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  •  Islam and Revolution

    Islam and Revolution

    This unprecedented collection in English of notable works by Imam Khomeini, ranging in date from 1941 to 1980, makes it possible for non-Iranians to become directly acquainted with his ideas and [...]

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  •  Muslim Studies

    Muslim Studies

    The first study deals with the reaction of Islam to the ideals of Arab tribal society, to the attitudes of early Islam to the various nationalities and more especially the Persians, and [...]

    Muslim Studies
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  •  Islamic Philosphy and the Classical Tradition

    Islamic Philosphy and the Classical Tradition

    Islamic philosophy and the classical tradition;: Essays presented by his friends and pupils to Richard Walzer on his seventieth birthday

    Islamic Philosphy and the Classical Tradition
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  •  Islamic Life and Thought

    Islamic Life and Thought

    This book includes essays dealing with many of the major facets of Islam and Islamic civilization including law and society, the cultural and intellectual life of Islam embracing both the [...]

    Islamic Life and Thought
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