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  •  From History to Theology Ali (as) in Islamic Beliefs

    From History to Theology Ali (as) in Islamic Beliefs

    From the day the Prophet Muhammad began his mission in 610 C.E., inviting his family members to respond to the call of Islam, Ali, the son of Abu Talib, has figured prominently as a pious [...]

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  •  Discovering Islam

    Discovering Islam

    An introductory text on the fundamentals and spirit of Islam from a Shi’a perspective describing the basic principles as well as the common practices. This text is especially beneficial to those [...]

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  •  Spiritual Discourses

    Spiritual Discourses

    Criteria for humanity, spiritual freedom, nobility, worship and prayer, repentance, migration and jihad, and belief in the unseen.     Source:

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  •  How to Pray

    How to Pray

    The prayer is one of the pillars of Islam; it is the second most important pillar after the pillar of faith. It is described as the foundation of Islam and the pillar of the religion. It is the [...]

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  •  Islamic Teachings An Overview

    Islamic Teachings An Overview

    This book is an overview of Islamic teachings written in a relatively simple language to offer some understanding to non-specialists unable to engage in deep study of Islamic doctrines. Section [...]

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  •  Wahhabism, At the Crossroads

    Wahhabism, At the Crossroads

    Two types of Wahhabis — Extremist and Moderate: 1. Extremist and hard-line Salafis regard all Muslims, apart from themselves, as infidels (Kafir) and polytheists (Mushrik), and consider shedding [...]

    Wahhabism, At the Crossroads
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  •  Jesus from the Point of View of Qur’an

    Jesus from the Point of View of Qur’an

    The Holy Quran does not cover the life style of Jesus in any great details as regards specific events. The miracles and powers which he was given are referred to but mostly in general terms. [...]

    Jesus from the Point of View of Qur’an
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  •  Extracts from Correspondence between a Muslim and a Christian

    Extracts from Correspondence between a Muslim and a Christian

    Extracts from Correspondence between a Muslim and a Christian A while ago, a young Muslim started a sincere and logical religious debate with Christian correspondence institute. The subject of [...]

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  •  Admonition For The Neglectful

    Admonition For The Neglectful

    A wonderful spiritual work which aids in strengthening one’s Iman, and improving character, personality and behaviour. In three parts, this book consists of pithy counsel, quotations from [...]

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  •  Rules Relating to the Deceased

    Rules Relating to the Deceased

    Death is a reality in which all human beings believe. However, it is also a reality which most of us like to keep out of our minds. In Islam, death is not an end to our existence; it is a [...]

    Rules Relating to the Deceased
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  •  Rationality of Islam

    Rationality of Islam

    Role of religion, its need and impact on human life. A short history of the lives of the leaders of Islam and a basic guide to administration according to principles of Islam.

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  •  Wahhabism


    The author provides an introduction to the life of the founder of Wahhabism and an in depth analysis of the beliefs of Wahhabi School of thought in the light of Quran, Hadith, and logical [...]

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  •  Islamic Factsheets

    Islamic Factsheets

    Islamic Factsheets Shiite beliefs and Practices explained O Messenger, Proclaim what has been sent down to you from your Lord; and if you don’t do it, you have not delivered His Message (at all); [...]

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  •  Fifty Lessons on Principles of Belief for Youths

    Fifty Lessons on Principles of Belief for Youths

    This text contains fifty chapters, each containing an important lesson on the fundamental beliefs of our faith that are especially relevant for the youth of today. Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi [...]

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  •  Pillars of Faith

    Pillars of Faith

    Pillars of Faith: discusses the fundamentals of faith, by outlining and detailing the objectives of the Islamic ‘Aqeedah. Numerous references are made to the Qur’an and authentic Ahadith, for [...]

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  •  Heavenly Warrant

    Heavenly Warrant

    “Heavenly Warrant” a story of an old Farmer and his sons, for children based on Muslim Beliefs written by Sayyid M. S. Musavi Garmaroodi … !

    Heavenly Warrant
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  •  Divine Justice

    Divine Justice

    Opinions Concerning God’s Justice The problem of justice as one of God’s attributes has had its own distinct history. Various schools of thought in Islam have held different views on [...]

    Divine Justice
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  •  The Shi’a and their Beliefs

    The Shi’a and their Beliefs

    In this concise yet succinct and informative work, detailed outline of the Shi’a belief is presented. While the book introduces the novice reader to the basic beliefs of the Shi’a, [...]

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  •  Shi’a Usool al-Deen

    Shi’a Usool al-Deen

    This book is the English translation of Abdul Kareem Mushtaq Shaheed’s Urdu booklet ‘Usul-e-Deen’. This was the first book written by him, after he converted to Shi’a Islam in the 1970’s. In the [...]

    Shi’a Usool al-Deen
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  •  The Saviour’s revolution

    The Saviour’s revolution

    In this book the author discussed about the final victory of righteousness, this is a Qur’anic concept and it is the holy Qur’an, which in very clear terms predicts the final victory [...]

    The Saviour’s revolution
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