1. Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) said to a man who begged him:

Asking for financial- help is acceptable only in big loss, extreme poverty, or horrible guarantee. The man said: Because of one of these I came. Hence, the Imam (peace be upon him) ordered to be given one hundred dinars.

2. Imam Al-Hussain said to His son Ali (peace be upon them):

O son, beware of wronging him who does not have a supporter except God the Majestic.

3. As a man asked for the exegesis of God saying, Proclaim the bounties of your Lord, (1) Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) said: God orders him to proclaim the religious graces.

4. A man from Ansar wanted to ask Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) for financial- help, but the Imam said: O brother of Ansar, protect your face from the humility of seeking others help. You may write your need in a paper and I will respond to it pleasantly, God willing.

The man wrote to the Imam (peace be upon him) that he owed a certain individual five hundred dinars and that man insisted on receiving his money soon. He also asked the Imam to speak to persuade that man to grant him a respite until he becomes able to defray the sum. As Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) read the paper, he entered his house to take out a bale containing one thousand dinars. He handed them to the man and said: You may defray the debt and use the other five hundred dinars for settling your financial problems. Do not say your need to anybody except three  a religious, a chivalrous, or a highborn individual. The religious will try to keep his religion pure, the chivalrous will be embarrassed by his chivalry, and the highborn will feel that you have not kept your face from asking for your need; therefore, he will protect your face against disappointing you.

5. Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) said: Sitting with the intelligent is a sing of successfulness. Disputation with other than the disbelievers is a sign of ignorance. A sign of a scholar is his self-criticism of his sayings and his acquaintance with the various hypotheses.

6. Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) said:

The true believer is that who betakes God as his defender and betakes his wording as his mirror. He once looks in the qualities of the believers and once in the qualities of the haughty. He therefore relieves his character and discovers himself. He is also sure of his intelligence and capable of respecting himself.

7. Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) said:

Beware of things for which you apologize. The true believer should not make mistakes and should not apologize. The hypocrite makes mistakes and apologizes everyday.


(1) The Holy Quran, Sura of Ad-Dhuha (93) Verse (11)

Source: almujtaba.com

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