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  •  Democracy and Constitution

    Democracy and Constitution

    The present pamphlet aims to answer various questions posed by religious brethren and sisters and also contains questions posed by the Reuters News Agency and the Daily Guardian that were [...]

    Democracy and Constitution
    3.5 (70%) 2 vote[s]
  •  A Critical Introduction to Khomeini

    A Critical Introduction to Khomeini

    As the architect of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini remains one of the most inspirational and enigmatic figures of the twentieth century. The revolution placed Iran at the [...]

    A Critical Introduction to Khomeini
    3 (60%) 2 vote[s]
  •  Human Rights In Islam

    Human Rights In Islam

    This book would serve as a thought-provoking source for people in genral and muslims in particular to defend the rights of the human beings and the oppressed worldover.

    Human Rights In Islam
    4.2 (84.44%) 9 vote[s]