SAYYED AL-SHU’HA’DAH (The Master of all Martyrs)
Shaybah Al-Hashim or better known as Abdul-Muttalib
570AD Year of the Elephant
Abu Taleb
Abu Lahab
Uncle, and foster brother to The Holy Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa(pbuh&hf)

Hamzah Abdul Muttalib was born in Mecca in 570 AD in the year of the Elephant. He was The Prophet’s(pbuh&hf) Uncle and his foster brother, for he was suckled and weaned by the same foster parents.

Hamzah was clearly destined to be a man of great mighty stature, endowed with great physical strength. He was already a good horseman, skilled with a sword and a good wrestler in all of Mecca.

He was a man of the desert who liked to be alone. The desert stillness, with it’s desert nights was very pleasing to him than the heat and stink of Mecca. So it was natural for him to spend days and even weeks alone in the desert in chase for gazzell.

On one of his desert trips Hamzah was awakened by a noise. Only to see a lion had entered his camp. No doubt drawn to the smell of the freshly killed gazzell. Alone and armed with only a javiline he not only fought off the lion bravely but in the process he killed the king of the beasts.

Which he later skinned the lion and threw it over his saddle and rode into Mecca triumphantly. When the people of Mecca saw the lion’s skin they were greatly awed with admiration and love that from that day on he was warmly known as the ‘Lion of the desert’. His enemies grew to fear him, even on the mention of his name he was held in great respect.

Hamzah and Abu Jahal
One day, despite himself, Abu Jahal the most spitefull of all the leaders of Quraysh and the most aggressive enemy to The Holy Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) and Islam. Indirectly did the new religion a great service.

The Prophet(pbuh&hf) was sitting outside the Mosque near the Safa Gate, so named because the pilgrims go out through it to perform the rite of passing seven times between the hill of Safa which is near the gate and the hill of Marwah some 450 yards to the north. A rock near the foot of Safa marks the starting point of the ancient rite, and The Prophet(pbuh&hf) was alone at this hallowed place when AbuJahal came past.

Here was an opportunity for the Makhziimite to show that he at least was not overawed; and standing in front of The Prophet(pbuh&hf) he proceeded to revile him with all the abuse he could muster.

The Prophet(pbuh&hf) merely looked at him, but spoke no word; and finally, Abu Jahal having heaped upon him the worst insults he could think of, he entered the Mosque to join those of Quraysh who were assembled in the Hijr.
The Prophet(pbuh&hf) in overwhelming sadness slowly rose to his feet and returned silently to his home.

Hamzah enteres Mecca
Scarcely had Mohammad(pbuh&hf) gone when his cousin Hamzah came in sight from the opposite direction on his way from a long chase, with his bow slung over his shoulder. The friends of Abu Jahal, who were at the Santuray square saw Hamzah and feared the consquense of him hearing of what Abu Jahal had done against his nephew. So they all cried out nervousily announcing that this formidable Arabian horseman was indeed approaching Mecca, and they sent someone to warn Abu Jahal.

“Hamzah, here comes Hamzah!”

With a mixture of joy and apprehension the rest of the people ran out happy to greet him as he approached the Holy Kabah on his magnificient Arab stallion.

It was his custom, whenever Hamzah came back from hunting, he would do honour and homage to the Holy House before he joined his family. Seeing him approach, a woman came out of her house near the Safa Gate and addressed him. She was a freedwoman of the household of the now dead Abd Allah Ibin Jud’an of Taym, and she herself, being well disposed to The Prophet(pbuh&hf) and his religion of Islam, had been outraged by Abu Jahal’s insults, every word of which she had overheard.

“Abu Umarah, if only thou hadst seen how Mohammad, thy Brother’s son, was treated even now by Abul Hakam, the son of Hisham. He found him sitting here, and most odiously reviled him and abused him. Then he left him.”

She pointed towards the Mosque to indicate where he had gone

“And Mohammad answered not a word.”

Hamzah was of a quiet friendly nature and had an easy disposition. He was none the less the most stalwart man of Quraysh, and when roused he was the most formidable and the most unyielding. His mighty tall frame now shook with anger. Such as he had never felt, and his anger set free something in his soul, and brought to completion an already formed resolve, that no one had seen from him before that day.

Hamzah confronts Abu Jahal
Striding into the Mosque he made straight for the seated Abu Jahal; and, standing over him, he raised his bow and brought it down with all his force on his face. Knocking the wicked man senseless over onto his back on the ground. Again and again he whipped the wretched man on his body with his bow, until his angre subsided. When finlly he stopped and still standing over the crouched enemy of God at his feet, he said.

“Wilt thou insult him, now that I am of his Religion, and now that I vouch what he voucheth? I bear witness that their is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is His Servant and Messenger! Strike me then, blow for blow, if thou canst.”

The humilated Abu Jahal recovered his senses and cowered before the Lion of the desert still standing meancingly over him. So when some of the Makhzumites tribesmen present rose to their feet as if to help him, but he quickly motioned them to remain seated. Then still crouched on the ground at the Arabian warrior’s feet, not daring to look up into Hamzah’s striking eyes. Instead the miserable coward humbly said:

“Let Abu Umarah be! For by God, I did so reviled his Brother’s son with a right ugly reviling.”

Their was a deafening silence as Hamzah stood menacingly before all the leaders of Quraysh starring with contempt at each one of them coldly in the eye. Inviting anyone who dared to fight him. But each man slowly retreated and sat back in their seat in the Mosque. And when all were seated, Hamza kicked some dust of the sandy floor into their faces and strolled out casually with his bow in hand.

Abu Sufayan the most influencial of all the leaders of Quraysh seated remarked.

“Mohammad now has a powerfull ally, who everyone fears just by reputation!”

From that day, Hamzah faithfully maintained his Islam and followered all The Prophet’s(pbuh&hf) behests. Nor did his conversion fail to have its effect upon Quraysh as a whole. Who were now more hesitant to harass The Holy Prophet Moammad(pbuh&hf) so directly, knowing full well that Hamzah, ‘the Lion of the Desert’ would not lie still and certainly would protect him vigorously.




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