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  •  The Road to Peace and Salvation

    The Road to Peace and Salvation

    There are major issues which vex every thinking man and woman at sometime in life. One of these matters is the existence of God. Another is the anguished question: why, if there is a God and He [...]

    The Road to Peace and Salvation
    3.3 (65%) 12 vote[s]
  •  Word of God

    Word of God

    This book is designed for the western & eastern youth, who are searching the truth but is equally suitable for those born Muslims who feel that forgiveness is their right by birth. They [...]

    Word of God
    3.2 (64.71%) 34 vote[s]
  •  The Holly Names of Allah

    The Holly Names of Allah

    The best knowledge that deserves to be known is knowing Allah. That is why I present to you, gentle and discerning reader, this humble attempt to try to know Allah, Glory be to Him. The topic of [...]

    The Holly Names of Allah
    2.3 (45.33%) 15 vote[s]
  •  Scholastic Theology (Kalaam)

    Scholastic Theology (Kalaam)

    This booklet is not only introduces the science of kalaam to the reader but attempts to answer the questions on the subject as well. As such, questions like what is exactly the science of kalaam? [...]

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