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  •  The Quran on Astronomy
    The Quran on Astronomy
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    The Quran on Astronomy

    The Quran on AstronomyRate this post The Qur’an was revealed in the seventh century. Many statements pertaining to physical phenomena are dispersed throughout the Qur’an. These are there in the Qur’an to draw the attention of people to the wonders of Allah’s creation. Any other seventh century book making statements about the physical universe would […]

  • Astronomy – Light And Movement
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    Astronomy – Light And Movement

    Astronomy – Light And Movement3.1 (62%) 40 votes Written By: Dr. Maurice Bucaille Let us now turn to the subject of Astronomy. Whenever I describe the details the Quran contains on certain points of astronomy to Westeners, it is unusual for someone not to reply that there is nothing special in this, considering the Arabs […]