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  •  Namaz/Salaat of Masomeen

    Namaz/Salaat of Masomeen

    Namaz/Salaat of Masomeen (Ahlul Bayt a.s) from ‘Friday Duas’ of ‘Mafatih ul Jinan and Baqiyqtus Salehat’

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  •  Supplications for Success

    Supplications for Success

    Benefit of Supplications for Success in Exams, Job, Good Health, Business, (wazifa) is that by this, people/Dunya and other facilities or luxuries of this world will start moving towards you, [...]

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  •  Shaban Month Salwaat & Munajaat

    Shaban Month Salwaat & Munajaat

    Munajat E Shabaniyya is the whispered Prayer of Imam Ali which he would recite in the month of Shaban as a preparation to the blessed and sacred month of Ramadhan. This Munajat is so powerful in [...]

    Shaban Month Salwaat & Munajaat
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  •  Duas of Imam Muhammad al-Taqi (as)

    Duas of Imam Muhammad al-Taqi (as)

    These means are ten prayers by which you can knock on the doors of your desires and they will be opened before you, and you can ask for things, and you will be given access to them. 1 Guidance to [...]

    Duas of Imam Muhammad al-Taqi (as)
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  •  Duas for Repayment of Debts

    Duas for Repayment of Debts

    Recite the following du-a’a on Friday to have means for repayment of a debt.

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  •  Duas for specific purposes

    Duas for specific purposes

    Duas for specific purposes and the daily routine life, as Islam has something to say for each and every action of human and Allah Kareem has set some bless in shape of Dua for all his actions…!

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  •  Dua: the Weapon of the Believer

    Dua: the Weapon of the Believer

    In this work, the author elaborates on the status, importance and etiquette of dua’ in Islam. In the most comprehensive work yet to be written in English on the topic, the author discusses, [...]

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  •  Dua Nudba

    Dua Nudba

    It is recommended to recite this  on Fridays & the 4 Idd days; the Idd ulFitr (1st Shawwal), the Idd al-Azha day (10th of Dhu’l-hijjah), the `Eid al-Ghadir day (18th of Du’l-hijjah).

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  •  Prayers (Dua), Mannat and Nazar

    Prayers (Dua), Mannat and Nazar

    This documt presents general supplications, with some background and examples of ‘Mannat and Nazar’, which we usually recite and undertake to commit in our daily lives.

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  •  Dua’a-e-Kumail


    Dua’a-e-Kumayl,  Taught by Imam Ali (a.s)

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  •  Dua al-Amaan

    Dua al-Amaan

    This Dua is very helpful for a person who recites it daily between Maghrib and Isha Prayers.(for Safety and Protection) A person in his dream saw the Holy Prophet of Islam, very sad and the [...]

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  •  Istighatha of Imam Zaman (atfs)

    Istighatha of Imam Zaman (atfs)

    Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) in one of his Tawqee (letter) has exhorted his followers:–“Pray more for my reappearance  because in it ,is your salvation”(Kamaaluddin, p.485, H.4) .Traditions have [...]

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  •  Dua al-Mashlool

    Dua al-Mashlool

    This du-a’a known as “supplication of the youth stricken for his sin,” is quoted from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn Tawus. Through Imam Hussain(as) [...]

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  •  Gift for the Deceased

    Gift for the Deceased

    What can be the real gift for the Deceased, this is what we going to find in this book … !

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  •  Du’a al-Tawbah

    Du’a al-Tawbah

    Du’a al-Tawbah, Supplicatory Prayer for Accepting Repentance a Supplication by Imam Zain ul-Abideen (a.s)

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  •  Dua’a e Mojeer

    Dua’a e Mojeer

    This is a supplication of high eminence which is reported to have been brought by Angel Jibreel for the Holy Prophet (pbuh) when he was engrossed in prayers in Maqam-e-Ibrahim. Kafa’ami has [...]

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  •  Dua Sabah

    Dua Sabah

    Dua Sabah دعاء الصباح to be recite Early Morning as taught by Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s) …

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  •  Dua Makarim al-Akhlaq

    Dua Makarim al-Akhlaq

    This supplicatory prayer, which is known as Mak¡rim al-Akhl¡q (the nobilities of characters) is one of Imam Hussain (a.s) supplications that are collected in the book entitled al-Sahifah [...]

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  •  Duas for Tawaf and Sa’ee

    Duas for Tawaf and Sa’ee

    Duas for Tawaf and Sa’ee for the pilgrims during Hajj …!

    Duas for Tawaf and Sa’ee
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  •  Dua Simaat

    Dua Simaat

    Imam Jafar bin Muhammad Al Sadiq(as) said that Allah swt taught this dua’a to prophet Musa to overcome his enemies. This dua’a is particularly recited in the closing hours before [...]

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