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Noor Al Islam, Nº: 155 – 156 14th year, September + October 2012

Noor Al Islam, Nº: 155 – 156 14th year, September + October 2012



Noor Al Islam, Nº: 155 – 156 14th year, September + October 2012
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Nº: 155 – 156 14th year, September + October 2012 – Ramadan + Shawwal 1433H


The Fasting Individual, and the Fasting Nation,

“… A month in which you are invited to the hospitality

of Allah Almighty” – The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h)

Is there a greater honoring, a loftier status than man, a weakling, aspiring to be

surrounded by the care and attention of the Creator of the cosmos and of life, the

Initiator, magnanimous is His Greatness?! This happens when the most Praised

and Exalted One issues an open annual invitation to His believing servants to help

themselves to His mercy-giving perfect tables, surrounded with honors and dignity

during exceptional days that extend all the blessed month of Ramadan. During these

days, they enjoy abundant mercy, boons and gifts which the most Lofty and Great One

specifically allots for those who truly respond to His great call, for those who endeavor

to be among the recipients of His mercy and forgiveness.

This month is the one in which Allah Almighty, out of His mercy, opens the gates of His

Gardens and closes the gates of His fire, doubling the rewards, according to one hadith

by the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h). It is the most precious opportunity which the most

Praised One allows for His servants so they may focus on fortifying themselves from

inclinations that mislead and desires that cause one to perish, so they may work to train

themselves on fearing the hated things which time may bring about, then to rise above

them, to subdue them with acts of obedience, of seeking nearness to Allah, so they may

become liable to earning the Pleasure and love of the Almighty.

No matter what the limited hardship suffered by a fasting believer may be, as a result of

being required to perform this obligation in this blessed month, it is little and negligible

compared to what Allah, the most Praised One, has promised His pious worshippers:

prizes, favors and gifts to those who fast, those who stand for prayers, and those who

work for His cause particularly in this great month.

Happy is one who responds to the call of Allah Almighty in this month and acts

according to the etiquette of hospitality and to its requirements towards his Creator, the

most Exalted One. Let one be truly observing the fast, not just contend himself with the

appearance and formality of the fast, as is the case with most people who misunderstand

and who erroneously apply. Rather, he must exert himself to reach the essence of the

fast and thus achieve his private and public objectives as well as environment as is

required of him. This is revealed in a famous sermon by the Greatest Prophet (p.b.u.h)

which he delivered at the beginning of this month. Its wonderful implications explain

the foundations and objectives of the fast, linking it to the comprehensive message of

Islam. It did not address only the fasting individual; rather, it provided directions and

incentives for the fasting nation in all its groups and entities to rise in the ladder of

iman, in its relationship with Allah, the most Praised One, and to rise in the general

responsibilities towards itscomponents, human and social segments, in everything that

achieves its fortitude and cohesion, in its presence among the nations. This is what

Islam and the Qur’an call for.

If piety against committing prohibitives is the label and the most prominent objective

of this blessed sermon, how can we explain the violating of the greatest of prohibitions,

namely spreading blind sedition, the killing of respectful souls and the corruption in the

land in this and in other months, while all of this is unfortunately accepted by those who

raise the slogans and banners of the creed?!