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  •  Contemporary Iran (Political System)

    Contemporary Iran (Political System)

    The developments taken place in Iran over the past two decades have drawn the attention of writers and researchers to the extent that thousands of books and articles have been written about these [...]

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  •  Brilliant Biruni

    Brilliant Biruni

    Abu Raihan Biruni (973-1053 CE) was an Iranian scholar whose extraordinary achievements include predicting the existence of landmasses (North and South America) on the opposite side of the Earth [...]

    Brilliant Biruni
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  •  History Behind Masjid Jamkaran

    History Behind Masjid Jamkaran

    History of the mosque and its picture, recommended prayers to be recited at Jamkaran, and a prayer for the safety of the 12th Imam.

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  •  Ancient Iraq

    Ancient Iraq

    Be an interactive eyewitness to the “land between the rivers” where civilization began, from the first city-states to mighty empires. Discover beautiful jewels and other spectacular [...]

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