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  •  Youth and Importance of Time

    Youth and Importance of Time

    Time is the most precious treasure in a youth’s life. Unfortunately, the way this fortune is squandered no other treasure is wasted . The value of this bounty can be gauged from the fact [...]

    Youth and Importance of Time
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  •  How to Bridge the Generation Gap?

    How to Bridge the Generation Gap?

    (Pidar wa Farzand) A Comprehensive Dialogue about the importance of Religion between a son and father

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  •  Youth Aspiration Towards Responsibility

    Youth Aspiration Towards Responsibility

    There are many questions to be asked: What have you done with your responsibilities? Have you performed them as expected? Why have you performed some and left some others?Have you done them [...]

    Youth Aspiration Towards Responsibility
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  •  Youth and the Future

    Youth and the Future

    This book suggests to Youth and the Future and supported Youth in realizing productive and rewarding roles in society while helping the country maximize the energy, talent, and enthusiasm of its [...]

    Youth and the Future
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  •  Youth and Stress

    Youth and Stress

    Today, we are at a stage where man finds himself at ease concerning many of his problems and difficulties. Ironically, this progress and advancement has come at a price; it has opened up newer [...]

    Youth and Stress
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  •  Why Were You Born ?

    Why Were You Born ?

    This Booklet was written for the guidance of children and New Generation will be benefited by reading it. Usually, it is the tendency of a child to imitate his father or mother and pick up their [...]

    Why Were You Born ?
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