There is no unanimity on the exact date of birth of the Apostle of God (SAW), only unanimity is found, among eight different authors/Translators is the year of Elephant, during which the Prophet was born. The compiler has tried to present the views of different authors whatever is correct is known to the Almighty God.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan : MOHAMMAD (SAW) Was born on 12TH of Rabi I in the First year of Elephant, or 55 days after the attack of Abraha, there is however no doubt the year of Elephant corresponds with that of 570 A.D : Essays in the birth and Children Of Mohammad (SAW) 1979. p.1

Mohammad Khavendshah Bin Mohmud : “There is however, an interrupted tradition that his blessed birth took place during the month of Rabi the first.It is related by Mohammad Baqar that it happened ten days after the just named month has elapsed, and by Mohammad Bin Hasan that after the eight day of it expired; namely the seventh day of the year of the conjunction, agreeing with twentieth Nisan and 17th of Di.Mah which day in the Syriac language called Sarusth.Others adduce the 17th or 12th of the above mentioned month for further dates we refer to Rauzatu-l-Ahbab”. Rauzat-us-Safa or The Garden of Purity-Translated by E.Rehatsick, Volume II p.98.

Amir Ali (Spirit of Islam) states that shortly after the event of Abraha Abdullah died in the course of a journey to Yathrib in the 25th year of his age.And a few days after the afflicted wife gave birth to a son who was named Mohammad (SAW). Mohammad (SAW) was born on 12th Rabi, in the year of Elephant, a little more than fifty years after the destruction of Abyssinian army or the 29th of August 570. Spirit Of Islam (IAD) Religous Philosophy (Reprint No.16) 1922. p 8.

Khuda Baksh : States that Mohammad (SAW) himself belonged to the tribe which constituted the Meccan aristrocacy. His own branch, however had, become poor, and so great was its poverty that on his birth (April, 571 A.D.) his mother Amina could only, with difficulty, keep nurse for him. According to some reports his father Abdullah had predceased; according to other he died some weeks after. History of Islamic Peoples, (I.A.D Religious Philosophy (Reprint Series No.37) p.3

Ali Musa Raza : Mohammad (SAW) “There is a Chapter entitled “The Elephant. We find that Mecca was invaded by Abraha, the Christian Viceroy of Abyssenia in Yemen and this was year 570 A.C.(A.D.) according to historians, in which year Prophet (SAW) was born”. “Mohammad (SAW) In Quran,1980 (IAD Religio Philosophy, Orginal Series No.6, Idara-e-Adabiat Delhi. p.3

Tawheedi* the Translator writes as follows : “Soon her baby was born,and thus after several months of waiting, Amina had the pleasure of seeing her child in the early dawn of 17th Rabi I (Cr. Biharul Anwar, Volume 15, p 350)” A Glance of the life of Holy Prophet (SAW), Mustazafeen Foundation of New York, 1989, p.20.

The author of Mohammad (SAW); A brief Biography, writes “Mohammad (SAW) was born at Mecca in the Year 570 (A.C.(A.D) known in the annals of Arabic history as the year of “Elelphant because of miraculous events”. Mohammad (SAW) was born on the eve of 17th of the Lunar Months of Rabiul Awwal and according to some versions on the 12th of the same month. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) A brief Biography, Huda Foundation, 1992, p.17.

Syed Asghar Ali Razwy : Mohammad (SAW) the future A postle of God, was a posthomus child Sheik Mohammad el-Khidri Buck, Professor of Islamic History, Egyptian University, Cairo says in his book He (Mohammad Ibn Abdullah (SAW) was born in the house of his uncle, Abu Talib (peace be upon him) in the ‘quarter’ of Banu Hashim in Mecca on the 12th of Rabi-ul Awwal of the year of Elephant, a date that corresponds to June 8, 570.” A Re-statement of the History of Islam and Muslims, The World Foundation of KSI Muslims, Stanmore, Middlesesex, U.K. p. 269


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