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    In the Shade of the Quran Vol 16

    • Sayyid Qutb
    In the Shade of the Quran Vol 16
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    This volume of Sayyid Qutb’s tafsir, commentary on the Qur’an, covers Surah 48 Al-Fath (Victory)–Surah 61 Al-Saff (The Ranks).

    This commentary on the entire Qur’an vigorously explores its rich wisdom in a clear and coherent style. It is universally recognized as a momentous work of reference for an understanding of contemporary Islamic thinking, particularly the interpretation of the Qur’an in the twentieth century.

    With a focus on conveying the timeless messages found in the Qur’an, Qutb’s commentary aims to reassure and reaffirm the essence and value of faith and its profound role in the life of man instead of focusing on legalistic issues. This foregrounds the moral and social advantages of each command along with their role in personal and collective life. Prefaced to each chapter is an introduction to its content, summarizing the main message of the surah. Moreover, each chapter is divided by topic in order to draw out the prevalent themes in a harmonized way.

    • Sayyid Qutb