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Among various tortures is the scolding, threating and humiliating. All of theses will be meted out to the hell dwellers not only by God and Angels but by the people of paradise also, even by satans as is mentioned in the Holy Quran: Alam…Anfusanaaa. (Surah Anaam: 30) meaning: “Had messengers not come to you?

Did they not inform you to Our signs and did they not frighten you about Our Anger? They will reply: Yes, we are witnssess against ourselves.” Again God says: Awalam…Nazeer. (Surah 35:37) meaning: Did We not give you enough respite in the world so that you would have alerated when a warner (of this Day) had come to you. So now taste the chastisement. Today ther is no helper for the unjust oppressors.

There are many other similar addresses: The angels guarding hell will also scold them as is mentioned in the Holy Quran: Kullamaa…Saeer. (Surah Mulk 67:8-11) meaning: When any army or a group will be hurled in hell the angel in charge of hell will ask them: Had no warner ever come to you? They will reply: Yes, they did come but we denied him and we had said: God has not revealed anything; that you yourselves are in big waywardness. And they will say: Had we heard and listened to their say and had we used our intelligence we would have never been in hell. So they will confess their sins.

Taunting By Satans And Wihtholding Of Weeping By Hell Dwellers

Even Satans (devils) will taunt people of hell and they will make a mockery of them. It is mentioned that the sinners will not weap and cry and complain loudly for fear of being mocked by devils. Says the Lord: “When the hell dwellers will be dealt with and when they willl reach their destination in hell Satan will tell them: Verily, God had given you a true promise.

I had also given you a promise but it was false. Yet I had no binding pwer over you. Of course, I dropped a doubt in your hearts and you, wrongly using your freedom, believed in my false promise. So, now, do not scold me but scold your ownselves. Today neither I can help you nor you can assist me. I am fed up with you now, as you made me a partner of God in the world. Doubtlessly a painful chastisement is fixed for the unjust oppressors.” (Surah Ibrahim 14: 22)

You Too Found It True What Was Promised To You

The people of paradise will also scold the hell dwellers. In Surah A’raaf: 44, God Almighty says: “The people of paradise will give a call to the hell-dwellers and say: We have got all the things promised to us by our Lord. Did you also get the punishments about which you were warned by your Lord? They will say: Yes, we have received those chastisements. Then an announcer will arrive to annonce: Curse of God on the unjust oppressors.”

God says: Fal Yawma…Yaz Hakoon (Surah Mutaffifeen: 34) meaning: Doubtlessly, today the Momineen (faithful) will laugh over the Kuffar (unbelievers) and make them targets of mockery and humiliation. It will be an answer to what the deniers were doing to the believers in the world.

Stay With Satans In Hell Will Be A Painful Punishment

Among all spiritual punishments is also that of living with Satans and with all other hell dwellers. While the people of paradise will enjoy one another’s company. The hell dwellers will abhor one another and they will be hating one another strongly. This has been hinted at in the Holy Quran: Wa Man…Qareen (Surah Zukhruf: 36-37) meaning: “Those who will close their eyes from remembering Allah, We will make Satans overpower them who will be their permanent companion. Those Satans will restrain them from adopting the true path.

But such people will (falsely) imagine that they had found the true path until the denier will, along with his same devil fellow traveller come before Us in the place of punishment. Then he will say to the Satan: Alas! How nice had there been a distance of east and west between you and me because you are a bad companion.” It is narrated that both will be bound in one and the same chain and hurled into hell.

They Will Deny One Another

Iztabarra…Minnaa. (Surah Baqarah 2: 166-167) meaning: Regarding the enmity between the helpers of oppressors and the followers of misguiding leaders, the Lord says: “When those who were followed will deny any connection with them (that is the leaders will deny their followers) and all of them will witness chastisement. Means of their salvation will be cut off. Then the followers will say: Alas, how nice had we were allowed to return to the world once again so that we may also acquit them as they are now acquitting us.”

Regarding to enmity between hell dwellers, God Almighty says at another place in the Holy Quran: Summa…Ba’zaa. (Surah Ankabut 29:25) meaning: Then, on the Day of Resurrection, some of you will declare some as deniers and some of you will curse some of you. Again He says: Al Akhillaaa…Mutta Queen (Surah Zukhruf: 67) meaning: “Those who were friends in the world will become enemies, except faithful and righteous people. They will be friendly with one another as they were in the world.”

It is mentioned that a friendship which was not for the sake of God in the world will turn into enmity in the Hereafter. Almighty Allah says: Wa Inna…Azwaaj. (Surah Saad 38:55-58) meaning: Verily, there will be a very bad return for the rebels and the deviators from truth. They will be hurled in hell and their bed therein will be fire and it is a very bad resting place. The rebels should taste it and they should also drink Hameem and Ghassaq (burning and foul smelling water) and they should taste various other chastisements too which will amount to terrible torture.

Blaming One Another In Hell

It is mentioned that when the misguiding leaders will be thrown into hell and when their followers will also be made to join them therein, the leaders will ask: Who are these people? (The guardian of helll will reply): This is a group which will remain with you in all the hardships of hell. The leaders will say: Bad indeed (ominous) is their arrival. They are people of hell. The followers will reply: But you are ominous because you are the cause of our chastisement. So hell is a bad dwelling place. Then they will say: O our Lord! Give double punishment to those who caused this chastisement to us because they themselves were misguided and they misguided others also. (Surah 38:59).

The events, condition and dialogues quoted above are doubtlessly true. That is how the people of hell will quarrel with one another.

Will This Weak Body Be Able To Bear Such Sentences?

Some doubts can possibly rise, in people’s minds. We are briefly hinting to them here with their replies. One such question can be how man will be able to bear so much hard and painful punishment the lowest degree of which cannot even be imagined in the world?! He will be finished in the first strike. How hard is the punishment and how weak is man’s body?!

Man’s Body Will Also Become As Hard As His Heart

The answer to the above mentioned querry (doubt) is that though it is quite true that man will have this same body in the Hereafter too, but, by the power of God the Almighty, it will be made so strong that it cannot be compared with its worldly (previous) form. In fact, in the Hereafter, the physical condition of man will be subject to his spiritual condition, both in hardness and softness.

Just as the soul of the faithful was very soft and smooth in the world and it was being affected while confronting every truth (as has been said by the Amiral Momineen (a.s) in Nahjul Balagha: “Al Mominoona….” Similarly, in the Aakherat too his body will be soft and smooth like their souls. Likewise bodies of deniers will be as hard and tough as their souls were in the world.

God says in the Holy Quran: Quloobukum…Qaswah. (Surah Baqarah 2: 74). Just as it is not bending before truth in the world it will remain harsh and stiff in Hereafter too (like his heart).



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