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The term Dhikr literally means ˜to call back to memory or ˜to have something in conscious mind. Therefore, when we are told to perform Dhikr of Allah (SWT), it actually implies that we have to be God-conscious or conscious of Allah (SWT) at all times. We must always strive to remember Him in all situations and conditions.

We have been instructed to perform Dhikr of Allah (SWT).

O you who have faith! Remember Allah with frequent remembrance, and glorify Him morning and evening. (33:41-42)

The Holy Prophet (saww) has said, Verily my Lord has commanded to me that: My speech should only be His Dhikr (Remembrance); My silence should only be reflection; and My observation should only be for the sake of learning. (Bihar al-Anwaar)


Many benefits of Dhikr have been mentioned in the Holy Quran, Hadeeth and in the supplications taught by the infallible Imams (as). Some of them have been outlined below:

Allah (SWT) remembers him, who remembers Allah (SWT).

Remember Me and I will remember you, and thank Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me. (2:152)

The Holy Prophet (saww) has said, Allah (SWT) says: ˜My servant! If you remember Me in privacy, I will also remember you in privacy; And if you remember Me in an assembly, I will also remember you in an assembly which is better and greater (than your assembly). (Kanzul-˜Ummaal)

It brings tranquillity to the heart.

Look! The hearts find rest in Allah’s remembrance. (13:28)

Imam ˜Ali bin Abi Talib (as) has said, The true goodness of heart is in its occupation in the remembrance of Allah. (Ghurar al-Hikam)

It qualifies one for great rewards.

And the men who remember Allah greatly, and the women who remember (Allah greatly) “Allah holds in store for them forgiveness and a great reward. (33:35)

Imam ˜Ali bin Abi Talib (as) has said, One who remembers Allah is among the successful ones. (Ghurar al-Hikam)

It safeguards one from NIFAAQ ˜Hypocrisy.

The hypocrites indeed seek to deceive Allah, but it is He who outwits them. When they stand up for prayer, they stand up lazily, showing off to the people and not remembering Allah except little, wavering in between: neither with these nor with those. And whomever Allah leads astray, you will never find any way for him. (4:142-143)

Imam ˜Ali bin Abi Talib (as) has said, One who remembers Allah extensively is safe from hypocrisy. (Ghurar al-Hikam)

It keeps Satan away from us.

Imam Zaynul-˜Aabideen (as) says in his supplication:

O God! So defeat his (Satan) authority over us through Thy authority, such that Thou holdest him back from us through the frequency of our supplication to Thee and we leave his trickery and rise up among those preserved by Thee from sin! (The Psalms of Islam: Dua no.25)

Imam ˜Ali bin Abi Talib (as) has said, Remembrance of Allah throws Satan away. (Ghurar al-Hikam)

In the last issue, we looked at the meaning of Dhikr, its importance and some of its advantages.


The most commonly known ways of performing Dhikr are as follows:

To say Prayers. This act is called the greatest Dhikr.

Indeed I am Allah “there is no god except Me. So worship Me, and maintain the prayer for My remembrance. (20:14)

Recite what has been revealed to you of the book and maintain the prayer. Indeed the prayer prevents indecencies and wrongs, and the remembrance of Allah is surely greater. And Allah knows whatever (deeds) you do. (29:45)

To Reflect, Glorify and Supplicate to Allah (SWT) “ Dua and Tasbeeh.

And remember your Lord greatly, and glorify Him morning and evening. (3:41)

Those who remember Allah standing, sitting, and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth (and say) ˜Our Lord, You have not created this in vain! Immaculate are You! Save us from the punishment of the Fire. (3:191)


The Holy Quran is a kind of Dhikr itself. Infact, one of its names is Al-Dhikr and Allah (SWT) has used this name for the Holy Quran in numerous verses.
Indeed We have sent down the DHIKR (Reminder), and indeed We will preserve it. (15:9)

We have sent down the DHIKR (Reminder) to you so that you may clarify for the people that which has been sent down to them, so that they may reflect. (16:44)

Indeed those who defy the DHIKR (Reminder) when it comes to them (should know that) indeed it is an august book: falsehood cannot approach it, from before it nor from behind it, (gradually) sent down (revelation) from One all-wise, all-laudable. (41:41-42)

In all the above verses Dhikr is in reference to the Holy Quran. Therefore, Quran is Dhikr in itself hence it shares every benefit which other modes of Dhikr have.
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