worst of all is that one kills ones’ new born baby. A pre-Islamic man would not hesitate to bury his new-born girl child alive and in his dreams he took it that it was good for her. This is because Satan had made it appear good for him.

America is questionable as regards to it’s claim of advocating human rights, and war against terrorism since the U.S itself is in the forefront and is directly involved in terrorizing other states and perpetrating the worst crime.

He strives to keep to the right path. This implies that chances of him going astray are slim. If at all he derails from the right path, he feels imbalanced since he sees reality from the veiled actions.

May God grant us prosperity in that the speaker of this sermon was the Prophet himself and the listener was Ali [a s]. So let us make these teachings a part of our lives.

[1] Behaar, Vol. 64 page 311.


Source: al-shia.org

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