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Noor Al Islam, Nº: 149 – 150, January + February 2012

Noor Al Islam, Nº: 149 – 150, January + February 2012



Noor Al Islam, Nº: 149 – 150, January + February 2012
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Nº: 149 – 150 13th year, January + February 2012 – Muharam + Safar 1433H


Ashūra: Sacrifice and Devotion

Whenever Muharram’s Crescent approaches every year, the world assumes another

form and hue: From the expanse of their domains, the souls of the free and the hearts

of the faithful, with all their overflowing sentiments of love and loyalty, with all the

pain that squeezes them and the agony, yearn to the Kerbala highland in order to inhale

from its dewy soil the aroma of martyrdom, the fragrance of heroism and sacrifice.

The warmth of the martyrdom of the fragrant flower of the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h),

Imam Al-Hussain (A.s), and that of his Ahl al-Bayt (A.s) and righteous companions

keeps being reborn in their sides, flowing in their veins, for “There is warmth in the

killing of al-Hussain in the hearts of the faithful that will never cool down.”

It is the same warmth of conviction, fealty and following that strongly pushes them

towards the pure Ahl al-Bayt (A.s) and their straight path, those where Allah, the most

Exalted One, placed His Message, making them, rather than all other people, the

depository of His secret and the custodians of His revelation and creed.

It is Ashūra, then, which the anguished passionate lovers of the grandson of the

greatest Prophet (p.b.u.h), the twig of Ali and al-Zahra, peace with them both, bring

back to memory every year from the time it took place and where it happened. They

do so in order to live its facts and unique courses one moment by one. They look with

the eyes of reason and heart to the epic of the victory of righteousness of al-Hussain

(A.s), the man who was armed with the force of conviction and righteousness, with

surrendering to the will of Allah Almighty, over the falsehood of Yazid who was fully

armed with evil and tyranny, sunk in crime up to its scum, even if the black outcome

was the stabbing of the heart of the most honored Prophet (p.b.u.h) who said: “Hussain

is of me, and I am of Hussain,” and the violating of his sanctity.

It is to the mother of tragedies, the heroine of Kerbala, wise Zainab, peace with her,

that the faithful who follow al-Hussain (A.s) direct their attention from everywhere,

agonizing for her anguish, carrying out with enthusiasm her brave statement to the

tyrant: “By Allāh! You will never be able to obliterate our mention, nor will you

ever kill our inspiration!” Thus, they exchange fealty with her while bringing back to

memory in an ever greater and distinctive way the Ashūra rites, the embracing of her

immortal message, the disseminating of her principles and objectives.

With his great martyrdom and brilliant stances, Imam al-Hussain (A.s) set up the

indisputable argument against anyone who is skeptical or hesitated between choosing

either the path of the truth or that of falsehood, and against anyone who trades his

religion for his world or for the creed of anyone else. The echo keeps reverberating

in time’s ears, urging everyone who has lost his way, so he does not see the truth, or

one who is at peace with injustice and deviation, no matter what his field or level may

be, to reconsider his position and look at the clear light of the truth which al-Hussain

(A.s) and those in his company represented. It is only then that this nation’s condition

becomes straight and its matter is reformed according to the will of Allāh Almighty

and to that of His most revered Messenger (p.b.u.h).

In conclusion, we submit the signs of grief and condolence to the one who demands

retribution for al-Hussain’s blood, namely Allah’s greatest remnant, the Imam of the

Time and Age, Imam al-Mahdi, and to all free and faithful believers.




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