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Hazrat Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba (AS), son of Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA) and grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) was martyred due to poison on Safar 28 in the year 50 A.H. at the age of 47.

Due to poison Imam (AS) suffered heavy bleeding and the color of his holy face changed and he uttered: “On several occasions poison was given to me but I had never suffered such hardship as on this occasion.” sharah Nahjul Balagah.

His brother Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) under took the washing and shrouding of his holy body. After reciting his funeral prayer, his holy body was taken towards the mausoleum of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), for burial. According to Al-Isaba vol -1 Thulat bin Malik says: There was such a great rush of heavy crowd accompanying his dead body towards his grave that if the needle would be thrown on the ground, it would hit the men (instead of striking the ground).

It is written in Tazkirat-ul-Khawas that when the Bani Umayyad came to know the huge crowd accompanying the holy body of the son of Hazrat Ali Murtaza (AS) and Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA), they prevented from getting him buried near the grave of his holy grand father. Ibn-e-shahr Ashoob writes they sprayed arrows at his holy dead body. Seventy sticks of arrows were removed from the holy body of Prophet (SAW)’s grandson and Chief of the Youth of Paradise Imam Hassan (AS).

So he was taken to the cemetery of Al-Baqi for burial near his mother Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA). His holy shrine along with Hazrat Fatimah (SA)’s and three Imam (AS) were demolished by Aal-e-Saud in 1926, and still the demolished graves of Ahlul Bayt (AS) are a challenge for humanity.

Quotes from Imam Hassan:

< A blessing is trial, if gratitude is shown for it, it becomes a blessing, and if you show ingratitude for it then it becomes a wrath.

< Goodness that is free of any wickedness is, gratitude for the blessings, and patience during misfortune.

< The most discerning eye is the one that penetrates (views) into the blessings and the most auditory ear is the one heeds reminding and benefits from it. And the most pure of hearts is the one purified from doubt.

< Opportunities pass away swiftly, and take longer to return

< Do not struggle hard like a successful (searcher) of material and do not depend upon destiny like those who surrender to it. (Neither greed nor laziness) Because seeking the Grace (of Allah) is Sunnah and not being greedy in seeking sustenance is modesty. And modesty is not the cause for the repulsion of sustenance, nor does greed attract grace, because sustenance is (already) apportioned, and being greedy is being sinful.

< Jest eats away one’s dignity, and the one remaining silent increases in dignity.

< Befriend people in the same manner you would like them to befriend you.

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