The Life of Imam al-Mahdi

By: Allama Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi

Translation by: Sayyid Athar Husain S.H. Rizvi

p. 353-355
Among the sure signs of the reappearance of His Eminence, the Master of the Age (a.s) is the coming down on earth of His Eminence, Jesus Christ and his paying allegiance to and praying behind in congregation Prayers led by His Eminence, Imam Mahdi (a.s). When Christians see him, they shall bring faith on Islam and embrace it and abandon Christianity.

1. The Prophet of Islam (a.s) said, “Isa bin Maryam shall descend to the earth at dawn, decked in Mahar and Deen. And Mahar and Deen are two pieces of saffron garments. He shall be fair complexioned and his hair would be red, shinning and thin. It would be as if oil is dripping from his hair. In his hand he shall hold a weapon with which he shall break the cross, kill the pig and destroy Dajjal and recover the Imam’s property and the People of the Cave shall walk behind him. And he shall be the vizier, the right hand, the guard and protector of the Qaim of the Progeny of Muhammad. He shall spread peace in the East and the West.”[1]

2. After the description of the scourge of Dajjal, His Eminence, Ali (a.s) says, “When it would be Friday and the people would be ready for Prayers, Isa bin Maryam shall descend to the earth wearing two pieces of bright garments. As if oil is dripping from his hair, he shall have an elegant face and he shall resemble Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) greatly. Then His Eminence, Imam Mahdi (a.s) would glance at him and say, ‘O Son of the Chaste lady (Maryam)! You lead the Prayer.’ Jesus Christ would reply, ‘Leading the Prayers is your prerogative.’ Then Imam Mahdi (a.s) would step forward and lead the congregation Prayer and Christ would pray behind him. Then he would pay allegiance to him. When His Eminence, Isa (a.s) comes out he would see Dajjal taunting; he (Dajjal) would melt like lead.”[2]

3. Saeed bin Jubair has narrated from Ibne Abbas that the Messenger of Allah (a.s) said, “My Caliphs and successors are twelve persons, first of whom is my brother and the last my great grandson.” He was asked, “O Allah’s Messenger! Who is your brothera” He replied, “Ali bin Abi Talib.” He was asked, “Who is your great grandsona” He replied, “Mahdi, who shall fill the earth with justice and equity like it would be fraught with injustice and oppression. By the One in Whose hands is my life! Even if a day remains for the earth, the Almighty Allah will prolong this day till my son, Mahdi reappears and Isa bin Maryam descends to the earth and recites prayer behind His Eminence. The earth shall be illuminated from the east to the west.”[3]

4. Abu Amama Bahili has related that the Messenger of Allah (a.s) recited a sermon for us and spoke about the Dajjal and his mischief. Then he said, “And the Imam of the people is a righteous and worthy person, who would be His Eminence, the Mahdi. It would be told to His Eminence to lead the Morning Prayer and when he recites the Takbir (Allaaho Akbar) and begins the prayer, Isa Ibne Maryam shall descend and when Imam Mahdi (a.s) sees him, he shall recognize him. He would slowly move behind till Isa bin Maryam becomes ahead of him. However Isa (a.s) would put his hand on his shoulder and say, “You lead the prayer, as the establishment of prayer is for you.” Then Isa (a.s) shall recite his prayers behind His Eminence, Imam Mahdi (a.s) and then say, “Open the gates,” and gates shall be opened and there shall appear Dajjal with 70000 armed Jews. When Dajjal sees Prophet Isa (a.s) he shall melt like lead melts in fire or like the ice melts in water and is dissolved in it…”[4]

5. Muhiyyuddin Arabi says, “Know that His Eminence, Mahdi – May Allah, the High, hasten his reappearance – when he reappears, all Muslims shall be in a prosperous condition and people of God shall accept his invitation. They shall help him and be his deputies as they would be responsible for important functions of his government. Isa bin Maryam shall descend to the white minaret on the east of Damascus while an angel shall be on his right and another on his left and he shall meet His Eminence, Imam Mahdi (a.s).”[5]

Although numerous narrations prove the descent of His Eminence, Jesus Christ from the sky and also mention that Isa (a.s) shall pay the oath of fealty at the hands of His Eminence, Imam Mahdi (a.s) and assist him in truth and justice.

Although other signs and portents like the advent of Yamani, killing of the Pure Soul (Nafs-e-Zakiyyah), rising of the sun from the west etc. have been recorded in traditional sources we have refrained from quoting them here. Those who desire may refer to the concerned books.

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