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  •  Shab Jumu-‘ah and Jumu-‘ah Amal

    Shab Jumu-‘ah and Jumu-‘ah Amal

    The book wholly concentrates on the prayers to be offered (amaals) on Thursday night and on Friday, together with prayers of various Masumeens a.s. in both Arabic with English text.

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  •  Salat the Mode of Divine

    Salat the Mode of Divine

    The highest aim and goal of the divine scholars and those who tread the path of worship is the meeting with Allah and vision of the divine, a meeting which can neither be expressed in words nor [...]

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  •  Dua Abu Hamza Thimali

    Dua Abu Hamza Thimali

    Arabic text “Dua Abu Hamza Thimali ” with English Translation By QFatima.Dua  taught by Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh)  to Abu Hamza Thumali, who said that Imam used to recite it at [...]

    Dua Abu Hamza Thimali
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  •  The Dua is the Weapon of the Believer

    The Dua is the Weapon of the Believer

    This treatise is taken from and based upon the book “Athkār Al-Jihād” by an unknown author, as well as a Khutbah called “Ad-Du’ā’” by Māzin At- Tuwayjirī, and additional footnotes were added [...]

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  • Duas for the month of Ramadhan

    This prayer book has been produced to assist children with the recitation of the duas for the month of Ramadhan.

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  •  Ahadith About Reward For Imam Hussein as Ziyara

    Ahadith About Reward For Imam Hussein as Ziyara

    The presented booklet is compiled from one of the most basic books on Ziyarah of Masomeenasws, ‘Kamil Al-Ziyarah’, written by Ibn Qulawayh Al-Qummi in the 4 th century. Please note, some of the [...]

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  •  Sahifa Al Mahdi (Atfs)

    Sahifa Al Mahdi (Atfs)

    Ziarat Aal-e-Yaseen is another important Ziarat of Imam-eZaman (a.s.). It is actually a Hadith Qudsi (direct saying of Allah (swt)) as reported in Mafatih-al-Jinnan. According to the traditions, [...]

    Sahifa Al Mahdi (Atfs)
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  •  Sahifa Alawiya

    Sahifa Alawiya

    A collection of Supplication of Amirul me’mineen Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) compiled by Islamic Scholars.

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  •  Holy Ramadan Guide

    Holy Ramadan Guide

    This small book called as “Holy Ramadan Guide” has been prepared or compiled in a short time after receiving few suggestions from friends across the globe through e-mails. Hence I would like [...]

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  •  Tohfa-e-Ali


    This Compilation is the collection of Surahs, diffrent Ziyarahs, Amals, Duas and Prayers collected from diffrent Arabic books.

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  •  Dua Al-Jaushan Al-Kabeer

    Dua Al-Jaushan Al-Kabeer

    Dua Al-Jaushan Al-Kabeer Arabic Text with English Translation by QFatima… Narrated from Imam Husayn (A.S.) that:”My father advised to me that I should memorize and protect this dua and [...]

    Dua Al-Jaushan Al-Kabeer
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  •  Arba’een


    A pocket-sized book explaining the significance of commemorating the Arba’een of Imam Husayn (pbuh) and the importance of the number 40. It also includes Ziyara Arba’een with translation.

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  •  Duas for Students

    Duas for Students

    O GOD, please bring me out of the darkness of doubt and favour me with the light of comprehension, O GOD open to us the doors of your mercy and unfold for us the treasure of your knowledge by [...]

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  •  Ziyaarat-e-Aal-e-Yaasin – A Brief Commentary

    Ziyaarat-e-Aal-e-Yaasin – A Brief Commentary

    Since last many years, Association of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) has had the practice of introducing one supplication or ziyaarat of the infallible Ahle Bait (a.s.) in the special issues of Al-Qaem [...]

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  •  Muh’arram A’maal

    Muh’arram A’maal

    Muh’arram A’maal is a great compilation of Muharram Amaals, Dua’s and Supplications by Peer Mohammad Ebrahim Trust

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  •  Manifestations of the All Merciful

    Manifestations of the All Merciful

    The Dua (supplication) is not a mere verbal utterance rather it is a stae of real want which is manifest by the verbal supplication. So long as there is no harmony between the inner state of want [...]

    Manifestations of the All Merciful
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  •  101 Dua’s (Supplications)

    101 Dua’s (Supplications)

    101 Dua’s (Supplications) prepared and developed by Ahlulbayt Organization … !

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  •  Du’a The Weapon of the Believer

    Du’a The Weapon of the Believer

    In this work, the author elaborates on the status, importance and etiquette of dua’ in Islam. In the most comprehensive work yet to be written in English on the topic, the author discusses, [...]

    Du’a The Weapon of the Believer
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  •  Ziyarat Warith

    Ziyarat Warith

    Ziarat Waritha of Imam Hussain (as) زىارة وَارِثَ. This ziarat is recited on thursday nights & It is very Mustahab to recite it every night in Ashuraa.

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  •  Fortification of the Muslim

    Fortification of the Muslim

    Fortification of the Muslim Through Remembrance & Supplication From Qur’aan and the Sunnah; This is the famous little book of dua’s popular all across the world. It includes [...]

    Fortification of the Muslim
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