Imam Husain’s Admonition

I advise you to adhere to God-fearing, warn you against the difficult days, and show you the signs of Allah. The feared (death) is about to come with its frightful arrival, drastic befalling, and horrible taste. It will lap your souls and impede you from acting. As long as you enjoy sound physiques and enough time, take the initiative in acting because you may suffer the sudden visit of death that takes you from the surface of the earth to its inside, from its highest point to the lowest, from its affability to its loneliness, from its ease and light to its gloom, and from its wideness to its narrowness where the intimate friend cannot be visited, the ill cannot be called on, and the seeker of help cannot be aided.

Allah may help you and us stand the horrors of that day, save you and us from His punishment, and grant you and us the profuse reward.

O servants of Allah, if that was your target and the end of your advance, it would be sufficient for one to find a work that was your target and the end of your advance, it would be sufficient for one to find a work that empties his griefs, engages him from his world, and increases his fatigue for seeking escape from it. How it will be then when man is subject to what he earned and detained for judgment?

There will be no supporter to protect and no helper to preserve. On that day, the belief of any soul will be of no avail to it unless some good deeds have been done with it, or it has been formed before the coming of such a day. Tell them, “Wait and we, too, are waiting.”

I command you to fear Allah because He has guaranteed for those who fear him to take them from what they detest to what they like and to provide them with sustenace in way that they will not even notice. Beware of being one of those who concern for people’s sins and feel safety from the punishment for their own sins. Allah, the Blessed the Exalted, will not be cheated in matters regarding His Paradise and no one will get what He has in possession except through obedience to Him, if He wills.
Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool

Imam Husain(A.S.) Admonishing the People of Kufah

So then, fie and grief be on you, O group. When you appealed for our help grievously and we hurried for your help exhaustingly, you unsheathed against us a sword that had been in our right hands and ignited against us the fire that we had struck against your and our enemy. You therefore formed groups surrounding your allies and became the support of your enemies although they did not spread justice among you and you lost any hope in them.

In addition, you noticed no heresy or new opinion that came out of us. Why did you __woe to you! __not leave us when swords were sheathed, malice was hidden, and the decision was not taken. But you hurried to the sedition like locusts and fell on it like the falling of butterflies(in fire). Damn and away with the idols of the umma, irregulars of the parties, deserters of the Book, expectorants of the Shaitan, distorters of the meanings, extinguishers of the traditions and the mockers who divided the Quran believing in some parts and rejecting others.

By Allah I swear, your disloyalty is expected because it is entwined with your arteries and it recurred in your origins. You therefore are the bitterest fruit that causes its caretaker to choke and gives good taste for its usurper. Allah curse the disloyal ones who disregard their firm oaths after they have already appointed Allah as their Guarantor.

The bastard, son of the bastard, has forced me to choose one of two things__ either the religion or ignominy. Ignominy is impossible for us. Allah, His messenger, the (faithful) believers, chaste laps, jealous noses (individuals), and noble souls (personalities) refuse for us to prefer obedience to the mean to the death of the honorable. I am advancing to them with this family despite the alliance of the enemies, their great numbers, and the betrayal of the supporters. They will soon ride their horses, war will flare up, and the necks will be lapped. My father(A.S.) foretold me of so. So, plan against me without delay. I trust Allah who is my Lord as will as yours. It is Allah who controls the destiny of all living creatures. It is my Lord who knows the right path.
Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool

Forms of Jihad

As he was asked whether jihad is obligatory or recommendable, Imam Husain(A.S.) answered: Jihad is of four forms,two are obligatory, one is recommendable but performed only with the obligatory, and one is independently recommendable. One of the two obligatory jihads is self-control against committing acts of disobedience to Allah. It is surely the greatest form of jihad. The other obligatory jihad is fighting the near disbelievers.

The jihad that is recommendable but performed only with the obligatory is fighting the enemy. It is obligatory upon everybody. If they neglect fighting the enemies, punishment will befall them. Meanwhile, fighting the enemies is recommendable for the Imam who is permitted to fight the enemies with people.

The jihad that is independently recommendable is every (good) tradition that a man founds and exerts efforts for instituting, achieving, and enlivening it. Activities and efforts that are exercised for achieving such traditions are the best because they represent the restoration of the traditions.

The Prophet(S.A.W.) said: He who introduces a good tradition will be gaining the reward of that tradition in addition to the rewards of everybody who follows it up to the Day of Resurrection without any imperfection in their rewards.
Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool


Beware, O people, of those apostates who anthropomorphize. They copy the sayings of the disbelieving Christians and Jews. He is Allah. There is certainly nothing like Him. He is All-hearing and All-aware. He devotes monotheism and omnipotence to Him and finalizes volition, will, power, and knowledge with whatever will happen. No one can dispute with Him about any of His matters. There is no one equal to Him, there is no opposite that disputes with Him, there is no opponent that resembles Him, and there is no one like Him.

Affairs cannot affect Him, changes cannot influence Him, and events cannot befall Him. Describers cannot depict the essence of His greatness and hearts cannot recall the edge of His omnipotence because He is not like anything else. Scholars and people of thought cannot comprehend Him except by means of believing in the unseen, because the descriptions of the creatures are not applicable to Him. He is the One the Absolute. He is the contrary of anything that is ideated in the illusions.

He is not lord if He is a matter of discussion. He is also not worshipped if He exists in the air or any other place. He exists in things, but not encompassed by them. He is far away from things, but not absent from them. He is not powerful if He is compared to an opponent or equaled by an adversary. His sempiternity was not from time and His existence is not in the places.

He concealed from the minds as well as sights. His concealment from the inhabitants of the heavens is identical concealment from the inhabitants of the earth. His nearness is His honoring and His remoteness is His offending. He has no place in ‘in’ __ adverb of place __, has no time in ‘when’ __adverb of time __, and has no submission to ‘if’ __hesitation. His elevation does not need ascent and His coming does not need motion. He originates the nonexistent and eliminates the existent. Except for Him, no one can have two attributes in the same time. The intellect can only believe in His existence. The existence of believing is not the existence of attributes. The attributes are described through Him, but He is described by these attributes. Knowledge is known through him, but He is not known by knowledge. That is Allah to Whom there is no namesake. All glory be to Him. There is certainly nothing like Him. He is All-hearing and All-aware.

Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool


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