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Intellectual problems regarding the relationship between the modern world and the age of the Prophet

The Prophet came to the world to the burden that humanity was carrying. “And he removed from them their burden and the yokes which were upon them.”[1][1] What heavy burdens were the people of that age carrying! These burdens were breaking humanity’s back. Today, nothing has changed. One would not be exaggerating if he would say that the burdens that humanity carries today are heavier than the burdens that were carried during the Age of Ignorance in the Arabian Peninsula.

The oppression that is committed against humanity, the rights that are taken away from human societies, the push towards materialism and the destruction of spiritualism in human societies are forced on modern societies in different fashions. That which humanity feels today in industrial civilizations and from attractive and deceptive materialists is more severe and painful than what was felt in the darkness of the Age of Ignorance at the advent of Islam. It is a heavier burden to bear.[1][2]
The modern day framework for accepting the Great Prophet’s message

Islam’s invitation to the world has found supporters. Many non-Muslims have even accepted Islam’s invitation. Accepting Islam’s invitation does not mean officially accepting Islam as a religion, this would only be one stage of acceptance. Another stage is that the people of the world accept the realities of Islam’s proposal on a certain issue. Today is the day when nations who face Islam feel that Islam would be useful for them and would fill the gaps in their lives.

Islam introduces things as important and as goals for humanity and deals with the family, women, the purpose of knowledge, international relations, and the social relations between the strong and the weak of society. When people living in different civilizations learn what Islam says on these subjects they feel that the problems they have in life could be solved with them. Islam’s message is very attractive and because of this the arrogant powers of the world and the media which is related to these oppressive forces react to it in a very violent manner.[1][3]

Modern man’s need to the prophetic message

Mankind’s biggest problem would be solved if he would just pay attention to, understand, and accept this divine mercy; the existence of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet. There is no doubt that the modern civilizations which are in existence today have benefited from Islamic teachings. There is no doubt that the existent positive characteristics and traditions of mankind and his high understandings are taken from divine religions, revelation, and prophetic teachings. A large portion of these are related to Islam. But, today mankind is in need of the spirituality and the clear realities of Islam which would be understood and accepted by any just heart.[1][4]

The anniversary of the day that the Noble Prophet of Islam was born is a day to contemplate his never-ending blessings. It might be said that the biggest blessing given to mankind through his birth was the concept of the Oneness of God and justice. Man, in modern times where knowledge has progressed to such heights, is in the bondage of polytheism when it comes to theological beliefs. This is the case even in societies that are advanced in terms of materialism. Therefore, it becomes clear that the belief in one God, with all of the blessings that it has, depends on a light that is impossible to reach unless one uses his intellect guided by divine revelation.

This is the gift that our Noble Prophet gave to humanity, just like previous prophets gave. The belief in the oneness of God has blessings in one’s heart and even in one’s life. One must think about these blessings and move towards the effects and blessings of the belief in the oneness of God.[1][5]

Muslims are in deep need of a better understanding of the Messenger of Allah, the Savior of Humanity, and the Caller of Freedom and Justice. Incorrect pictures and deceptive propagation about the prophethood of the prophet have been dispersed through out the centuries by Islam’s enemies. The people of the world have not had a correct knowledge about the biggest savior of humanity.

Look at the situation today; do you see how the biggest victory of the Iranian nation has been hidden by the dark propagational efforts of the enemy? In the same way, through out history, has been the story of the last prophet of God. I will make a claim which I can prove that most of mankind alive today still has not understood Islam’s Noble Messenger’s proclamation to prophethood.[1][6]
Efforts in bringing about the purpose of prophethood
1. In individual life

The issue of the proclamation to prophet is the most important issue that has occurred in the history of mankind. No other occurrence has had more effect on man’s destiny and no blessing out of all of the divine blessings was more magnificent for mankind. We are prideful, with all that has happened, because we accept this proclamation,

have faith in it, and know this path of success. This, in itself, is a huge divine favor and every Muslim has the duty implement the proclamation of prophethood in their individual and social lives. They have the duty to direct their lives in the direction that the proclamation of the Noble Prophet had. They must connect themselves to the heaven of divine success and spirituality.[1][7]
Purifying the soul and obtaining the Prophet’s ethical traits

“Indeed Allah conferred his favor on the believers when he raised an apostle from amongst them to recite unto them his signs, to purify them, and to teach them the book and wisdom.”[1][8] This purification and this learning of the Quran and wisdom is an inner change that happens in man. For man to reach the purpose of his creation he must achieve the purpose of prophethood; he must be changed, be corrected for the better. He must be saved from the pollutions and the defects that are inside him and from the corruption of the world.

This is regarding the individual. Prophethood is for this. He also said in a statement: “I have been sent to perfect ethical traits,”[1][9] which refers to this.[1][10]
Leaving the world of ignorance and entering the world of wisdom

This purification and this learning of the Quran and wisdom is an inner change that happens in man. He (the Prophet) also said in a statement: “I have been sent to perfect ethical traits,” which refers to this. This means purification. Purifying man will send him in the direction of wisdom; it will take him out of the world of ignorance and take him to the world of understanding and wisdom. This is from the viewpoint of individual life.[1][11]
Imitating the Prophet in action

A huge personality, with limitless potential, with unprecedented ethics and actions has been placed at the head of the line of Prophets and holy men. We, as Muslims, are duty bound to follow this great man. Allah has said: “Verily, Allah’s messenger is a good role model for you.”[1][12] We must follow and imitate the Prophet, not only in a few components of prayer, but in all actions, speech, life, and even transactions. To do this we must know him.[1][13]
2. in social life
The establishment and strengthening of an Islamic government

Today, the Islamic world is in need of a true Islamic government. An Islamic government is the type of government that cares about humans3’ and nations’ feelings, a government that helps them progress intellectually, that helps them strengthen themselves militarily, and that creates correct policies amongst them. This is a need of the Islamic world today.[1][14]

Humans are in need of this type of knowledge. We Muslims are at fault and must admit our shortcomings. We are at fault. First, we do not present a correct understanding of Islam to the world. Second, we do not present correct Islamic role models to the world. If Muslims would act in accordance to this correct understanding in their individual and social lives, and if they would choose their political role models in accordance to this as well, this would be the biggest form of propagating Islam.

Of course, there is no doubt that all forms of the media are centered in propagating confusing things against Islam. You saw what happened with the tragic event that took place in American cities[1][15]; those in charge of the media deceptively used it to put blame on Islam; they use every opportunity. This is a sin that stains most politicians of western countries. They spoke in such a way that the Muslims living in their cities, who were unaware of the situation, were ridiculed, and more than that Islam, the sun of knowledge, light, grace, and mercy was ridiculed. In any case, today mankind is in need of Islam.[1][16]

Unity must be in the service of Islamic rule or else it would be meaningless. If Islamic scholars agree that the Quran said: “We do not send a messenger except to be obeyed by Allah’s permission.”[1][17] They would know that the prophet did not come to give advice and to talk while the people respect him and do whatever they like; he came to be obeyed, he came to guide the society and the individual, he came to establish a government, he came to point people in the right direction. If Islamic scholars agree that the Quran said: “Verily,

we sent our messengers with clear proofs, we sent them with the book and the scale so people will be established with justice.”[1][18] They would know that establishing justice, removing oppressors, and creating a correct form of life are religious goals. Therefore, a move must be made towards Islamic government and the establishment of Islamic governments in Islamic lands is a possible task.[1][19]
Giving greatness to the Islamic society and staying away from degrading factors

The duty of this huge nation in front of the Prophet (s); the savior, the leader, the teacher, the divine gift, and the most loved personality is to show the dignity of the Islamic society by protecting unity.[1][20]

We have been infected with a disease and we must endure and cure ourselves. The differences in the Islamic world, the incongruence, and the helping of the enemy are dangerous diseases. If these diseases were prevalent in natural measures in the past, I assure you that political forces are seriously trying to increase them.

There are examples of this in the Islamic world; we see men shaking. We do not fear any outside enemy. America and other arrogant powers have yet to strike fear in our hearts; invading armies and the media, politics, military, and economy of the enemy have not made us purely reactionary and will not make us. But, we are afraid of this disease in the Islamic world, we shake ourselves. Cure this![1][21]

The main thing is this: not to let the Islamic nations loose hope, not to let their horizons become darkened, not to let the shadow of arrogant nations darken our hearts and our wills, not to let differences render us unable.[1][22]

Dear brothers and sisters, today the Islamic world is in an exceptional state. It can be said that such an opportunity which has presented itself to the Islamic world today has not been there for centuries. Today there is a huge opportunity presented before us; Islamic nations have awakened, Islamic nations are trying to hold on to their rights, and many leaders of Islamic nations, even though they hide their appearance, have deep hatred for the arrogant powers in their hearts. We see this.

The leaders and politicians in many Islamic countries are upset over America’s and arrogant powers’ actions. This is a huge opportunity for the Islamic world and it must be used. Politicians have a duty, intellectuals have a duty; this second duty is not less important than the first one. Islamic scholars, professors in the Islamic world, intellectuals in the Islamic world, and influential people have a huge responsibility and national power and the human strength in the Islamic world must be understood by them. In the last few centuries, from the start of occupation of Islamic lands, the arrogant powers have been trying to make Islamic countries believe that they cannot do anything, that they do not have the power to face them.

The millions of people that you see in Islamic countries is a powerful force in which no foreign power would be able to stand up to if it becomes active. The event that happened is the example of this; Allah showed his proof. The event is what happened in Lebanon and Hizbollah’s clear victory, “How often has a small army defeated a large army by Allah’s permission;

verily, Allah is with the patient.”[1][23] Of course, the enemy rejected the fact that there was a people’s force and their soldiers in turn lost trust in them. In my opinion, one of the best things that are late Ima-m did was that he knew the power of the people and used it to his advantage; he trusted the people.

The power of the people must be known. This power is a huge force. A strong will, sincerity, and a soldier-like attitude is needed to bring this force to the battlefront. If they do come to the vanguard and the leaders and politicians of Islamic countries come a little closer to their people, nobody would be able to stand up to them. No threat would have an effect on them. Of course, without jiha-d and without bearing sever difficulties, man will not reach anywhere. The Islamic society must bear difficulties in order to reach their high goals; these are the important duties in the Islamic world today.[1][24]
Creating unity amongst Muslims

The Islamic republic has told the Muslims of the world to test unity between the 12th and 17th of the Islamic month Rabi-‘ al-Awwal. According to one prophetic tradition which is usually accepted by Sunni scholars and is also accepted by a few Shia scholars, the anniversary of the birth of the prophet is on the 12th of Rabi-‘ al-Awwal and according to another prophetic tradition which is usually accepted by Shia scholars and is also accepted by a few Sunni scholars, the anniversary of the birth of the prophet is on the 17th of Rabi-‘ al-Awwal.

In any case, between the 12th and 17th, the Islamic world must pay attention to unity; the fort that, if established, no power would be able to break into the boundaries of Islamic countries and nations.[1][25]

Therefore, I advise the week of unity (which is held on the prophet’s birthday between the 12th and 17th of Rabi-‘ al-Awwal) to continue and for every Islamic scholar, speaker, intellectual, and influential person to hold it dear. This issue must be kept as one of the slogans of the Islamic republic.[1][26]

My dear friends! The Muslims of the world can unite over the name of the Noble Prophet easier than anything else; this is one of the characteristics of that high personality. I have said many times that the prophet of the collection of Muslim relations. Muslims love their prophet. Allah, you are a witness that our hearts, with or without benefit, love the prophet. We must use this love. This love will open doors. Today, Muslims need brotherhood, today the slogan “Verily, the believers are brothers, so make peace between your brothers,”[1][27] is more serious than ever.[1][28]

What we mean by Islamic unity is not becoming one in beliefs. Every sect has and will have their own theological and jurisprudential beliefs. Theological or jurisprudential discussions will not have any effect one real life or in politics. What we mean by unity is not arguing and fighting amongst ourselves – not to have differences, “Do not quarrel for you will be weakened in heart:”[1][29]

The Quran says: “And hold fast to Allah’s rope all together, and do not be divided.”[1][30] Holding fast to the rope of Allah is a duty for every Muslim. But, the Quran does not suffice itself to ordering us to hold fast to Allah’s rope, rather it to hold on to it as a group; everyone must hold fast together. This unity is another obligation. Hence, in addition to holding fast to the rope of Allah, a Muslim must hold fast to it with other Muslims.

Another verse of the Quran says: “He who disbelieves in idols and believes in Allah has held firm to the strongest handle.”[1][31] This gives meaning to the word ‘hold.’ How is one supposed to hold on to the rope of Allah? One holds on to the rope with faith in Allah and disbelief in idols. People have faith in most parts of the Islamic world, but they do not disbelieve in idols. Disbelief in idols is necessary, without it, it would not be possible to hold on to the divine rope.[1][32]

No desire will ever be achieved without effort; whenever we think about ways to achieve this we see that the best way is the personality of the Noble Prophet; his existence and centrality in the beliefs of all Muslims. There is no other subject in which Muslims are so unanimous in and have such a love for. His existence can be used as a pivot for unity.[1][33]

One of the factors that one can use as a pivot for unity, which all Muslims believe in, is following the Prophet’s family. All Muslims accept the Prophet’s family.

Of course, the Shia believe that they are Ima-ms and the non-Shia do not believe they are Ima-ms in the way that the Shia do, but they consider them to be huge Islamic personalities, the family of the Prophet, and informed of religious knowledge and rulings. Muslims must listen to the words of the Prophet’s family (a), this is a tool for unity.[1][34]

What I see today in front of me is a unified Islamic community who has come to perform the ‘I-d prayer. It is good for the society to protect this unity.

The society wants an ‘I-d gift from the Prophet, but the Islamic society is also duty bound to perform its ‘I-d duties. The ‘I-d gift of the society is to protect unity and the Prophet’s honor. Today, the enemies of Islam are putting forth a serious effort to create tension and civil war amongst the different sects of Islam. This effort is not exclusive to this time, in the past it has been the same. But, today the efforts made by the enemy are organized and widespread. The reason behind this is that the feel that Muslims are getting closer to Islam and Islam is enlivening their hearts.[1][35]

Muslims all over the world must feel and be aware of the enemies’ evil plans to weaken and ridicule Islam; especially in regard to cultural plots – writing anti-Islamic books and making anti-Islamic movies. The main defenders in this bunker are authors and artists whose hearts beat for Islam and are aware of the arrogant powers’ hatred for Islam. Their main duty is to write articles and books explaining what Islam is and uncovering the enemies’ plots.[1][36]
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