Written By: Asiya Syed

–A blessing is trial, if gratitude is shown for it, it becomes a blessing, and if you show ingratitude for it then it becomes a wrath.

–One who lacks intelligence has no decorum, and one who lacks determination has no magnanimity, and one who has no modesty has no religion.

–Abstain from the unlawful and you will be a worshipper, and be content with what Allah has predestined for you, you will be sufficient, be benevolent to those who take up proximity in your neighborhood, you will be a Muslim.

–Do not be hasty in punishing (someone’s) sin, and leave (room) between the two (fault and punishment) for apology.

–The most preferable adornment is graceful manners.

–The best wealth is contentment and the worst poverty is humility.

–The annihilation of people lies in three things: Arrogance, Greed and envy. Arrogance causes destruction of the religion and because of it Satan was cursed, and Greed is the enemy of one’s soul, and envy is the guide to wickedness and because of it Qabil killed Habil.

–Avariciousness is for one to consider what he has given (away) as a loss and what he kept (for himself) as glory.

–I did not witness an oppressor who is more alike to an oppressed, than the one who is envious.

–I wonder at a person who ponders over the things that he eats, how he does not ponder over his reasoning. He preserves his stomach from that which harms him, yet deposits in his breast that which is a cause for his destruction

–It is for you to ponder, for it is revitalization for the heart of the perspicacious and the key to the gateways of wisdom.

–Clemency is suppression of anger and self-restraint.

–Generosity is giving in prosperity and adversity.

–O’ Son of Adam! Since the day you left your mother’s womb you life has been on the decrease. Therefore, avail yourself of that between your hands for the hereafter, because the believer takes provisions (from this world) and the disbeliever only takes his leisure (from this world).

–Teach the people of your knowledge, and learn from their knowledge. Hence you would have become adept and learnt that which you do not know.

–Allah, the Great and Al-Mighty, did not open the gateway of invocation for anyone, to then shut off from him the gateway of response. Nor did a man open the door of action, to then have the door of acceptance shut off from him, nor was the door of gratitude opened for the servant, to have the door of accretion (plentiful) shut off from him.

–The most discerning eye is the one that penetrates (views) into the blessings and the most auditory ear is the one heeds reminding and benefits from it. And the most pure of hearts is the one purified from doubt.

–Befriend people in the same manner you would like them to befriend you.

–Brotherhood is loyalty during adversity and during comfort.

–One is ignorant of blessing as long as they are present, but when they pass, one becomes aware (of the value) of them.

–Opportunities pass away swiftly, and take longer to return.

–Proximate is the one that is drawn closer by affection, even though he is a distant relation. And the one that is far is the one that affection distances him, even though he is a close relation.

–Goodness that is free of any wickedness is, gratitude for the blessings, and patience during misfortune.

Source: jafariyanews.com

Source: almujtaba.com

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