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    The Most Beautiful Names Belong To “Allah” (SWT)

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    The Most Beautiful Names Belong To “Allah” (SWT)
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    Bukhari stated the same about the interpretation of this verse in his Sahih (see Fath al-Bari in Explaining Sahih Al-Bukhari). Al-Hafiz ibn Hajar Al-‘Askalani elaborated that the jinn embraced Islam, but the people who were worshipping them continued to worship the jinn, however, the jinn did not accept that because they converted to Islam, and they (jinn) have become those who desire means of access to their Lord .. This is the adopted interpretation of this verse “.

    From the previous it is clear that the means of invoking Allah is whatever that brings him nearer to Allah, and Allah says: {desire means} that is to say they seek His closeness by good deeds, as explained by Qatada in the interpretation of the first verse: “this means draw nearer to Him by obeying Him and by doing whatever leads to His satisfaction”.

    • Ibn Khuzaymah House