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  • Doesn’t the Word Mawla Mean Friend?

    Although a huge number of Sunni scholars from all ages and from all points of view have confirmed the event and the historic words of the Prophet (s), they have found it difficult to reconcile it [...]

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  • Orientalists and the Event of Ghadir Khumm

    Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi (Published in Ghadir, 1990) I. Introduction The 18th of Dhil-Hijjah 1410 AH is to be celebrated in the Shi’i world as the 1,400th anniversary of the declaration of [...]

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  • Ghadir Tradition

    Preface You may have heard the name of Ghadir. It is a territorybetween Mecca and Medina, near Johfeh, which is 200 km far from Mecca. It is a cross road, where the pilgrims of different parts [...]

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  • Islam is Completed by The Appointment of Successor

    The Message By: Ayatullah Ja’far Subhani 749 – 754 From the viewpoint of Shi’ah scholars khilafat (caliphate) is a Divine office which is entrusted to the most distinguished the [...]

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  •  Ghadir in the Light of the Book and Tradition

    Ghadir in the Light of the Book and Tradition

    One of the definite proofs to the leadership of Amir-al-Momenin, Ali (A.S.) which is emphasized in Quran and narrations, is the event of Ghadir-e-Khom. There are verses from Chapter Maideh (The [...]

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