Many consider religion as the source for perfection of science. God, the Wise, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, is the Creator and Administrator of the universe. This is in stark contrast to the absurd atheist theory that considers the world the product of an incident for which it attaches no objective nor can provide any explanation. Religion and its ethereal principles have in fact mould the life of billions of people around the globe. In Islam, which is considered as the last, final and universal religion revealed by God to mankind, cognizance of the Almighty with knowledge is of paramount importance. Islam by inviting people to seek knowledge explores the unknown frontiers. This has compelled scientists such as Einstein to consider the perfection of science among the main goals of religion. He writes: I admit that religion is the most powerful and highest instigator for scientific studies and researches. Those who are involved in the intricacies of science can realize the power that is the source of all these inventions and discoveries. This spiritual pull was the inspiration for Keppler and Newton to strive in loneliness for years in order to try to discover the hidden facts. Einstein further said: The one who has a clear perspective of religion is the one who is fully involved in this path. It is actually the religious feeling that is the driving forced behind scientific discoveries.Thus, according to Einstein, the religious feeling and the observance of order and management in the world of creation has been a strong incentive for scientists to understand the unknown and achieve valuable scientific findings.Religion is without doubt the source behind orderly behaviour and legislation and implementation of laws. Without regulations there would not be any difference between human beings and animals. The human communities by creating executive powers have succeeded in establishing orderly life. However, laws alone cannot solve problems and they never prevent committing of crimes. Most of the laws made by man without using the religious scriptures as the base, are in fact shortsighted or selfish laws that neither cater to the needs of all nor guarantee justice in society. These are in fact, a medium for abusing post and positions for personal benefits. Thus, it is only religion that caters to all aspects of human life in an orderly way, since a faithful person realizes the fact that his life is not restricted to the transient life of this world and none of his words and deeds remains concealed from the Creator of the world. In part of Ayah 4, Surah Hadid, God describes Himself as thus:“And He is with you wherever you are;”In other words faith is so powerful that it encourages us to discharge our duties. This feeling not only deters us from open violations of law but also prevents us from committing crimes either in public or in secret. Religion also helps human beings control and properly use their natural instincts. There are some internal tendencies in mankind on which his life is dependent. But one should notice that we should not go to extremes. For instance, interest in oneself is part of human survival but this care and concern for the self can lead to over indulgence and as a result transgression of the rights of others. Thus selfish tendencies are discouraged by religion.Religion creates the feeling of responsibility in mankind. Therefore we see among the faithful, poor but dignified persons who never stretch out their hands for undue help from others. The real faithful does not trample the rights of others in pursuit of worldly benefits. This self-restraint is the result of belief in God Almighty and fear of the chastisement of the Day of Judgement. The lofty values of religion when practiced sincerely keep away sins and crimes. They inculcate in us virtue. By nature human beings are inclined towards goodness. Only those without conscience indulge in crimes and immoral behaviour. Religion is thus the base for the growth and development of ethics and morals. Religion purifies the soul, and according to thinkers, any claim to ethics without religion, is but a futile idea. One can say that in the present era, in view of the very complicated social relations and a rise in crimes the presence of religion is more needed than before. Once religious values are absorbed by the young generation, there will be less frustration in society and life will appear full of meaning and purpose.


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