History of the Caliphs

By: Rasūl Ja’farīan

Translation by: Ali Ebrahimi

p. 433-434


Seemingly subsequent to Imām Husayn’s martyrdom, there existed no hurdle facing the Umayya. It was Yazīd’s impudence that had one of the Muhādjirūn’s descendant, ‘Abd Allāh Ibn Zubayr, muster up courage and cause turbulence in Hidjāz. Although one of the instigators of the war of Djamal was he, during Imām Husayn’s several-month presence in Mecca, despite his own mind and due to his political harmony with Imām, he established a good rapport with him. (Stipulated by all historians, however, is that he wished Imām had gone to Kūfa and Hidjāz had been prepared for him. Every thing went on favorably). Imām Husayn was martyred. There remained no competitor for ‘Abd Allāh in Hidjāz. Nevertheless, not only he did by no means intend to battle against Yazīd overtly, but also had claimed that he wanted the caliphate not for himself and he proposed that the sequence and designation of the caliphs be in accordance with the “council”.[1] He, however, began securing allegiance from the people of Hidjāz covertly.

Being extremely concerned about the probable aftermath of Karbalā movement, Yazīd exerted himself to invoke trickery like his father. Accordingly, he sent presents to Ibn Zubayr. In no way did he accept. As soon as he aggravated his conflict, a group from Mecca and Medina joined him.[2]

Once more Yazīd dispatched a number of the distinguished of Damascus to silence him through alluring and menacing. As well as indicting Yazīd for corruption, he announced that revolting was not his intention and he had chosen the shrine to be secure from Yazīd and others. He described himself as a pigeon among the pigeons of the shrine.[3]

Yazīd was set to suppress Ibn Ziyād’s movement as soon as possible. He commanded Medina governor, ‘Amr Ibn Sa‘īd Ibn ‘Ās, as a result, to delegate a group to kill Ibn Zubayr in Mecca.[4] ‘Amr Ibn Sa‘īd also sent ‘Amr Ibn Zubayr, who was ‘Abd Allāh’s brother and Umayya on his mother’s side, to accompany the army going for a battle. A clash between he and his brother in the vicinity of Mecca ended to ‘Amr’s defeat and capture. All the excruciating tortures he sustained under the name of Islamic punishment limits for his atrocities caused him so enervated that he lost his life in ‘Abd Allāh’s prison with no doctor.[5]

This incident had prompted the followers of Zubayr to feel more powerful and absorb people in both Medina and Tā’if. Since Ibn Zubayr considered Walīd Ibn ‘Uqba who had replaced ‘Amr Ibn Sa‘īd perilous in Medina, he urged Yazīd in a letter to substitute a sedate one for him if he wanted the state to improve. No sooner was ‘Uthmān Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abī Sufyān appointed[6] than their pressure exerted on the Umayyads being in Mecca and Tā’if multiplied.[7] There, two towns at a regular pace were seized by ‘Abd Allāh Ibn Zubayr. Now Damascus was assured that in order to pacify Hidjāz, its forces never suffice and it was obliged to seek help from the dwellers of Damascus.

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