Name: Muhammad
Parents: Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib & Aamina binti Wahab
Birth: Friday 17th Rabi al-awwal 571 AD, Mecca
Death: Monday 28th Safar 11 A.H., Madina
Life span: 63 years


One day the Holy Prophet (saww) was sitting with his companions. They had formed a circle around him and it seemed as if the Prophet was a bezel of a ring between them.

Suddenly a Muslim, who was a poor man, dressed in rags came in through the door. According to the Islamic tradition, regardless of ones status, anyone who enters in an assembly should sit wherever he finds an empty place, not considering whether that place is suitable for his social status. Therefore, the man looked around, found a vacant place, went and sat there.

Incidentally he settled down next to a rich and wealthy man. The rich man gathered the edges of his dress and shifted on to another side away from him.

The Holy Prophet (saww) was watching and observing the behaviour of the wealthy man. The following conversation followed between the Holy Prophet (saww) and the wealthy man:

Prophet (saww): Are you afraid that something of his poverty would transfer to you?

Man: No, O Messenger of Allah!

Prophet (saww): Did you fear that some of your wealth will go away to him?

Man: No, O Messenger of Allah!

Prophet (saww): Perhaps you feared that your garments may become dirty?

Man: No, O Messenger of Allah!

Prophet (saww): Then why did you draw yourself aside and shift away from him?

Man: I confess that I committed an error and made a mistake. At present, in order to compensate my error and to expiate my sin, I am ready to grant half my wealth to this Muslim brother towards who I have shown disrespect.

The Holy Prophet (saww) turned towards the poor man and asked if he accepted the rich mans offer to which, the man in rags replied, No. When the companions asked why, he said, I fear that I may become arrogant and ill-treat one of my Muslim brothers in the same way as this man did towards me today. (Usool al-Kaafi)


Allah ds not look at your faces nor your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and your practices. (Bihar al-Anwaar)

O Abu dhar! Value five things before five things (happens to you):

1. Your youth before your old age
2. Your health before your illness
3. Your wealth before your poverty
4. Your leisure time before getting busy
5. Your life before your death (Bihar al-Anwaar)

Issa “Jesus (as) had said to his disciples: Sit with one whose seeing reminds you of Allah, whose logic adds to your knowledge and whose practice inclines you to the Hereafter. (Tuhaf al-Uqool)

On the occasion of the Martyrdom of the Holy prophet (saww), we extend our heartfelt condolences to Imam al-Hujjah (A.J) and to all the Muslims all over the world.

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