Nafe reported from Ibn Amr that the Holy Prophet stated;” faith of a believer is not complete unless he possesses five qualities namely;

[a] Reliance upon God

[b] Committing all affairs to God

[c] Resigning to his faith

[d] Accepting God’s degree and judgment

[e] Shows forbearance when God tests him.”


If friendship and hostility, giving and withholding are exercised in the way of God, faith of a man would have been perfected.

In this tradition the Prophet [S A W] describes different degrees of faith [iman] and some Ulam [Islamic scholars] hold the same view.

[1] The first degree is reliance on God. In reality a believer is saying; since I have faith I’m aware of His divinity so I have decided to take God as my attorney.


[2] The second level is trust. In the previous degree a believer assigns himself the way of God, but in this case a believer is actually telling God; “O God! You are the knower. I place all my affairs in your hands”.


The difference between reliance and trust

As regards to reliance upon God, a person attaches great importance to all that is beneficial to him and sees all limits to his goals, but this is not the case with placing a matter in the hands of God. In trust the believer knows the advantages, but he is unable to perceive the limits or boundaries so he commits every bit of the affair in the hands of God, in this way he trusts in God.


[3] This stage is higher than the previous one. This order has got nothing to do with advantages. Concerning reliance on God, my will is important, time contrary to this stage is not concerned with will or wish because here a believer’s life is now governed by fate.


Question; If this is the case, is supplication necessary?

Answer; To surrender one self to God does not imply that one should not ask and petition God, but it means that when ever one implores God for something and that will is not granted, one should without fail surrender and give himself to God.


[4] Consent; This is also higher than the third level; the third level involves certain benefits and advantages.

These four degrees of faith draw man nearer to God.

The fourth degree also referred to as Fanaa fee Allah. OF course Fanaa has two shades of meaning;

[a] the concept of attaining the 4th level of faith, a person completely surrenders himself to God. This is concordant with the intellect and the prescription of divine law


However there is absolutely no inconsistence between the above mentioned levels of faith and supplication. A person who reaches the highest level of faith is not whatsoever, exempted from supplication [Do’a]

One can attain these levels by showing patience and forbearance. Basically, patience and perseverance is the source of all happiness.

The fifth [5th] admonition of Imam Ali [a s] in his will is patience. The key to ascend the four fold levels of faith.

A person may make tireless efforts to achieve perfection and he can only succeed in his endeavuor by showing patience. Patience has showed an important role in all works of life that the people involved in those particular displines have reached where they are today.

Behaar; Vol, 74 page 177.

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