Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:

“Whoever injures (bodily or sentimentally) Fatimah, injures me, and whoever injures me, injures Allah and whoever injures Allah practices unbelief. O Fatimah! If your wrath is incurred, it incurs the wrath of Allah; and if you are happy, it makes Allah happy too.”

Hazrat Fatimah was the only daughter of the holy prophet and Hazrat Khadijah.

The motherly blessing and affection received by Hazrat Fatimah were only for five years, after which Hazrat Khadijah left for her heavenly home. Hereafter the Holy Prophet brought her up.

Hazrat Fatimah inherited the genius and wisdom, the determination and will power . the piety and sanctity, the generosity and benevolence, the devotion and worship of Allah, the self-sacrifice and hospitality , forbearance and patience and the knowledge and nobility of disposition of her illustrious father, both in words and deeds. “i often witnessed my mother” says Imam Hussain ” absorbed in prayer from dusk to dawn”. Her generosity and compassion for poor was such that no destitute or beggar ever returned from her door unattended.

when Fatimah came to age , there came forward a number of aspirants to ask for her hand in marriage. The Holy Prophet was waiting for divine order in this respect till Imam Alli approached him and ask for her hand in marriage.

The Holy Prophet came to Hazrat Fatimah and asked My daughter! do you consent to be wedded to Ali, as i am also commanded by Allah.” Hazrat Fatimah thereupon bowed her head in modesty.

On Friday 1st Dhul Hijjah 2 AH, the marriage ceremony took place, and Holy Prophet recite the Nehqua.

Children: Hazrat Fatimah have five children ,Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain, Hazrat Zaynab, Hazrat Umm-e-Kulsum and Hazrat Mohsin (who was killed in Sayeda Zahra (AS) womb when Omar Ibn Al-Khattab attacked her house)

The holy Prophet during his life time gave Hazrat Fatimah a gift of very extensive farm land, known as “Fadak” Which was documented in her name as her absolute property.

Unfortunately after the death of Prophet , the government deprive her famous land of Fadak . and deny to accept the document and witnesses of Hazrat Ali , Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain in this regard ,She return crying from the durbar of first caliph.

And Fatimah was pushed behind her home door (when attacked the house of Ali and took him to force him accept the caliphate of Abu Bakr) so that the child, she was carrying was hurt and the baby boy mohsin was still born. Her house was sent on fire by the Government.

Sayeda Fatimah Al-Zahra (AS) was attacked in her house by Omar Ibn Al-Khattab in front of the Muslims and her son Mohsin who was in her womb got killed and she was martyred from the wound on the day that Omar Ibn Al-Khattab attacked the house.

Before her demise she bequeathed the following as her will to Imam Ali:

1. O’ Ali ,you will personally perform my funeral rites.

2. those who have displeased me should not to be allowed to attend my funeral.

3.My corpse should be carried to the graveyard at night .

Hazrat Fatimah died in the prime of her life at the age of eighteen, and was buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi in Medina.



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