After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (Pbuh), the people of Kufa City swore allegiance to Imam Hassan (Pbuh) who had been governing as caliph for about six months.

Unfortunately; in the time of Imam Ali’s Imamate people turned out to be disobedient and separated. They devoted a lot of energy to the civil wars and some of the commanders and members of the army, joined Moavieh’s side due to the deceits threats and promises. Therefore Imam Hassan (Pbuh) found out if he wished to fight with Moavieh, he would be defeated and all of Shiites would be killed. Hence; he was obliged to make peace with Moavieh (which was the bitterest experience). Provided that he would continue to be in succession to throne and he would be the next caliph after Moavieh. And This would mean that Moavieh would treat Imam Hassan (Pbuh) as the way the last Caliphs treated Imam Ali (Pbuh). Moavieh accepted to be just a kaliph and not to interfere with the religious affairs and he also promised to consult with Imam as his advisor.


A Syrian man went to Medina. He saw an honorable man who was riding a horse .He explains the story in this way: I had never seen such a noble figure before. I was so anxious to know his name. I was told that he was Hassan Ibn Ali (Pbuh). Suddenly I became angry and asked him if he was Imam Ali’s son. His answer was positive. I began to insult him and his father as much as possible. He was in constant state of silence. Therefore; I was ashamed of myself. When I stopped insulting, he laughed and said: I think you are from Syria. Obviously, he was right. If you need some place to settle down or some money or any thing else, come with me. I was much more ashamed of myself. I was so wondered by his good nature that since then I could not like the others the way I liked him.


The peak of wisdom is to treat people well.

The prosperity of the two worlds would be possible through wisdom. He who is deprived of such bless would be deprived of the two worlds as well.

A good question is a half of the knowledge.

Teach the others and learn from them so that in this way your knowledge would be refreshed and you learn what you did not know.

The silent person is convenient and he who seeks his meeting would enjoy this peaceful state as well.


To help the poor is one of the valuable measures of Imam Khomeini’s Relief Committee. The committee began this activity on the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Hassan (Pbuh).

The benefactors are those who bestow their food to the poor (the needy, the orphans) despite the fact that they themselves really need it. They keep saying that they do all these for God’s sake and they never expect to receive any reward. {Taken from Dahr Sura, Quranic verses 9, 10}

Since Islam is based on the divine ideology and monotheism, it has paid a special attention to the social justice, taking care of the sick and the captive, the orphans, the women who have no one to depend upon, the ones who had undergone a suffrage,which are all considerd as duties of the Islamic government and Muslim Nation.



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