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Usually the eyes are compared with the camera with has delicate lenses that take pictures of various scenes. The pictures reflect like a movie in the eye channel and from there with the help of sight nerves transfers to the brain.

This apparatus of taking the photographs which is very much fine and accurate, in the entire period of day and night may do the photography from the different scenes but in many ways it cannot be compared with the most sophisticated and advanced movie cameras as:

1 The window of the regulator of light (diaphragm) in this apparatus which is the eye pupil, automatically changes its face before the light and it gets narrower before the strong light and facing the weak light becomes wider, whereas, the apparatus of the photography has to be changed by the help of the people.

2 The lenses of the eyes unlike the other lenses of the photography are constantly changing its shape. Sometimes it is 1/2 millimetre and at times reaches to the 8 millimetre to get prepare itself for the photography from far and near and perform this task by the muscles around the lens. They pull and push it such that, a single eye lens alone does the job of hundred of lenses.

3 This apparatus of photography move in four various directions and it can move to any direction with the help of the eye muscle and take the photographs.

4 The another point here is that in the photograph camera one must change the films. When a reel is finished we have to place a new reel at its place. But the human eyes in the entire life perform the photography without changing anything. It for the reason that the eye channels that reflects the pictures have two kinds of cells, conical cells and cylindrical cells which have extremely sensitive substance in front of the light, with a slight radiation of rays breaks down and creates the waves which transfers into brain and later its effects gets dilapidated and the eye channel once again gets ready for the fresh photography.

5 The cameras are made of strong material but the organisation of photography of eye is so much delicate and fine that with the slightest error gets the scratches and for that reason it is enclosed in the bone case. But besides being delicate to such great extent, at the same time it is stronger and more durable than the iron and steel.

6 The light system is the matter of major importance for the photographers and cinematographers. For the getting the right photos sometimes they need a number of hours, to put the lights in order and to bring into command, its initial steps while the eyes in every circumstance from the powerful light, mediocre or weak light even in the case of mild light in the darkness can perform its photography. It is one of the marvels of the eyes.

7 Often we go from the brightness of lights into the darkness as the electric lamp suddenly gets extinguished, at that moment we are unable to see anything. But by the passing of some moments our eyes routinely makes its condition appropriate to the dim light, to such extent that when we see around us gradually we began to see the things and we say that ‘our eyes get used to the darkness’. And this term ‘used’ is told in the common language, consequently it is very complicated mechanism that is established in the eyes. It can change its order to the new conditions within a extraordinarily short period of time.

Contrary to that, when we change place from the darkness to the brightness, this fact happens in the same method, in the beginning our eyes cannot tolerate the bright light after some moments makes its function according to it and as per it is said it get used to it. This interaction never exits in the gadgets of the photography.

8 The gadgets of photography can grab the photographs or film from the limited space where as the human eye can see the entire half circle of the horizon before him and in another words we can view180 degree circle around us while no other photographic camera is able to do it.

9 And the mysterious and interesting issue is that the two eyes of human being, each of them have its own individual organisation and it is put in order such that the photos achieved by it happens to fall at one point, it is organised in such a way if this organism is disturbed the human being with his two eyes will see a single object in two figures. Same as the people who have abnormal alignment of both or one eyes views in such manner.

10 The interesting point is that the entire sight that the eye assembles fells upside down upon the eye channel. Though we never see any object upside down. This happens for the reason that the eyes have the habit and regulates the relation of the things with one another.

11 The eye surface must be constantly wet in such a way that if for some hours it gets dry it will get damage seriously. This continuous moisture is provided from the glands of tears which from one side enters the eyes and from the minute blood vessels, situated in the corner of the eyes ejects and transfers in the nose and creates the wetness in the nose.

If the tear glands get dry the eyes will fell in danger and the movement of eye lids will get impossible. And if it use it more than the limit, the tears flow on the face and if the narrow passage of the eye drainage stops to work, the man must continuously have to hold a handkerchief to dry down the excess moisture running down the face and that is a great headache.

12 The elements of tears (moisture of eyes) is a complicated components, it is made of more than ten elements. They altogether become a most excellent and appropriate liquid to protect the eyes.

Shortly to say, the mysteries of eyes are so much high, it needs days to sit and speak about it and write the books about it. With all these qualities when we see the real matter that the eye is made of, it is almost not more than a piece of fat.

Ameerul momineen Ali alaihis salam in his eloquent speech said: How strange is the man, with the help of a piece of fat he sees and a piece of meat he speaks and with a bone he hears and from an opening he breaths. ( He perform the essential activities of life with these petite equipments).


The marvels of the tongue

The tongue as well, to a great extent is amazing part of the body and it had the heavy duties to perform. Apart from helping effectively in swallowing down the food, it has effective role in chewing the food too. It systematically moves the food under the pounding of the teeth and perform this role such perfectly that he keeps itself away from the hammering of the teeth, whereas constantly it is attached beside it.

Seldom while chewing, we hurt the tongue by chewing it down and we began to shout in pain then we began to feel that in the case of the tongue’s lacking that perfection, then what our situation will going to occur?

Meanwhile after finishing the food it sweeps and cleans fresh the atmosphere of the mouth and teeth.

The most vital task it performs is the issue of the speaking which is carried out with its fast, regular and systematic movements in the six directions.

The most interesting matter is that for talking and conversation, it is a means under the command of the human beings which is very effortless and comfortable and it is in the accessibility of everybody. It never tires and exhausts and it has no expenses.

Most important than everything is the ability of pronunciation of every word is dissimilar, by reading the thousands of the languages exists in the world, its importance will acquire apparent.

It is true that the God is great and unique.



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