Muhammed (SAWW) was the great leader of all time, and the last messenger to mankind. He had laid out the course of truth to people by setting out an example of the perfect human. Perfect in all aspects. Muslim men seeking the truth resort to the personality of this great prophet for guidance and direction.

While the women of Islam do recognize the role the prophet s daughter Fatima Zahra (AS) as the example set out for them to follow by Islam. So what is it about Fatima Zahra (AS) that makes her so special, and so great? Allah (SW) has created Fatima Zahra (AS) to be a sign of his ability to create a female complete with all morals and personality. The personality of Fatima Zahra (AS) is of high nobility, and new aspects of this great personality continue to be discovered. And as time goes on more and more is learnt from this great lady.

Only those that know her (AS) and know what she has gone through during her short life of 18 years will begin to understand what she stood for and what kind of service she gave to Islam. It is also those that love her are the lovers of the divine truth. Many of us know her by the name and only by that, others may know her as being the daughter of Muhammed (SAWW) and wife of the leader of the faithful Ali (AS), again only by that, some may know of her martyrdom and cry with their whole being when hearing about it, yet they don t thoroughly know her (AS). She is Fatima, siddiqua ( the honest ), Al-Mubarakah ( the blessed one ), At Tahira (virtuous ), AzZakeah ( the Chaste ), Ar Rathiatul Marthia ( she who is gratified and who shall be satisfied ), Al-Muhadathah ( a person other than the prophet that the angels speak to ), and Az Zahra ( the Splendid ). Her name “Fatima” was chosen by Allah (SW) and was revealed to Muhammed (SAWW). She also had other names : Al-Batoul ( the pure one ), Al-Adra ( the Virgin ), Al-Hania ( the affectionate one to her children ). She was also titled Umu Abeeha ( her father’s mother).

Lady Fatima (AS) was welcomed into this world by her warm and affectionate parents, Muhammed (SAWW) and Khadija (RA) on the 20th of the month of Jumada second. Khadija used to give her children to other women to be nursed but when Fatima (AS) was born Khadija (RA) undertook her nursing. While the prophet (SAWW) brought her up in an environment of knowledge and spirituality. Fatima (AS) herself was equipped with special intelligence and so was quick to realize the meaning of faith, piety and the reality of Islam. Fatima (AS) faced many hardships and sorrows during her life. Early on she was faced with those infidels and polytheists that fought her father and his family. She became an orphan at a young age, the death of her mother when at the age of about seven or eight caused her great sadness. She was forced to immigrate to Medina due the infidels agitation. The time the prophet Muhammed (SAWW) was going through was very harsh, too many people wanted to stop the new faith and to do so many plots to injure and kill him were set out. Muhammed’s (SAWW) suffering was causing Fatima (AS) to suffer as well, as the love for her father led her to the sorrow and sadness in watching him being mistreated. At home Fatima was mistreated and abused by some of the prophet’s jealous wives.

Fatima (AS) spent her life in struggle, resisting poverty and difficulties. One of the happy moments in Fatima’s (AS) life is her marriage to Imam Ali (AS). The two great infallible characters coming together to be partners in life was magnificent unity. We can only imagine the great marital happiness Ali and Fatima enjoyed. It is worthwhile noting that such splendid persons who have a high status lived humble and modest lives. As a wife, Fatima (AS) displayed the perfect role model, Ali (AS) had said “By Allah, I never angered Fatima, or forced her to do something ( she did not like ) up to the day she died, nor did she ever anger or disobey me. In fact, when I looked at her, depression and sadness would be removed from my heart. As a mother, Fatima (AS) gave birth to the great Imams Hassan and Hossein (AS), she also gave birth to Lady Zainab (AS) and Lady Um Kulthum. All of whom were victims of historical oppression and sorrowful inflictions. As a mother she raised the chiefs of martyrs, and ladies of such strong will and faith that withstood pains (in particular during Karbala ) which strong men can barely put up with. The death of Muhammed (SAWW) left Fatima (AS) very sad. This was a great loss to her as she was to miss him dearly. The agonies kept on coming to Fatima (AS), yet she persisted in glorifying Allah (SW) and spending generously in his exalted path. Fatima was angered when the rights of Caliphate were taken from her husband and she stood up to those arrogant ones and fought for justice. She kept on fighting until the last days in her life. It was a short life which endured many calamities and severe hardships. Not many days after the death of the prophet (SAWW), Fatima (AS) was injured by infidels and martyred. It was shown that even in the short period of Fatima’s life after the death of the prophet (SAWW) there s a long tale of agony and grief. She was like a withering flower that never really blossomed. She had left this world with the happy knowledge of meeting her father and left behind a model for the true path. She had been a model for our daily lives, fighting injustice and oppression and standing on the side of truth. Her life serves as an example for each one of us. The prophet (SAWW) said: “Surely my daughter Fatima is: the mistress of all women from the beginning to the end, she is part of me, and the light of my eyes, she is the flower of my heart, and is my soul, (Fatima) is a human huri, who whenever she stands in prayers in the presence of her lord (Exalted in his name), her light illuminates the skies for the angels, like stars shine to people on Earth”.



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