By: Ibtehal Mohammad Al-Varsh
It is narrated in 64th volume of Bihar-ul Anvar by Allamah Majlisi from the book Al-Kharaij (by Sayed Hibatullah Rawandi) that someone asked the grandson of the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p), Chief of Martyrs, Leader of Youths of Paradise Hazrat Imam Hussein (p) in his very youth about the voices of different animals and species and their chanting.

As Imam knows the language and chanting of every species and animals, therefore Mohamed bin Ibrahim bin Harris Tamamie reported that Imam (p) replied as follows:

<*> When a Vulture cries he says, “O children of Adam live as you may live! But the end of it will be death”.

<*> When an Eagle (Hawk) cries he says “O knower of the hidden and O resolver of the problems”.


<*> When Peacock cries he says, “O my Lord! I had been unjust to myself and was deceived of my beauty so, pardon me”.


<*> When a Francolin (a bird) cries he says, “The merciful upon its eternal throne is sitting”.


<*> When a Rooster cries he says, “Whoever acknowledges Allah never forgets to remember him”.


<*> When a Hen cries she says, “O Lord! of justice you are just and your word is just, and O Lord O Just”.


<*> When a Sparrow hawk cries he says, “I have my faith in Allah and upon the Day of Judgment”.


<*> When a Courser (a bird) chirps says, “Be hopeful with Allah and you will be given with your sustenance”.


<*> When a Falcon cries he says, “One who obeys Allah he is never unlucky”.


<*> When a Peregrine cries he says, “Glory to be for Allah who is right and certainly right”.


<*> When an Owl hoots he says, “To abandon human is peace”.


<*> When a Crow caws he says, “O provider of the sustenance bless me with the food which is legitimate”.


<*> When a Crane cries he says, “O my Lord! Guard me against my enemies”.


<*> When a Stork cries he says, “Whoever is in seclusion is safe from the torment of people”.


<*> When a Duck quacks he says “O Lord! You are the forgiver of me”.


<*> When a Coffin bird (Hoopoe) sings he says, “One who violates the commands of Allah, how unfortunate he is”.


<*> When a Turtle Dove cooes he says, “O knower of hidden and whisper, O Lord”.


<*> When Bear growls he says, “You are the Lord, O Lord! There is no Lord except you”.


<*> When Magpie chirps he says “Glory to him from whom nothing is hidden and never going to be hidden”.


<*> When a Parrot mimics he says “Who remembers his Lord his sins are going to be pardoned”.


<*> When a Sparrow sings he says “I beg forgiveness from those things which cause Allah to get angry”.


<*> When a Nightingale sings he says, “There is no God except Allah! Certainly and surely”.


<*> When a Partridge cooes she says, “The Truth is closer and really closer”.


<*> When a Quail cocks he says, “O children of Adam! About death how much heedless you are”.


<*> When a Soozanik (a bird) cries he says “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad (p) and his offspring’s are the selection of Allah”.


<*> When a Robin cooes, she says “O The only One! O The Unique! O The Singular who is independent absolutely”.


<*> When a Roller cries he says, “O my Lord! Set me free from the fire of hell”.


<*> When a Lark chirps he says “O my Lord! Forgive every sin of the sinners”.


<*> When a Warshan (a bird) cries he says “If You would not forgive me I will be unfortunate”.


<*> When a Ray (a fish) mutes he says, “There is no power except Allah’s who is ever Exalted and ever Majestic”.


<*> When an Ostrich cries she says, “There is no lord except Allah deserving to be worshiped”.


<*> When a Swift chirps she recites Sura-e-Al-hamd (Quranic Chapter ‘The Opening’) and then she says “O acceptor of the repentance from those who repent, O Lord! Praise is only to You”.


<*> When a Giraffe cries he says, “There is no lord except Allah who is the only one”.


<*> When a Lamb cries he says, “Death, as an advisor is sufficient”.


<*> When a young Goat cries he says, “Death came to me too early, my sins were more in number and were multiplying”.


<*> When a Lion roars he says, “The command of Allah is important and really important”.


<*> When a Bull cries he says, “O son of Adam! be patient and very patient, you are before one who is seeing you and He cannot be seen: that one is Allah”.


<*> When an Elephant cries he says, “Form death there is no escape or any way to avoid it”.


<*> When a Cheetah growls he says, “O ever-respected! O dominant! O loftiest in pride! O Lord!”


<*> When a Camel cries he says, “Glory to one who humiliates the proud ones”.


<*> When a Horse neighs he says, “Glory to our Lord who is glorious”.


<*> When a Wolf howls cries he says, “Whoever Allah protects, he will never be ruined”.


<*> When a Jackal howls he says, “Condemned is one who persists upon his wrongdoing”.


<*> When a Dog barks he says, “Disobedience to Allah is sufficient for disgrace”.


<*> When a Rabbit cries he says, “Don’t destroy me O my Lord! Praise is only for you”.


<*> When a Fox howls he says, “The world is an abode of deceit”.


<*> When a Deer cries he says “free me from difficulties”.


<*> When a Rhinoceros cries he says, “help me otherwise I am going to perish”.


<*> When a Caribou cries he says, “For me Allah is sufficient and he is the Guardian, Allah is sufficient to me”.


<*> When a Tiger growls he says “Glory to one who has his prestige due to his overwhelming power”.


<*> When a Snake hisses he says “How much unfortunate is one who disobeys you O merciful!”


<*> When a Scorpion cries he says “The most evil thing is loneliness”.

Then Imam Hussein (p) mentioned that Allah has not created anything but it has its own glorification by which he praises his Lord. At that time Imam recited this Holy verse: “There isn’t anything which is not glorifying His praise, but you do not have a perception of it”. (17:44)


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