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  •  Prayers for all Occasions

    Prayers for all Occasions

    This inspiring prayer book combines the best features of both traditional and contemporary prayers. It presents timely prayers that fit neatly into every phase of our daily lives.

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  •  The Dua is the Weapon of the Believer

    The Dua is the Weapon of the Believer

    This treatise is taken from and based upon the book “Athkār Al-Jihād” by an unknown author, as well as a Khutbah called “Ad-Du’ā’” by Māzin At- Tuwayjirī, and additional footnotes were added [...]

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  •  The Prayer’s Almanac

    The Prayer’s Almanac

    This book, is a collection of dua’as to be recited throughout the year, in fact on every day of every month and on particular occasions, composed and taught by the Holy Prophet SAW and his [...]

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  •  Key to Successful Life

    Key to Successful Life

    Dua forms a basic part of the spiritual life. It is an excel lent means of communication and the appropriate way to address and beseech Allah for His help with one’s praise, thanksgiving, [...]

    Key to Successful Life
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  •  Morning and Evening Dua’as

    Morning and Evening Dua’as

    The full benefit of taking tonics and health supplements will only be achieved by the one who refrains from eating poisonous substances.In the similar manner, those who refrain from sin will [...]

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  •  Selected Ziyarats

    Selected Ziyarats

    Contains all the major Ziyarats, Ziyarat Jami-A-Kabir, Ziyarat Imam Mahdi al-Qaim, Dua after Ziarah.

    Selected Ziyarats
    3.4 (68%) 10 vote[s]
  •  Duas for Nikah and Beyond

    Duas for Nikah and Beyond

    Duas for Nikah and Beyond; Spiritual assistance for the ones who getting married … !

    Duas for Nikah and Beyond
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  •  Daily Companion

    Daily Companion

    A book of daily Dua’s and Supplications.

    Daily Companion
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  •  Madina Ziyarats

    Madina Ziyarats

    Essential instructions are required for performing the ziyarat of any of the 14 infallibles that have been given in the “standard procedures” and those must be followed step by step [...]

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  •  Teachers Guide for the Month of Ramadhan Teachers-Guide

    Teachers Guide for the Month of Ramadhan Teachers-Guide

    A comprehensive guide for parents and teachers, detailing various aspects regarding fasting and the Month of Ramadhan. It also covers significant dates during the month of Ramadhan.

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  •  Islamic Exorcism from Qur’an and Sunnah

    Islamic Exorcism from Qur’an and Sunnah

    This booklet presents a number of supplications and shows how a Muslim can treat himself with verses From the Qur’an and from the Prophetic supplications (ruqyah) against some diseases, sorcery, [...]

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  •  Doa’s and Aamal

    Doa’s and Aamal

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  •  Selected Dua’s (Volume 2)

    Selected Dua’s (Volume 2)

    A book of Selected Duas Volume 2 is contain arabic text english translations of Famous Dua’s.

    Selected Dua’s (Volume 2)
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  •  Shab Jumu’ah and Jumu’ah A’mal

    Shab Jumu’ah and Jumu’ah A’mal

    The book wholly concentrates on the prayers to be offered (amaals) on Thursday night and on Friday, together with prayers of various Masumeens a.s. in both Arabic with English text.

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  •  Ziaraat Iraq

    Ziaraat Iraq

    Ziyara literally means “visit”. In this context it means visiting the sites associated with Ma’sumeen and their companions.  The Ma’sumeen have highly emphasized the importance of [...]

    Ziaraat Iraq
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  •  The Months of Muharram and Safar

    The Months of Muharram and Safar

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  •  The Prayers

    The Prayers

    Arabic Text and English Translation of The Prayers by Peer Mohammad Ebrahim Trust….

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  •  Gift of Hashimi

    Gift of Hashimi

    Gift of Hashimi (At-Tohfatul Hashemiyyah )Proven Supplications of the Purified Progeny This book covers almost all the problems and maladies faced by man and provides relief in the simplest way, [...]

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  •  Duas for Quboor-e-Momineen

    Duas for Quboor-e-Momineen

    This selection of duas was compiled in 2003. It contains chapters from the holy Quran and duas to seek forgiveness for the departed souls.

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  •  Learning about the month of Ramadhan

    Learning about the month of Ramadhan

    A comprehensive children’s manual, which covers various aspects of the Month of Ramadhan, including details of significant dates during the month. It also includes worksheets to help [...]

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