The Prophet Shu’ayb was a descendent of the Prophet Ibrahim. He was sent to Midian and the Dwellers of the wood to give them Allah’s message.

The Midianite people committed many sins.

They gave short measures and weights, they robbed people and caused mischief but most seriously they tried to stop people from worshipping Allah.

Shu’ayb tried to make them change but they would not listen to him. They wanted to throw him out and all the people who had listened to his words.

Then Allah sent an earthquake and all the evil people were destroyed because they would not obey the word of Allah.

Prophet Yunus (a)
The prophet Yunus was sent to Ninevah. He became known as the Lord of the Fish (Dhan-Nun). He warned the people about their evil ways and told them to follow Allah but they would not listen.

Yunus was so angry he left. He sailed away but the ship was so full and heavy, poor Yunus was thrown overboard.

He was swallowed by an enormous fish and he lived in its belly for three days. Then the fish spewed him out on a shore. He was very ill but Allah was protecting him.

A plant grew and its leaves protected Yunus from the sun and kept the flies away. A wild goat provided him with milk. When he became better he went back to Ninevah and gave the people Allah’s message once more. This time the people listened and Allah forgave them.

Prophet Ayyub (a)
The Prophet Ayyub had been a wealthy man.

He was a very good man but he lost his family and his wealth.

He became ill and had terrible sores all over his body. However he never gave up. He spent his time praying. He was very patient and always kept his faith in Allah. Eventually Allah showed mercy. He told Ayyub to strike the earth with his foot and miraculously a fountain appeared.

He drank the water and used it to wash his body. All his sores were healed and everything was returned to him as before.

Allah had rewarded him for keeping his faith despite the terrible afflictions he had tested him with.

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