A very important and historical event occurred on the 9th year of Al-Hijrah, when The Messenger of Allah, Mohammad A-Mustafa(pbuh&hf) sent a letter of invitation to the leaders of the Najran Christian Tribe to come to Al-Madina Al-Munawarra and to embrace Islam.

The Christian community leaders of Najran gladly accepted his letter of invitation and quickly set off to meet the Prophet(pbuh&hf) in his captial Al-Madina.

However, when they finally did arrive in Muslim town of Al-Madina Al-Munawarra and met The Prophet(pbuh&hf) of Islam face to face, and instead of embracing Islam, as was expected of them.

The Christians instead began to openly challenge with hostility, in the Muslim capital, the true authencitity of his claim of being:

1.The Messenger and Prophet of Allah(pbuh&hf)

2.The belive of Islam as Allah’s(swt) true religion for all Mankind.

The meeting turned into a heated dispute between them, the Christian elders and that of The Holy Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa(pbuh&hf).

Until Allah(swt) commanded The Prophet of Islam(pbuh&hf)
To invite the Christians to a face to face challenge of the truth! Through a revelation of a Surrah Al-Imran, from The Holy Koran.

By each of them to pray and call upon Allah(swt), to invoke His Curse upon the liars. Hence it will once and for all expose the liars and proove who’s Religion is truely God’s!

The miracle of this event is clearly mentioned in The Holy Koran in the Surrat Al-Imran.

“… Come! Let us gather together, our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves: Then let us earnestly pray, and invoke the curse of God on those who lie!”

Koran:3 v:61

Which clearly shows the high and reveared position with which, Allah(swt) had bestowed His most Divine Honour upon His Holy Messenger The Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa(pbuh&hf), and his undisputed infallible Holy Household(as), of the Sacred Kesah :

1.Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)
Ameer Al Mu’mineen, the holy 1st Imam(as) of the Twelve Imans(as)

2.The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) –
Ali’s wife and The Prophet’s(pbuh&hf) Daughter
Their two young Boys

3.Hassan Ibin Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)

4.Hussain Ibin Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)
Source: al-shia.org

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