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  •  This Law of Ours

    This Law of Ours

    The essays in this book, written as far back as in the 1940s, aim to contribute something of a clarification the confusion prevailing in the Muslim Ummah as to the scope and practical [...]

    This Law of Ours
    3.1 (61.18%) 17 vote[s]
  •  Family System in Islam

    Family System in Islam

    In this Book, Family System in Islam, Dr. Zeenath Kausar has attempted to present the Islamic Perspective on sexuality, reproduction and Family system.

    Family System in Islam
    3 (60%) 4 vote[s]
  •  The Family Structure in Islam

    The Family Structure in Islam

    A comprehensive and scholarly look at the family unit in Islam, from its conception via marriage to rights and roles of the partners that make for a successful team. The learned author also [...]

    The Family Structure in Islam
    2.9 (57.38%) 84 vote[s]
  •  The Family in Islam

    The Family in Islam

    Family life and related issues such as marriage, divorce, parenthood, underage pregnancy and abortion are areas of great discussion and dispute in the ‘western’ world today. The facts emanating [...]

    The Family in Islam
    4 (80%) 1 vote[s]
  •  Woman & Her Rights

    Woman & Her Rights

    A translation of Nizam-e-Huqooq-e-Zan dar Islam. Social independence of women, modern life, women in Qur’an, family rights, difference between men & women, inheritance, divorce, [...]

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