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  •  Gift of Hashimi

    Gift of Hashimi

    Gift of Hashimi (At-Tohfatul Hashemiyyah )Proven Supplications of the Purified Progeny This book covers almost all the problems and maladies faced by man and provides relief in the simplest way, [...]

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  •  Ziarat of Hz Abbas (as) ibne Ali (asws)

    Ziarat of Hz Abbas (as) ibne Ali (asws)

    Through a reliable chain of account, the eminent Sheikh Ja`far ibn Qoulawayh Qummi quoted from Abu Hamzah Thumali that Imam Sadiq (asws) said, “When you determine to go on ziarat to the [...]

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  •  Morning and Evening Dua’as

    Morning and Evening Dua’as

    The full benefit of taking tonics and health supplements will only be achieved by the one who refrains from eating poisonous substances.In the similar manner, those who refrain from sin will [...]

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