All praise belongs to the Almighty [swt], the Master of the Universe.

After the Prophet’s death, events continued to occur. When studying the era following the Prophet’s death, history speaks of the wonders, which occurred. It also tells us how Fatima’s rights were usurped- especially in Fadak-and how Imam ‘Ali [a] was dragged to the Mosque to pay allegiance…

History tells us how Fatima’s house was set on fire and how Fatima’s ribs were broken by him who yesterday pretended not to believe in her father’s death. Yes, history tells us how the Prophet (S) died and with him died his repeated warnings to those who would oppress his family members and that they will be met with the wrath of Allah. It also tells us of Lady Fatima’s sadness and misery which she suffered after the death of her dear father.

Fidha, Fatima’s helper, spoke of Fatima’s sadness; she said:

“It was on the eighth day after the Prophet’s death that Fatima revealed the extent of her sadness and inability to bear life without her father. She (A) came to the Mosque and while crying said:

`Oh! Father, Oh! My sincere friend
Oh! Abu Al-Qasim, Oh! The helper of the widowed and the orphans
Who do we have for Kaaba and the Mosque?
Who does your saddened and grieved daughter have?”

Fidha added:

“Fatima (A) then proceeded towards the tomb of the Prophet; it was difficult for her to walk because her tears covered her eyes. When she saw the Mizaneh, she passed out; so the women rushed to rescue her; after putting water of her face, she regained consciousness; Fatima then said:

`My strength has been eradicated
My endurance has betrayed me
My enemies have rejoiced at my misfortune
And my grief will kill me

Father! I remain bewildered and lonely, Confused and lonesome
My voice is subdued, My back is broken
My life is disturbed , I find no one, Father, after you to attend to my loneliness
Neither to stop my tears, Nor to support me in times of weakness
Surely precise revelations, the place of Gabriel’s descendence and Michael’s location have vanished after you

Father, Motives (of others) have changed
And gates have been shut in my face
Thus, I detest this world after you
And my tears shall be shed for you as long as breath continues to exist in me
My longing for you shall not cease
My sadness for (being separated from) you shall not vanish

Fatima then cried out loudly:
Father!! With you went the light of the world
Its flowers wither away after blossoming in your presence
Father!! I will forever be sorrowful for you until we are reunited
Father!! Sleeping has left me since we have been separated
Father!! Who is there for the widows and the orphans
Who will we have for the Ummah until
The Day of Rising?!
Father! We became-after you-among the oppressed
Father!! People shun us after you
After we were glorified by your presence among men
Thus, what tear shall not spill on your departure?
What sadness (after you) shall not continue to exist?
Which eyelid shall be smeared with slumber?
You are the spring of faith and the light of Prophets
So how can mountains not sway? And seas not dry out?
How can the Earth not tremble?
Father! I have been afflicted with the greatest sorrow, and my disaster is not minor!
Father!! I have been inflicted with the greatest misfortune and the biggest calamity
Angels cry for you, and stars cease to move because of you
Your minbar (after you) is gloomy, Your minbar is empty
Of your secret conversation (with your Lord)
Your grave is joyful for holding you, And Paradise is delighted with your presence
Supplication and prayers
Father!! How gloomy are your meeting places (without your presence)!!
How pained I am for you, until I soon join you!!
How bereaved is Abu Al-Hussan, The entrusted one!!
The Father of your two sons, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain; your beloved one
He whom you brought up as a youth, and made your brother as a man (Abu Al-Hassan)
The most beloved of your companions to you
Abu Al-Hassan, who was the first to immigrate and help you
Sadness has overtaken us; Crying will kill us
And distress will always accompany us.’

Lady Fatima (A) then returned to her house and lived in misery and sadness until she joined her beloved father not long after he passed away.”



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