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Noor Al Islam, Nº: 159 – 160 14th year, January + February 2013

Noor Al Islam, Nº: 159 – 160 14th year, January + February 2013



Noor Al Islam, Nº: 159 – 160 14th year, January + February 2013
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Nº: 159 – 160 14th year, January + February 2013 – Muharram + Safar 1434H




In the Islamic history, many are the events but few have impacted the Muslims’

lives and conditions as the revolution staged by Imam al-Hussain (A.S) has,

mobilizing the masses towards him and his objectives despite the attempts of

some people who in all times and climes oppose reform.

It was a rising for correcting a serious deviation that took place in the Islamic

creed and nation, to resist the horrible injustice and corruption of the Umayyads,

a rising that gloriously culminated in the most immortal epic of heroism in

history on the 10th of Muharram of the 61st Hijri year, coinciding with the 10th

of October according to the Julian calendar or the 13th of the month according

to the Gregorian calendar of the year 680 A.D.

This glorious revolution defies time, keeps illuminating the path of all those

who revolt against oppression, remaining as lofty as the day when it took place,

loudly echoing its message, causing the faithful to more and more cling to al-

Hussain (A.S) as the label of jihad, support for the right cause and encountering

falsehood. It inspires the souls to be anxious about supporting and promoting the

lofty principles and goals for which Imam al-Hussain (A.S) sacrificed himself

and his precious companions.

Every year, allegiance is renewed to this grandson of the Prophet 5 in all lands

of the earth and by millions of those who are loyal to him and to his principles,

an allegiance which they express with tears for his great tragedy, for the nation’s

loss of such a precious Imam and leader, turning into a loud cry for everyone

to tread his sacred path despite the blood shed by the enemies of Allah and of

humanity whose hearts are filled with grudge and animosity and who hate to see

millions of processions expressing such allegiance.

The shout of “Is there anyone to support us?!” is met by “Labbayk ya Aba

Abdillah!” Here we are, O father of Abdullah! It is the call of everyone who

opposes Yazid’s falsehood and who believes in and promotes the noble principles

and objectives of the revolution of the Father of Freemen (A.S).

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